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Alberta Clipper

They just said on WGN that an “Alberta Clipper” is coming. Meaning, cold air and SNOW!

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Yes, sometimes I call radio stations

Tonight I listened to about half of the M’s game. After the game I was supposed to be going to bed but for some reason I decided to try and call KOMO and talk to the people on the Mariners Post game show. The M’s played the white sox so I thought “if I can get through on the phone line and say I am calling from Chicago, they got to let me on.”

So I called.

And I got on.

First I had to explain that while I was calling from Chicago, I have lived here about a year and am really from P-town. Then I dropped in a “Yeah, my little bro went to the game tonight so if your listening, Hi Tim”

I then went to my main point, which is as follows: Ok, Wildcard is great. Sure, its nice to stay in front of the Yankees, or whoever else is right there, but similar to ’95, we need to focus on the Angles. “We can take ’em,” I said.

In reply they (there were 3 people doing the post game) told me I was the “2007 Jay Buhner” I said I would take that as a complement, but then they told me it means I need to shave my head (M’s fans will understand this comparison). I said I don’t know about that. We all laughed at this.

They then proceeded to ask what takes me to Chicago. I said school, they asked where. I said Wheaton College, doing an M.A. One guy, Probably Valley, recognized the school, asked me what I am taking. “Religion in American Life” He replied “that’s great.” The three then started commenting something like “she’s smarter then the three of us put together,” I just laughed at this point.

I then commented on how it’s hard to not be home rooting for the M’s with everyone else. I said I will probably move more west and can hopefully take in some more games in the future. How the only M’s game I have been to was at Wrigley, which was pretty cool.

They asked if I was listening online. To which I said yes, but while they have been playing the Sox, I have been able to catch a bit on TV. I pointed out how the announcers keep commenting on the amazing weather in Seattle, which frustrates me because Seattle is always nice in the summer.

They ended the conversation by wishing me well, telling me to take advantage of living in a two baseball team town (to which I reply “yeah and Lou Piniella”. They said Thanks for the call, call back any time. “Will do,” I replied. And with that it was over.

It must have been a good 30 seconds to a minute…definitely the longest I have talked on the radio (and I have probably been on the air at least 5-10 times).

Immediately after, I called my dad. When he answered I was like “turn on the radio.” We all know there is a delay and I hoped he would pick up quick enough to hear the tail end, but it was too late anyway. We chatted for a moment. Then I called Tim. YES! He and a friend were driving home and heard me talk. He had even called a left me a voice mail, but I was talking to my dad. To my relief, he confirmed that I did not sound like an idiot. And now it is 1 am and I don’t know how I will fall asleep.

That was my adventure for the evening.

Other than that, I spent about 6 hours helping a friend move today. I am tired and sore. Maybe that will help me sleep. Night.


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new radio

there is this website called it lets you listen to music free. But, its more than that. It askes you your favorite band or song and it works to find related songs and bands and in the end acts as your own pesonal radio station, only playing music you like (or introducing music you will proabably like) all for free.

Check it out!

As a side, note, I typed in switchfoot as my favorite and the first song it pulls up to represent the overall style of switchfoot….”Life & Love & Why” nice.


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Welcome home "Junior"

Yes, I know he hated that nick name, but Ken Griffey Jr. Is returning to Seattle on Friday for the first time since he was traded in 1999.

Griffey is a HUGE part of the Mariners history. Some even credit him for the reason that Baseball is still in Seattle and for the building of Safco Field. He requested a trade to be closer to his family, who can blame him?

