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Reverse the Curse

I’m a sports fan. Due to my health, I’ve never been much of an athlete – but ever since I was 14 and the 1995 Mariners pulled me in to a new world, I’ve been a sports fan.

Sometimes, this is awesome. As a teenager, all of a sudden, I had things I could talk about and really enjoy with my three brothers and dad, all of whom love sports.

Sometimes, this is not awesome.  Let me give you a quick summary of all the teams I’ve rooted for over the years:

*Seattle Mariners: In 1995, after beating the Yankees in a 5 game series (after being down 2-0) they couldn’t get past Cleveland. They lost Game 6 of the ALCS. To this day, have gotten to the ALCS one other time, but never made it to the World Series. (Even the year they won 116 games – tying the record for most wins in a season.)

*USA Hockey: In 2002, I was living in Canada for college. The Salt Lake City Olympics featured TWO gold metal hockey games (both Men’s & Women’s) where Canada beat the USA. It was miserable to watch with my Canadian friends.

*Edmonton Eskimos: I was still living in Edmonton Alberta in 2003.  The CFL team went to the Grey Cup. And Lost.

*Edmonton Oilers: 2006 – Since I went to school in Edmonton, I adopted the Oilers as my hockey team. They were the come from behind kids, only to get to the 7th game of the Stanley Cup finals, and lose.

*Seattle Seahawks: Lost the Superbowl in 2006

*Chicago Bears: They did win the Superbowl when I lived in Chicago, but I was only 5 years old and don’t remember the win.  In Grad School, it was 2007 and I lived in Chicago again. The Bears lost the Superbowl.

*Seattle Super Sonics: This one is so bad that the Sonics moved to OKC in 2008 and changed their name. I’ve been rooting against the Thunder ever since. (Maybe the one bright spot? I was forced to root for the Miami Heat to beat the Thunder in the finals. And the Heat won….Lesser of two evils.) I wrote off the NBA for a few years, until I was married to a Spurs fan.

*San Antonio Spurs: My adopted team, thanks to my husband, made it to the finals this year. As is the pattern of my life, they lost in the finals.

So there you go. And I’ll not even attempt to claim all the foibles of the Cubs as mine. They are my second favorite baseball team.  Since I was born in Chicago and have lived there a total of 8 years, the loveable losers have a special place in my heart as well.

All of that being said, I refuse to give up. I WILL cheer for my teams. And one year, one of them will WIN. I’m hoping this is the year. I’m banking on the curse being reversed. I’m ROOTING for the SEAHAWKS.  — And that’s all there is to it.


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March Madness

Ok, I have Washington, Pittsburgh, Michigan State, and Oklahoma in the final four. For the finals, I have Pittsburgh beating Washington.

How about you?


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The holiday

Happy 4th.

First things first: The sonics. I am sad. I am disappointed, I am mad. I honestly don’t see the WA state legislature getting anything done by the end of 2009 so the NBA is probably gone for good. I don’t even really like NBA basketball, I just like Seattle and like usual, East Coast bias, it’s all about money, and the fans get short changed. I was thinking this morning, if it was the M’s leaving, I don’t know what I would do. Honestly, I think I would cry.

Now for the Holiday. I don’t have any specific plans. The big fireworks show in town “Kaboomtown” is taking place right now. And I was not about to go by myself to an extremely over-crowded-with-people event. No thanks. Instead, I am listening the M’s game (currently winning!) and after this post, I am going to do some reading.

Tomorrow, I plan on sleeping in. I am also going to put some steak on the grill along with some corn on the cob. The only catch is, I need to grill for lunch because I am not about to be outside in the late afternoon heat standing over a grill. I would like to not die of heat exhaustion thank you very much. I am also doing chores tomorrow like consolidating loans, apartment shopping and laundry.

Thats about it. I may be hanging out with a friend on saturday and on Sunday there is church.

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Soncis (SOS)

So the trial started on Monday. Each day I check news articles to see how the trial is progressing. I will tell you up front (which, if your consistantly read this blog, you already know), I am completely and totally bias. I think the city and people of Seattle are getting hosed by the ownership group. I think the “good faith effort” was lip service and the intention all along was to move the team. I think it is reprehensible that the NBA can allow, nay approve such a ill conceived plan.  Market size is just one practical reason why.  History (to me) is an important factor as well.

