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Relevant Podcast

Do you listen to the Relent podcast? Did you hear them mention my tweet?

So for the last several years, I’ve subscribed to the Relevant podcast and/or the print magazine.

And a just about two weeks ago, my favorite podcast mentioned my tweet (indirectly). To hear the podcast, check it out here.

About 1.5 minutes in, you will hear them mention this tweet.

It made my day.

And everything after the first minute and a half is worth a listen as well.



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While I work

I’ve been working from home for a couple of months now and since most of my work consists of me interacting with the computer – and hardly ever people, I enjoy listening to podcasts while I go through out my work day.

These are all free through iTunes, so that’s probably the best place to find them.

Here are a few that I listen to on a regular basis:

The Relevant Podcast: Put out by the folks who make Relevant Magazine, this podcast touches on issues of Life, God, & Culture. They have interviews and live music sets.  They go over new media releases, odd bits of news and often have some type of silly game. They also go on large tangents that usually have me cracking up.

Stuff You Should Know: This is put out by individuals from “How Stuff  Works” – Topics are wide sweeping and very informative.  I find the hosts to be a nice touch of personable and entertaining. This is an older podcast, so make sure to download all the old issues.

This American Life: An hour-long program with different stories all related to one topic. Sometimes reading, sometimes interviews, sometimes comedy.  (this one is a little hit or miss.  sometimes good, sometimes deletable)

Stuff You Missed in History Class: Also put out by “How Stuff Works” –  Similar to the “Stuff You should know podcast, this particular one focuses on historic events, people and places.  This is also a long running podcast, so don’t forget to go back and download from their archives

The History of Rome:  As of today, 141 issues spanning from “In the Beginning” to Constantius & Constans (sons of Constantine I believe)

The British History Podcast: Just like its sounds – the history of Brittain.  This one is new, so there are only a handful of issues so far, but it’s been interesting. And the podcasts average around 20 minutes.

All Things Considered:  From the BBC, this 20 or so minute podcast explores  religious, spiritual, & moral issues in range of formats, such as documentary, interview, and discussion.

RadioLab: Typically an entertaining “scientific” investigation of one main idea. they pick a topic (such as time, or language) and put together a show with stories, interviews of experts, sounds, and information. It’s hard to explain and probably just needs to be experienced.

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The summer has lost its voice.

From 1995 on, I was a baseball fan. No. I was a Mariners fan.

My high school summers were spent playing solitare, drinking ice tea, munching on sunflower seeds, all while listening to Dave Niehaus call Mariner games on 710 Kiro.

Radio is how the game should be enjoyed.  For Mariner games, it just won’t be the same.

My Oh My

It Will Fly Away

Get out the rye bread and the mustard, Grandma, it is grand salami time

It just continues.

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On the Radio!

For those who missed it, The Shamrock Shake was featured in KRLD’s “The Other Side of the News” this morning.

You can hear it at 3:40 pm (CST) streaming live online.

Or you can listen to the archive that is already up on KRLD’s Site.

Want to get involved in the Revolution? Take these action steps right now:

1. Join the fan page

2. Follow @shamrockdfw on twitter

3. Contact McDonalds

4. Spread the word!

One additional treat for today (my apologies for the quality… it is from the early 80’s):

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Here we go…

Today is the first anniversary of Pennies for Debra. I was going to count up the numbers today, but I got sidetracked. A good portion of my lunch was used up by the Shamrock Shake Revolution.

1080 KRLD’s morning Host Mike Rogers called today and chatted with me about the movement. I don’t know when the story will air, but I’m betting it will be an “other side of the news” story – which is great because then there will be an online archive. I’ll keep everyone posted.

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Shamrock Season

@shamrockdfw was contacted by a local News Radio station (1080 KRLD).

I think it was just a “hey, were interested – “the Movement” might be an interesting story- get in touch with us”  type of deal. So contact info has been given and pass along to whomever might potentially be interested in a story.  I’ll keep everyone posted if anything comes of it.

As always – Follow @shamrockdfw on twitter – Make sure to use #shamrockshake in your tweets, whether you are enjoying them or wishing you could have one.

As a side note–KRLD is the station I listen to everyday for news and traffic.  It’s my DFW version of 710 KIRO, which is pretty rad.


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Mariners Baseball

Also, The season is quickly coming to an end (I think I am going to miss the last game due to commitments at church) but If you didn’t have a chance to hear some clips from last nights game, check out Shannon Drayer’s blog.

Blowers makes a somewhat over the top prediction in the pre-game show – then listen to what happens in the game. It’s fantastic!


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What is the world coming to?

Jamie Burke, Catcher for the M’s is now pitching! They are in the top of the 15th and what a game it has been.

I am watching a movie on tv, so I decided to game cast this instead of listening to KIRO online. Perhaps later today I will go back and listen to a few innings, I am curious how dave & rick are reacting to what is undoubtedly a team that ran out of pitchers.

Ouch. They just scored. Burke is going to have a terrible ERA.

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Is he Back!?!?!?

I hope so! Or at least back for a little bit. Too bad I am working all weekend and cannot listen to any of the games. (three cheers for MLB online, I can listen to all archived games)

Wilson trades in mask for a mic

Former Mariners catcher analyzing weekend set on TV, radio

NEW YORK — Wearing a dark blue suit, white shirt and light blue tie, former Mariners catcher Dan Wilson made his debut behind a microphone and in front of a camera on Friday night.
Three years after ending his 14-year Major League playing career, Wilson is looking at potential new occupations and broadcasting is one of them, along with becoming a high school baseball coach.

“This is something I am looking at, although investigating is a better word,” Wilson said on Friday inside the visiting clubhouse at Yankee Stadium. “We’ll see how it goes.”

The most popular catcher in franchise history, and also the most productive with a .262 batting average, 88 home runs and 519 RBIs in 1,251 regular-season games, Wilson will serve as an analyst on radio and television during the Mariners’ three-game series against the Yankees.

He also is lined up to return to the visiting broadcast booths at Fenway Park, where the Mariners play a three-game series against the Red Sox on June 6-8, and possibly the three-game set against the Mets on June 23-25 at Shea Stadium.

“Stepping into an arena I don’t know that much about is a little shaky,” he said.

Wilson currently lives in New Hampshire with his wife, Annie, and four children, and he spent some time in Arizona last spring working with the Mariners’ catchers. He has discussed with club officials about other ways of staying involved with the organization.

“We thought this would be an easy way, especially with me living on the East Coast,” he said.

“This is a nice way to keep tabs on what’s going on [with the team] and seeing what broadcasting is like.”

It so happens that there will be a vacancy in the booth on Saturday. Hall of Fame-bound Dave Niehaus will spend the day in Cooperstown, N.Y., for a “Voices of the Game” event.

Wilson will spend most of Saturday sharing the radio booth with veteran backup Rick Rizzs.

Asked if he had been keeping tabs on the Mariners, who have slipped to an 18-30 record going into Friday night’s series opener, he said: “They are going through a tough stretch, no question about that.

“There never is a ‘good time’ for a tough stretch, the beginning, middle or end of the season, but there are still four months to go and baseball is a crazy game. There is time to turn it around.”

You can find the article “here”.


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I wanted to go to the Oilers game today. They are in town playing the blackhawks. Due to lack of interest (from other people who I wondered if they wanted to go with) and lack of money, I didn’t go.

I am currently listening to the game (online-630 CHED). Its 3-3 going into the third. There have been a handful of penalties, and even 3-5 penalty killing for the oilers. Its turning out to be a great game. Too bad for me not being there.

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