“The Mariners would love a base hit into the gap. With Juniors speed they could win it…And the 0-1 pitch on the way to Edgar Martinez swung on and lined down the left field line for a base hit. Here comes Joey. Here is Junior to third base. Their gonna wave him in! The throw to the plate WILL…BE…LATE! THE MARINERS ARE GOING TO PLAY FOR THE AMERICAN LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!! I DON”T BELIEVE IT! IT JUST CONTINUES! MY OH MY!” (final play in the 1995 5 game playoff series with the NY Yankees as called by Dave Neuhaus)

I was upset in 1999 when he left, but now it seems ok. He is a pure player. Back in the day they talked about how he was going challenge Hank Aaron’s home run record (755). After all these years, Griffey has missed so many games due to injury. 150 with the M’s and 350 with the Reds. Its such a shame as he ONLY has 582 which is one behind McGwire on the all-time career home runs list. In the era of steroids, I have no idea where Griffey personally falls, but he just seems to be a pure baseball player. I could care less about Bonds.

Anyway, be sure to catch the return of Griffey to “the house that Junior built” Safeco Field as inter-league play continues and the Reds come to town.


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More madness…

I was just reading a fun little article on about how baseball players at spring training have all sorts of brackets going. The team they interviewed players from was the Mariners. My favorite quote is from Arthur Rhodes talking about the camaraderie that happens as everyone trash talks about NCAA basket ball. Rhodes says “It’s good. You get everyone in there together, and you take the young players’ money.” Made me laugh, especially the last part.

Hey…Whats going on with ohio state!?!?!? Xavier is beating them 61-59 with less then a minute. And that is even with Ohio State closing the gap iwn the last minute or so…I pick Ohio State to win this but….I cant say I would be super sad to see them loose….

CRAZYNESS!!!! THE INSANITY. Acually, I am not watching the game. My roomie said i could borrow her tv, but I should be doing homework. So the 3 point shot to tie it up…I “saw it” by a game cast update. Sometimes I wonder if it is more exciting to hit the refresh button..delayed suspense….. Wait a minute….I just found it on the RADIO!!!! sweet. I am listening to the games from here on out.

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I couldn't help it…I gave in.

What did I give into? A subscription to Gameday Audio on Now I can listen to Dave & Rick for every single mariners game! AND of course I have already listened to two spring training games.

I figured 15 bucks for an entire summer of Mariners Baseball, Worth it!

MAYBE every once and awhile I will still tune into WGN and hear about how Sweet Lou and the Cubbies are doing.

Hey, I will most likely be in the Seattle area around the third week of July…Any one want to go to a game?


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Down & Up

Down: Tigers lose game 1 of the World Series Saturday evening
Up: Oilers beat the Redwings late Saturday Night
Down: Seahawk lose to the Vikings & Hasselbeck gets hurt Sunday afternoon
Up: Tigers win game 2 of the World Series Sunday Evening

Uhm…thats a lot of sports for one weekend. I listened to or watch most of all of the above mentioned games. I guess I mostly listened to them on the radio. The only one I watch was the Hawks game.

I really like listening to sports on the radio, because it gives me a chance to study at the same time. I read my book and then the excitement in the announcers voices gets my attention and I get to hear the important plays.

I did get some reading done today while watching the hawk’s game since there are some many pauses within a game.

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Check this out

I heard about this on WGN today. Its a plant that grows and on the seventh day, a message appears. How do people think of these things?

You can see for yourself at

They will even customize the message.

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That was a very disappointing game last night. The hawks did not play well and the bears played really well.

It was not even a fun game to watch.

This morning on the radio (720 WGN) they were talking about how the bears will not go undefeated. Every team has at least one hiccup. Well I guess the Hawks had theirs last night. In two weeks, It will be a much better game.

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Christian FM

Check out the link on the right. This station, out of Vero Beach Flordia, is one of the best Christian radio stations in the country.

They play a great variety of Christian music ranging from old to new. Most days at work, I listen all day long.

Some of the artists you can hear are as follows:
DC Talk
Thousand Foot Krutch
Toby Mac
Jeremy Camp
Third day
Stellar Kart
Audio A
Chris Tomlin
Relient K

If you listen often enough, you may even catch an occasional Riley Armstrong or Starfield song.

To top it off, it’s my uncle’s station. Plus during the summer, you can keep up to date on what’s happening with the hurricanes.


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