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For the last several years, I’ve counted down to today – This year…Blimey! I basically forgot.


That’s right, to day is TLAP – Talk Like A Pirate Day!


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I don’t know if I will have a chance to post tomorrow, so don’t forget (it only comes once a year), tomorrow, Sept 19th is International Talk Like A Pirate Day.

Have a Swashbuckling Good Day, Savvy?

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it's coming (matey)…

11 days….

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Pirates, race cars, and the UK

For the movie last night, I bought tickets the day before. Turns out they sold me tickets for a show on Thursday not Friday. (who knew you could see pirates on Thursday!?!?!). I had to go return 2 tickets because some friends could not make it. In the process of returning them, we discovered the wrong date. The guy at the counter said it was no big deal, he just told us to go to a different screen, 5 not 16. Problem was, one person was already headed to 16 to save seats. Another was parking the car, and the last person was meeting us at the theater.

I turned to the line of people getting into the theater, there was my friend who just parked the car. I explained. “the tickets are wrong, go to 5 instead, can you save seats” then I bolted to 16. As I speed walked there, I got on the phone and left a message for the friend meeting us at the theater. Got to 16 went in (it was showing pirates, but it started earlier and we would have had terrible seats). Took a few moments, looked around and saw the friend who went to 16 to save seats. He was way down in front so I walked across the theater, saw that our other friend was sitting there too (the one I had just left a phone message for) Got to them and said “come with me” So the three of us quickly walked out of 16. As we got out to the lobby I explained the situation and we headed to 5, found our other friend saving seats. We got great seats, had time to sit a few moments and catch our breath before previews started. It turned out to not be a big deal, but I am glad I had to return the tickets or we would not have known. That and the timing – it almost felt as if it were choreographed. I was definitely in “lion” mode, that is I seriously got like tunnel vision and was practically hearing the mission impossible theme music in my head as I quickly maneuvered around all the other people.

Other than that, I just wanted to say that I hope Danica Patrick has a good race tomorrow. She will be in car #7, middle of row 3. Not sure if I can catch much/any of the race since I am heading out of town, but I hope she does well.

Finally, as most of you know, I am heading to the UK tomorrow afternoon. While I am there, if I have a chance to use the internet, I will try and post something on my blog, but I have no idea if that will happen. I will not be able to post any pictures until I get back, so I look forward to doing that and sharing stories of my adventure with you. Have a great couple of weeks and see ya middle of June!


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My Take on Pirates 3

Ok, I want to be careful not to give the storyline away but…here are my thoughts on the Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End.

Unless you are a huge fan of Pirates 1 & 2, I would be hesitant to say “pay full price” to see this on the big screen. It is more dark then the 2 (which was certainly darker than 1). The story line is a bit confusing and it is hard to follow in parts.

I felt like I was waiting the entire movie to see another sword fight on the scale and creativity of the water wheel fight from 2 or the original “jack meets will” fight in the smithy shop. While swords were aplenty as was the fighting….they were not quite that epic/creative.

There are several good laughs at comments and actions of characters…but even this seemed a bit choppy stuck in awkward places in the middle of a less than comical storyline.

Depp was entertaining as usual, but perhaps they could of used more of him. Plus, the movie could stand to be a bit shorter.

To end on a positive note, (pun intended) the best part about the film was the outstanding soundtrack. It has epic movements that did help the story along. But even outside of the movie, it is a wonderful set of music to listen to. So if you (like me) have the soundtracks from the first two, it is worth it to pick up the third.

Yes, there is a small clip after the credits. The clip is short and the credits are long. I recommend only waiting around if are at the theater with someone you can have a nice conversation with as you wait for the credits to scroll by.

All of that being said, I am glad I went, as it brought completion to the story. They nicely (and not so nicely) give conclusions to most of the characters from the first 2 films. When things like this wrap up, it takes me down memory lane. I still remember sitting in Edmonton at the movie theater. It was my last week of Undergrad and I was at a movie with a couple of friends. There was this short little trailer about how the Caribbean is one man’s paradise and another man’s curse. One quick glimpse of a skeleton foot on the ocean floor. The Camera zooms out from an island only to reveal the island is in the shape of a scull and you are left with “Pirates of the Caribbean Summer 2003.” I have now seen these movies with Edmonton friends, my brother, my old roommate, dear old friends from Washington, and now new friends from Illinois. I think in the end, that is what I like about the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy.

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Who's excited!?!?!?!

for Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End! I have my ticket for tomorrow 8pm with 5 friends. I have been waiting for this day ever since 7-7-6, the night P2 came out.


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Talk Like A Pirate Day goes mainstream

WOW, I get online today and the first thing that I see is a pirate on Yahoo. I think the silliness has now gone mainstream. Plus, one of the cofounders of “TLAP” day was on the tv program wife swap on Monday night. Him and his family and all of their piratiness.

PS don’t bother watching “Pirates vs. the ninjas” its pretty dumb.

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Ahoy Maties, don't forget…. three days & counting….

I wanted to remind everyone that come Tuesday, Sept 19th, it is “Talk like a Pirate Day” For all of those who participated last year, it was great fun. For all those who did not participate, or maybe did not know about the festivities, here is your chance to spend an entire day talking like a pirate.


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Pirates 2 & The Ledge

On Friday afternoon, I hung out with one of my close friends. I was a little worried heading to Edmonton, because this friend was not involved in any of the wedding activities, so I did not know if we would be able to hang out.

She had not seen Pirates 2, so we went and watched it (which I was very excited to see again). After the movie, we went to find somewhere to eat. We wanted to try out this little French restaurant, but no one came to serve us, so we end up choosing the Sherlock Holms Pub. This was a little English pub where I almost ordered bangers & mash, but opted for the beef & ale pie. As we left the parking garage, we are pretty sure the pay lady ripped us off.

After lunch, we went to the Ledge grounds. Edmonton is the capital of Alberta, and they have a very nice Legislature building with fountains & beautiful landscaping. I have been there many times for picnics, freshman connections, (anyone out there remember the infamous Dan & Dan race in the fountain even under the bridge?), and “purple city” but I had never been inside the building.

It was really fun going on a tour and learning a bit about the history of Alberta. Here is a picture of the marble entrance.


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Swashbuckling Good Time

Can you say over-the-top? There were moments in time in Pirates 2 that were so ridiculously, unbelievable, that they were absolutely laugh out loud hilarious!

Interesting how some of the “action” scenes are considred “unbelievable” yet I can completely accept the squid face Davy Jones & his underwater crew. 🙂

I found that it kept better pace than the first film (which has serious lull moments).

There is a small clip at the end of the credits, so if you want stick around and watch the credits roll.

I definitely recommend going to the theater to see this one. It is a bit more gruesome than the first, so Be Ye Warned!

I have a handful more thoughts, but I will wait to post them until more have seen the film. Enjoy.

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