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Online orders & Holidays

I Ordered a couple of CDs from They were suppose to come on the 31st of Aug, but today, is the 8th of Sept and they have not yet made it. I check the package tracking and for the last few days they were in Federal Way Washington (home of Amazon) but for some reason on the 6th they were listed as being in California. What’s with them going the wrong direction.

Oh Well, I just got another e-mail notice tonight that my Switchfoot CD has now been shipped. Yeah!

Hope everyone had a good Labor Day Weekend. I did. I went to 2 BBQs and on Monday I went Frisbee golfing with my family and the other church staff families. It was the worst Frisbee throwing I have ever done. At least the company was fun and the fire baked pizza afterwards was delicious.

After that, I headed over to my brother’s house and introduced a few people to the Best board game in the world….Settlers of Catan! I love the game. If you have not heard of it or played it, you are missing out. Unfortunately, it is a complicated and confusing game so I cannot even begin to describe it. You will have to take my word for it. One thing I can promise though is that it is a million times better than Axis & Allies



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