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National Holiday!

I think today should be a national holiday. WHY? Because…..its OPENING DAY!!!!! I can’t wait until 5:35 (my time) when the Mariners will open the 2007 season!


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I don't…

…plan on watching football this week. I will most likely listen to the Bears game on the radio. AND Go Bears! I am not anti bears. (I remember living here in ’85 and the Superbowl shuffle, “we are the bears, the shuffling crew. Shuffling on down, doing it for you. We’re so bad, we know were good. Blowing your mind like we knew we would!”) I just wanted the Hawks to win last week.

From here on out, it would be swell to see the Bears win the entire thing. Although, I must report that the people of Chicago seem to be a bit cautious. Last year in Seattle, the entire playoff time was insane! Crazy Seahawks fans everywhere. Here, not as much. On Monday there were plenty of people wearing bears hats and shirts and such, but not as much on billboards, signs, advertisements, well just about everywhere like it was Last year back home. I am suprised. Maybe Bears fans are just worried. Like the fact that the Hawks almost won. (people were shocked!) Everyone was predicting a Blowout, but nope.

So maybe if they win Sunday, the insanity will arrive for two weeks. We’ll see.

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Wind storm

So I just discovered that one of the local Seattle news stations has a live news broadcast on line. Last night I was able to watch some of the footage from the windstorm that was hitting the northwest, now I get to watch the news and see how much damage was done. There are an approximate 1 million without power. And I talked to my mom this morning, I was able to give her an update on how the area was faring because they are without power (which means no tv or internet news access).

I kind of wish the storm would have held off for a few days so I could have seen the excitement.


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Something I did not expect

Today a couple of us went to Panera Bread to get some studying done. As is customary & expected, we each bought some type of beverage so that we were actually paying customers. As I waited for my iced mango drink to be made, I noticed that they sell Jones sodas. I looked at the different flavors, (none of which were my favorite – peach).

Then I started looking at where the pictures on the labels were from.

For those who don’t know, Jones soda is bottled in Seattle and the labels to there sodas feature pictures that people (from all over the US & Canada) send in. They also list the contributor’s name and home town. While I was looking at this, to my complete surprise, I came across a photo of an owl that was sent in by some one in Puyallup, WA. I thought that was cool. Although, admittedly, not as cool as the Jones Soda that once featured two of my Canadian friends in the photo. That would be almost impossible to top. But a picture from Puyallup was pretty rad.

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We were meant to Live…

It is just after 1 am and I am about to go to sleep.

First though I thought I would tell you that the Switchfoot concert this evening was a great show! They played in at a little club in Seattle and although they could have sold tons more tickets and put on a monster show, they opted for a nice small get together with their 1200 closest friends from Seattle.

Favorite moment…”We were meant to live….” SO true. It made me reflect on the fact that some in the crowd know that they are meant to live, but they have not exactly figured out “what” they are to live for. I felt like I possessed this secret that unlocked the true meaning of the song. It is such a powerful secret that it makes me sad to think some of my fellow concert goers don’t know the “secret”

I was re-reminded that I once said “yeah” in answering the question “this is your life, are you who you want to be?” After a long 2 or so years from that moment, I have not been able to concretely answer the same. Today, if the question was posed, my answer is the same as previously stated. Quite refreshing.

Also, I met a gal from Edmonton Alberta at the show who happened to know one of my bestest friends from up north.

Well, I got to get into bed before my Tylenol Sinus Night time kicks in.

PS Happy Birthday Jon Foreman!


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