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What an exhausting week! Tim is doing much better.

This evening my other brothers & I got to spend some time with our pals from Washington who now live up here.

Got a good laugh in when my eldest brother tried to beat me to an automatic door. His feet slipped out from under him and it was like he was trying to slide in to third base or something. We laughed so hard we could not help him up. He was not injured although had he been, the door we were about to enter was the hospital. He did succeed in getting the door to open.

Had a great meal at a little restaurant called Earl’s. Watched the end of a U of A hockey game in which they won, advancing to the national championship. Caught the last bit of the UCLA / Memphis game.

Today I also won a coffee in the Tim Horton’s “Roll up the Rim to Win” game. I better get my free coffee tomorrow. We are planning on flying out on Monday.

Finally, today I tried my first game of Sudoku. I really like it. Finished 2 easy games, finished 2 medium games, got stuck on one medium game and am in the middle of another medium game. Definitely getting a book of them when I get home.


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On other things less important

For those praying for Tim, Thanks! Again, info can be found on the prayfortim blog.

The family is doing remarkably well. Definitely feeling God’s peace on this one.

Anyway as the “tag” implies….

Watch the Dawgs win yesterday! Yippy!!!! & Gonzaga Other than that, my bracket is shot. I can’t believe North Carolina is out!!!! They were in my final four. Actually, I had them losing in the championship game.

Church the morning was great. Dr. Gary Friesen of Multnomah, spoke. He was the speaker at a retreat this weekend and was on the schedule to preach which was fabulous since my parents had to go out of town. He spoke on Being faithful to God to the best of our ability in every circumstance and leave the results up to God. It was very encouraging & challenging at the same time.

He goes way back with my Dad’s family, so we had a nice lunch getting to know him a bit and filling him in on what’s up with the family.

Right now I am busy cleaning. My room is a wreck and IF I need to go to Edmonton, I want to be able to come home to a clean room. A few years ago, when I was at school, I finally understood why my mom made us clean before we left on vacation. My room was always spotless before leaving for Christmas break.

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March Madness

Its that time of year again! The bracket is not set until tomorrow; so obviously, I have yet to pick. I always have sentimental / geographical favorites, such as Gonzaga and the University of Washington, but this year I am going to attempt to do a little research before finalizing my pick.

As a side note, Wheaton College is NCAA Division III. The woman’s basketball team lost yesterday to DePauw in their first Sweet 16 appearance. Only one graduating team member was a senior who played regularly, so they will be well set for next season.

Taylor only had about 300 undergrad students (and that is being generous). Though I will attend the grad school, it will be fun to have an established sports program at the college to root for.

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