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Double Header Split

So… Success! The Mariners & Rangers were able to get two games in on Sunday. The first was supposed to start at 12:30 – didn’t begin until 5:05 (because of weather).  The m’s lost the first game 7-2 and won the second 5-0.

I got to see Ichiro’s 200th hit to make a new ML record of 9 consecutive 200 hit seasons.  I’ll post some pictures in the next few days.  The perspective of the field varies as I moved around and sat in at least 4 different places.

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my sign

I’m going to the Double Header tomorrow (hope it doesn’t rain out!) so I made a sign to take along. Here’s a picture of it.

Now I need to go grab a towel to add to my stack of things to take to the game. I have to be able to dry off my seat. And Then, I’ll sit down to listen to tonight’s game.  Unless Ichiro gets 4 hits tonight (which is possible, he’s already 2-2 w/ a double & Hr… cycle?) or the games tomorrow are rained out, I have a very good chance of seeing him hit number 200.

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Rain Delayed (actually postponed)

So last night M’s game was postponed. And the weather today looks even worse… SO…… I took advantage of the bad weather and bought a ticket to Sunday’s Double Header! Two games for the price of one!  I’ll miss the start of the first game as I have some commitments at church that will keep me there until game time, but it will still be  a great afternoon.

I’m pumped for one last chance in 2009 to watch the M’s play and I really excited to see Hernandez pitch the second game.

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twitter time

Last month, I got a new phone. And a new phone plan (unlimited texting)!  My new phone has a QWERTY slideout keyboard.  Why, when such things like that exist on phones these days, should I waste my time learning how to text with the number pad? I shouldn’t. So I got the new plan and the new phone.

I have been loving texting. And tonight, I finally hooked up twitter to my phone.  I have tweets from family, a few friends, and all things Mariners go right to my phone via text. I LOVE it!  Oh yes, and the WFAAweather tweets. My phone gets those too.

Now, I just need to try and get to the Mariners game tomorrow – and hope that it does not have too long of a rain delay & tweet from the ballpark.  So excited! Go M’s!

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I <3 @therealmariners

So, did you know I like the Mariners?

Not like a little, but a lot.

Yeah, if you know me that a hard fact to miss.

I’ve been interacting with the Mariners on twitter (@therealmariners). They had a “social media happy hour” event on the 11th of August.  Obviously, I don’t live in the Pacific Northwest, so I could not go. But because of the twitter interactions and because the mariners are rad, they sent me a shirt from the event anyway!25480238_flipped

Here is a photo of me wearing the shirt. (side fun note- on the original picture the writing was backwards because I took the photo in the mirror. One of my tweeps fixed it for me).

I really enjoy twitter. I really enjoy the mariners. So it two very cool things put together. I’ve been on twitter since June of 08, so I have had a chance to learn how to use the tool a long time ago. Today I got to send a word of advice to the M’s how they could tweet a bit of info more efficiently. That was pretty rad to actually have a part in helping “my” team tweet better. I like them. They like me. It’s all a ton of fun!

Also, the reason the shirt says “I follow @hyphen18” is because Ryan Rowland-Smith (number 18) is also on twitter.

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Sadly, most of the photos we took were really, really blurry. (Operator Error)

Here is our view of the field from on Wed.

And here is a picture of me & the signs.

The story on the sign, Tim went to an M’s game Friday in Minnesota. His sign said “Help. Mariners Fan stuck in South Dakota”
Apparently he was put on TV back home and the broadcasters loved his sign. I was hoping that because that was only five days earlier…if they saw my sign they might think it was funny. More so, I just find it amazing that one of my brothers and I attended away games for the M’s in two different parts of the city within five days of each other.

Also – side note – just watch the season 5 finale for LOST. Seriously considering that this show may have a chance at overcoming the place that the West Wing holds in my mind.

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LOST the M's game(s)

I went to the Mariners games yesterday and today. We lost both! On tuesday, I went by myself and really enjoyed watching the entire game. Tonight, I went with 10 other people. We had a grand time. and it went into extra innings. The M’s went ahead by one run in the top of the 11th only to have Morrow come in and give up two runs. Game over. Overall, it was a fantastic game, although it broke my heart in the end.

I had a sign that didn’t make much sense to most people. And I don’t think anyone back home got to see it.

I’ll post some pictures tomorrow. And explain the sign.

Also – tonight was the season finale for LOST. So if you know me at all, it says a lot that I chose to go to a Mariners game. As much as I love LOST – The M’s hold more sway.

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Progression of a Rain Delay

Ok, here are some photos:

These first two are from our original seats. They were great seats and for wonderful price – but they were pretty far away.

These next three are from our first move down and closer. As you can see we were just up from the on deck circle, in between home plate and the dugout.

Do you reconginze this back of the head?
I’ll give you a hint…Low Rider…A song that was played when he went to bat?
I’ll give you another hint: my favorite player in 1995 and a few of the subsequent years.

Joey Cora! He’s the bench coach for the White Sox.

We moved a second time and ended up practically behind home plate.

Me. Please excuse the “I look like a drown rat” look. That’s about how I felt. My shoes are still drying out two days later.

Finally, this is a picture of me preparing for the M’s game next week. I recently realized that I did not have a hat to wear to the game when I go watch the M’s play the Rangers, so I picked up a M’s circa 1981 design. – I also acquired a lovely retro jacket to wear as well.


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More company & baseball

I had another friend from out of town this weekend so we went to another Rangers game.

It was my first experience with Rain Delays (thanks to the Kingdom & Safeco Field). The game started about 40 minutes late and there were another 3 or 4 delays after that. We got pretty wet, but it was still a ton of fun. The typical three hour game – which was supposed to start at 7 pm, didn’t end until after 12.

One really cool thing is that so many people went home with each rain delay is that there were tons of empty seats. The first game interrupting delay came during the 5th so they couldn’t call it yet, and each time they stopped, we expected them to just end the game. But they kept resuming and we eventually moved down by the third base line By the top of the 9th, we were a few rows up from home plate.

I’ll have to post some pictures of the night and our progression to better seats.

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Welcome Back Kid

Yes, I am Stoked Griffey is back!!!!

So far, this has been my favorite article discussing the return of Griffey:

I read it and grin.

“So I’m going get my Ken Griffey Jr. chocolate bars out of storage, wear some flannel and listen to grunge and pretend this is 1995 and four-bedroom homes with a view on Capitol Hill go for less than $500,000 and Microsoft shares keep splitting and the Sonics are still in town and Junior is taking a lead off first base while Edgar Martinez steps in against Jack McDowell.

Yes, that’s nostalgia talking. Yes, I’m letting sweet memories of the past cloud my vision of the present. But so what? It sure beats watching Richie Sexson strike out with runners in scoring position.”

Click to read the entire article. The “best case scenerio” is pretty nice too.

Ok, I’m off to figure out dinner. AND listen to the Oilers game. They are in town tonight. I wish I could go to the game, or that it was playing on local television, but it is not. So I must make do with local radio. The Oilers are only 1 point, 1 playoff spot behind the stars so this game is pretty big.

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