Anyway, I found this in a Sports Illustrated online article today.  Wow, can we say “dishonest” Mr. Bennett?
“In one memo to his ownership group, Bennett wrote: ‘In the context of our ‘good faith best efforts’ commitment and working with our lawyers and communications consultant … We will consider a renovation of KeyArena.’
‘You never made that effort, did you?’ Lawrence asked.
‘I never considered a renovation of KeyArena,’ Bennett responded.”
The article can be found here.

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I say Keep Them In Seattle!!!

A great article highlighting the feelings of the people of Seattle. Over 3000 emails poured in within a 24 hour time period. From an unbias (east coast of all things) source, Sonic fans are given a voice. Will anyone listen?

the Article

Bill Simmons writes “This isn’t a case that you can say, “You know, I kind of understand both sides here.” There is only one side. An NBA team is getting hijacked and there’s no way of sugarcoating it, defending it or justifying it. Again, if it happens to the Sonics, it could happen to your team.

That’s why you should care.”

And I agree.

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Here we go…

Go COUGS!!!! Ok, I know I know, I need to do my homework. Hey, Give me a break, I did read some….about 12 pages so far today. And I am leaving in an hour or so to go to a St. Patricks day/Watch Basketball party.

OK, game cast + book reading…I’m on it.

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More madness…

I was just reading a fun little article on about how baseball players at spring training have all sorts of brackets going. The team they interviewed players from was the Mariners. My favorite quote is from Arthur Rhodes talking about the camaraderie that happens as everyone trash talks about NCAA basket ball. Rhodes says “It’s good. You get everyone in there together, and you take the young players’ money.” Made me laugh, especially the last part.

Hey…Whats going on with ohio state!?!?!? Xavier is beating them 61-59 with less then a minute. And that is even with Ohio State closing the gap iwn the last minute or so…I pick Ohio State to win this but….I cant say I would be super sad to see them loose….

CRAZYNESS!!!! THE INSANITY. Acually, I am not watching the game. My roomie said i could borrow her tv, but I should be doing homework. So the 3 point shot to tie it up…I “saw it” by a game cast update. Sometimes I wonder if it is more exciting to hit the refresh button..delayed suspense….. Wait a minute….I just found it on the RADIO!!!! sweet. I am listening to the games from here on out.

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Day one

and my bracket is already in shreads. 😦 I tried to make educated guesses but I guess that I don’t know how to do that.

Well…hopefully tomorrow will be a little better. Ah man! The Gonzaga Bulldogs just lost…there goes another!


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That was almost pointless…

Well spring break is over. I did not get as much done as I planned on doing. Why? I guess if I am being honest I have a huge lazy streak. I did read one fun book and am now 1/2 way through another. So that was kind of productive even though it has nothing to do with homework.

I still have an 8 page paper due on Tuesday. I know what I am writing on and my outline takes up one page, not double spaced (it is a fairly detailed outline). As a result, I should be able to sit down for a few hours tomorrow and pound it out.

Uhm…I am excited for College Basketball this year. I am in a basket ball “pick’em” group but I tried to fill out my bracket this afternoon and it would not save…hope that problem is fixed soon.

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6 days 14 hours

Its that time of year again. What happens in 6 days & 14 hours? Pitchers & Catchers report to spring training!!!! YEAH! Baseball is almost here. I think it is time to dust off my cassette tapes that have my “baseball music.” Perhaps listening to them while drinking some ice tea and eating a handful of sunflower seeds will make it seem a little less like winter.

Go Mariners!!!!!

With baseball right around the corner, It is much easier to deal with:
*a Superbowl in which 1. the Seahawks did not make it into & 2. the next best team (other than Seattle) did not win
*a hockey season where the Oilers still have a shot at the playoffs, (never say die!) but it will be a fight to get there
*a NBA season in which Seattle has recently lost 5 games in a row and the last 15 road games (actually, just checked they won tonight in Indiana, but still…it has been a rough go)


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