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My room

I am almost done organizing, cleaning and arraigning my new room. yes, it has taken me a while. I guess that’s what happens when you get sick and have no energy.

Just a few more things to put away. And pictures to hang on the wall.

Big football game today. Go Hawks!

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I'm cold

We just had a couple of days where we had highs that were 61 & 62 degrees. Today, it is cold again.

My head cold is still hanging on, but I feel much better now. I know 100% is just around the corner.

I got a hair cut today. I think the last time I had one was in July on the morning of my brother’s wedding. It was time. I wanted to go a couple of months ago, but life was too busy.

Also, GO HAWKS!!!! Saturday’s game was fun to watch and I am looking forward to the next one. Green Bay will be a challenge, but Go Hawks Go!

Another friend is back from Christmas break, YEAH. It was good to see her.

Other than that, I have another job (in my field) I am applying for…well see.

Well, back to my applications, room cleaning, and book reading. Have a nice day.

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Turned in

Well, I just sent off the paper! (YEAH!) And some developments on the housing front today as well. Looks like a sweet situation with a friend from church is going to work out with me renting a room from her. WHOO HOO!

Now onto that final…
Oh yeah, and did you catch the Hawks today!?!?! Rock on! Playoffs here we come.

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Paper – rough draft, check.

Now onto studying for the final, finding a job, a place to live, and listening to the Hawks Smoke the Cardinals!

Perhaps a sunday afternoon nap as well.

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The Seahawks just completed their win against the bears! That makes me smile.

Its been pretty busy around here. Lots of reading and researching. I am writing a paper tomorrow, so it will be nice to check another one off the list.

Well, I am off to get some dinner and then back to reading.

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Not too shabby! Thats the season record for the Mariners. They end 6 games out of the division and 6 games back of the wild card. While they made it close in August, they failed to keep the momentum in September. So, slightly disappointing. At the same time, what an improvement! This year was much more fun than the last few. I look forward to off-season improvements, a winter lull, and a hopeful February.

For the winter, I will cheer on the Seahawks (who are looking to destroy the 49ers) and the oilers (who went 4-2 in preseason). For the month of October, I must confess, I am rooting for the N.L. While the teams might be weaker overall, their stories are much more fun. I just cant root for the Angels. Definatley not, when it comes to the Yankees. Boston, they had their turn a few years back. And Cleveland, no thanks. Better stories run with the Phillies and the Cubbies. (It helps to live in Chi-town).

Here’s a photo from the other day at Wrigley. I did not take the picture, but basically, it is about where we were standing and it felt like we were almost this close.


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…Go cubs go!

Ok, first things first. I am sad the M’s are out. I cheered for them, I listened to games on the radio, on the internet, I watched games on tv, I even went to Wrigley by my self just to see them play. I have a mariners sign hanging in my car (which plan to take down and replaces with a “go hawks” sign). I called the station to top it all off when they were fantastic in August. Yes, I am bummed they lost and fell out of the playoff chase.

That being stated, I was in downtown Chicago tonight with some friends. we were near by Wrigleyville having coffee, so after we got outside, we noticed that the Cubs must have clenched the division. So we walked down to Wrigley. The people were pretty mild, but our section of the sidewalk did get cleared out by some very intimidating police on horses. Flags waving, people cheering, horns honking. It was fun to see. I took a photo of the famous Wrigley Field sign with the “Chicago Cubs are the 2007 National League Central Champions” but it was with my phone. Because it is on the phone it is impossible to read and I cannot even send it to my computer. It was still fun to see.

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Go Hawks!!!!

Just under an hour until kick off. Go Seahawks!!! Oddly enough, I think that the game of football is steadily becoming more enjoyable to me. In the past I would make comments about how it is a “dumb game” and Brent would tell me if I understood the game better (knew more of the rules etc.) I would like it much more. In the past few years I have slowly started watching and listening to more games. I believe Brent was right. It is not on par with Hockey nor does it even come close to baseball, but I like it.

This year I am even in a Fantasy football league (Thanks Katie!) so that will make may attention even more!

So today, its time to Hoist the Seahawk 12th man flag and create havoc on the Buccaneers ship. (For those who do not know, Seattle is taking on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at 3 CT.)

Other than that…10 days until one of my favorite days of the year. What day is that? Well Maties, I will leave you guessing for a while.

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6 days 14 hours

Its that time of year again. What happens in 6 days & 14 hours? Pitchers & Catchers report to spring training!!!! YEAH! Baseball is almost here. I think it is time to dust off my cassette tapes that have my “baseball music.” Perhaps listening to them while drinking some ice tea and eating a handful of sunflower seeds will make it seem a little less like winter.

Go Mariners!!!!!

With baseball right around the corner, It is much easier to deal with:
*a Superbowl in which 1. the Seahawks did not make it into & 2. the next best team (other than Seattle) did not win
*a hockey season where the Oilers still have a shot at the playoffs, (never say die!) but it will be a fight to get there
*a NBA season in which Seattle has recently lost 5 games in a row and the last 15 road games (actually, just checked they won tonight in Indiana, but still…it has been a rough go)


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Go Bears!

Ok, I finally decided I will root for the Bears. The plan is to go to a local sports bar (kind of like the Ram) to watch the game with a couple of friends. Should be fun (though not as fun as last year).


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