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uhm. RAD!

So I just decided to click over to 630 ched to see if there was any new oilers news. clicked on “listen” because it said the sports show was on. Turns out they are playing a preseason game right now. So I clicked on the oilers website which brought me to a very surprising discover.

Live Oilers Game – streaming, online, for FREE! After some quick research, I guess it premiered earlier this year, but I never knew about it. So, here I am watching an oilers game. The NHL calls it Livewire and I believe any team can be watched. (you redwing fans, click here)

Also, again watched house and fringe tonight. Regarding Fringe, its not LOST, and its no ALIAS, but after three episodes, “I’m in.”

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Oil Country (and I don't mean Texas)

The NHL season is just around the bend and I hopped on ESPN to see what hockey talk was going on…headlining page: Oilers Have ‘It’

Yeah its all preseason speculation, but rather up than down! Go Oil! (after this last baseball season and a rough start for the Hawks…I am loving some good news for E-town)

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I wanted to go to the Oilers game today. They are in town playing the blackhawks. Due to lack of interest (from other people who I wondered if they wanted to go with) and lack of money, I didn’t go.

I am currently listening to the game (online-630 CHED). Its 3-3 going into the third. There have been a handful of penalties, and even 3-5 penalty killing for the oilers. Its turning out to be a great game. Too bad for me not being there.

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I thought about it…

And I decided “no.” The Oilers are playing tomorrow in Chicago against the Blackhawks at the United Center. I can get downtown easy enough, but to then try and figure out what bus to ride from the train, to the United Center..ugh. Maybe in March when they are back in town I can rally up a group of people who don’t care about hockey, but would go for cheep entertainment (tickets are like 10-20 dollars).

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Not too shabby! Thats the season record for the Mariners. They end 6 games out of the division and 6 games back of the wild card. While they made it close in August, they failed to keep the momentum in September. So, slightly disappointing. At the same time, what an improvement! This year was much more fun than the last few. I look forward to off-season improvements, a winter lull, and a hopeful February.

For the winter, I will cheer on the Seahawks (who are looking to destroy the 49ers) and the oilers (who went 4-2 in preseason). For the month of October, I must confess, I am rooting for the N.L. While the teams might be weaker overall, their stories are much more fun. I just cant root for the Angels. Definatley not, when it comes to the Yankees. Boston, they had their turn a few years back. And Cleveland, no thanks. Better stories run with the Phillies and the Cubbies. (It helps to live in Chi-town).

Here’s a photo from the other day at Wrigley. I did not take the picture, but basically, it is about where we were standing and it felt like we were almost this close.


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Don Cherry

Did you see that Don Cherry is going to be on US TV for some of the hockey playoffs? Oh boy. People are going to have a cow because he is not exactly “PC”

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My Favorite Hockey Player…

…was traded yesterday from the Edmonton Oilers to the NY Islanders. Ryan Smyth. 😦

Very sad. It looks like the Oilers are thinking they are probably out of the playoffs (hence the firesale) but today I wore my Oilers shirt with Pride anyway. We still have a month of hockey to enjoy.

AND THEN 33 days until baseball.


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