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2 Days

Only two days until The Dark Knight! I bought a copy of Batman Begins. I watched a little yesterday and I am going to finish it tomorrow so it is fresh in my memory for Tuesday.

I read a book this weekend. Twilight. It was ok, but I honestly don’t get the all of the intense excitement surrounding the series. The best part, it is set in Forks Washington. They even mention Mt. Rainier.

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I should be:

1. Sleeping. Or at least heading to bed. Its after 10 and I have to get up around 6, but I am not sleepy

2. Cleaning. If I am not going to go to sleep yet, I should do something useful with my time. My room is in need of some straightening up. Plus, I got some laundry done so that should be hung.

3. Reading. I have about 50 pages left in a book I started this weekend. I want to know what happens, but I think the story has slowed down here at the end.

4. Listening. If I listen to some music on my ipod, I could get the cleaning done and then use the ipod music to help me fall asleep.

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I'm reading

Currently I am reading “Grapes of Wrath” by John Steinbeck. It’s a bit depressing (duh, its set in the ‘depression’) and it REALLY makes me hope this current recession does not turn into a depression.

After this, I think I am going to read “Ender’s Game.” I have been told I would like it. It guess its sci-fi. We’ll see.

I stopped by my old work on Friday. Turned in my aprons, got my last pay check and picked up my last tips. I am so encouraged that I love my new job. The people I work with are fantastic and I really hope that my small little contributions will be valuable and helpful. I finally have “it’s” vs. “its” down! I think I need to go back and re-read all of my past blog entries and find all the the grammatical errors. Just kidding! (I have been told I have Obsessive Compulsive tendencies and I can see why that comment would be made. To a very small degree, it worries me that I might become one of those people who go crazy when people use incorrect grammar. I hope not.)

Other than that. I have been keeping up with the Dark Knight ARG. To my totally sadness, I did not receive a Gotham Times in the mail. 😦 I thought that I would because I voted in the Gotham Election, but I guess I was wrong. Good news though, Harvey Dent won by a landslide! (Do you have comcast????? I hear that they are advertising for “Gotham Tonight.” If you have seen these commercials, that the ARG has come to you.)

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We had weather in the 90’s today.  It was quite lovely and made for a nice afternoon at the pool.

There was also the fantastic news about the Mariners winning two games in a row.
I also finished season 2 and started season 3 of LOST this weekend.  “Down the Rabbit-Hole” the characters fall and all I can say is “curiouser and curiouser.”

I am also in the beginning pages of a Hercule Poirot adventure.  Actually, his last adventure, Curtain.

One of these days I am going to get my hands on more Dorothy Sayers’ Lord Peter Wimsey books.
What’s everyone else reading?

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Being less busy

equals less blog entries… yeah, I don’t really get it either.

So it has finally started to warm up a little. The other day it was 14 degrees Celsius/ 25 degrees Fahrenheit WARMER in Edmonton than here. My sad little car did not like it very much at all. Oh yeah, I should mention that this is without any type of wind chill figured in.

By the end of the week, I was wearing two pairs of socks and my winter boots, and my toes were still cold.

Anyway, like I said it is a bit more reasonable today.

I hung pictures today. Finally. I knew it would be a time consuming task, so I kind of put it off. But now its done and I think I like it.

It has been fun not having school work in the evenings, it leaves a lot more free time to hang out with friends. Just today I went to brunch with a friend. We had a great time chatting and I hope to do it again soon. Beyond that, we met at a new cafe that was really cute and had great food. So yeah, its nice to have friends and its nice to have time to spend with them. Can’t really complain.

That’s about it for now…I think I am going to go read. (One of the other fantastic things about not having required reading, I can finally read the books I have had to set to the side.)


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The Seahawks just completed their win against the bears! That makes me smile.

Its been pretty busy around here. Lots of reading and researching. I am writing a paper tomorrow, so it will be nice to check another one off the list.

Well, I am off to get some dinner and then back to reading.

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Ok, this is just a small notice/apology, but I need to email several of you out there. If you have emailed me in the last month or so….I am sorry to say it might be a little while before I am able to get back to you. Most of my “down time” (that is time not in class or at work) is spent reading. If I am not reading, I am either taking a much needed break (which means I just sit there and zone out), or I am spending time with people here (so that we do not all become lonely, people deprived beings), or I am sleeping.

School work has got me booked out through October, so please be aware that I like you, I want to email you, but to send out quality individual emails to each person that I need to…the thought is overwhelming.

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