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I thought about it…

And I decided “no.” The Oilers are playing tomorrow in Chicago against the Blackhawks at the United Center. I can get downtown easy enough, but to then try and figure out what bus to ride from the train, to the United Center..ugh. Maybe in March when they are back in town I can rally up a group of people who don’t care about hockey, but would go for cheep entertainment (tickets are like 10-20 dollars).

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Not too shabby! Thats the season record for the Mariners. They end 6 games out of the division and 6 games back of the wild card. While they made it close in August, they failed to keep the momentum in September. So, slightly disappointing. At the same time, what an improvement! This year was much more fun than the last few. I look forward to off-season improvements, a winter lull, and a hopeful February.

For the winter, I will cheer on the Seahawks (who are looking to destroy the 49ers) and the oilers (who went 4-2 in preseason). For the month of October, I must confess, I am rooting for the N.L. While the teams might be weaker overall, their stories are much more fun. I just cant root for the Angels. Definatley not, when it comes to the Yankees. Boston, they had their turn a few years back. And Cleveland, no thanks. Better stories run with the Phillies and the Cubbies. (It helps to live in Chi-town).

Here’s a photo from the other day at Wrigley. I did not take the picture, but basically, it is about where we were standing and it felt like we were almost this close.


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Don Cherry

Did you see that Don Cherry is going to be on US TV for some of the hockey playoffs? Oh boy. People are going to have a cow because he is not exactly “PC”

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My Favorite Hockey Player…

…was traded yesterday from the Edmonton Oilers to the NY Islanders. Ryan Smyth. 😦

Very sad. It looks like the Oilers are thinking they are probably out of the playoffs (hence the firesale) but today I wore my Oilers shirt with Pride anyway. We still have a month of hockey to enjoy.

AND THEN 33 days until baseball.


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6 days 14 hours

Its that time of year again. What happens in 6 days & 14 hours? Pitchers & Catchers report to spring training!!!! YEAH! Baseball is almost here. I think it is time to dust off my cassette tapes that have my “baseball music.” Perhaps listening to them while drinking some ice tea and eating a handful of sunflower seeds will make it seem a little less like winter.

Go Mariners!!!!!

With baseball right around the corner, It is much easier to deal with:
*a Superbowl in which 1. the Seahawks did not make it into & 2. the next best team (other than Seattle) did not win
*a hockey season where the Oilers still have a shot at the playoffs, (never say die!) but it will be a fight to get there
*a NBA season in which Seattle has recently lost 5 games in a row and the last 15 road games (actually, just checked they won tonight in Indiana, but still…it has been a rough go)


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Down & Up

Down: Tigers lose game 1 of the World Series Saturday evening
Up: Oilers beat the Redwings late Saturday Night
Down: Seahawk lose to the Vikings & Hasselbeck gets hurt Sunday afternoon
Up: Tigers win game 2 of the World Series Sunday Evening

Uhm…thats a lot of sports for one weekend. I listened to or watch most of all of the above mentioned games. I guess I mostly listened to them on the radio. The only one I watch was the Hawks game.

I really like listening to sports on the radio, because it gives me a chance to study at the same time. I read my book and then the excitement in the announcers voices gets my attention and I get to hear the important plays.

I did get some reading done today while watching the hawk’s game since there are some many pauses within a game.

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What a lovely day!

I got to sleep in today. That was nice. Really, I woke up at about 9 which is not really sleeping in, but it was nice to not wake up to an alarm.

Then I read a bit of my book on John Brown. I have to read it for class, yet it is a fairly interesting read.

I made an awesome sandwich for lunch.

I backed up my itunes music.

I read some more of my book. Next I think I will take a nap.

One thing I wanted to mention was that on Thursday I was able to listen to the entire Oilers game. Edmonton scored first, but then gave up 4 unanswered goals to the Sharks. They got one back, but heading into the third period, it was 4-2 and Edmonton was not playing well.

THEN within 2 minutes and 1 second, my favorite, Number 94, the man I once saw at Tim Hortons after a game, Ryan Smyth, scored 3 goals. Thats right, a hat trick within 2 minutes and 1 second. He broke a previous oiler record from back in the day when Gretzky got three goals within 2 minutes and 18 seconds. So that put them ahead 5-4 and they finished the game off with one more. What a great game! I am looking forward to listening to tonight’s game against Colorado. I am envious of everyone who can watch the CBC tonight.

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Winter is here

Well, this morning we have snow flurries. Its really pretty and is actually starting to stick a little. They said we might get about an inch. One of my roommates is from Florida. She is pretty excited.

Wicked was pretty good. The music was amazing, the plot was interesting (it gave a different perspective of the characters from Wizard of Oz), the costumes were very well done. Overall, it was a very enjoyable evening. Hopefully, I will be able to post a picture of my roommates and I from our night out on the town.

Also, this evening I am looking forward to listening to an Oilers game this evening.

Ok, back to my homework.

Here is a picture of me out on our porch (acutally it is the roof) in the snow today.


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5.4 seconds to go

One thing that needs to be mentioned. The Hockey season offically started yesterday. Edmonton is currently playing Calagery and there is 5.4 seconds left in the game. There has just been a big pile up, penalties will be called, but the oilers are up 3-1. It is at this point that I finally got my computer audio working so that I could listen to the game.

And game over! Oilers win.

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Go Mariners!

Yes, I realize in a week or so, the M’s will not be playing anymore, but this evening, I had the wonderful opportunity to listen to the mariners game. Right now, it is 2 outs bottom of the 8th and the M’s are beating the Chicago White Soxs 10-6.

I love studying while listening to a baseball game on the radio. If I did not have too much homework, had more money, and if the weather was better, I may have even tried to go to one of the games tomorrow or Sunday afternoon. Some of my friends are going down town tomorrow, but I have a paper to be writing.

Thanks to those who have been praying for my head. It was considerably better today.

Only 8 more days until the Hawks play here. I wanted to go, but its too expensive.
AND only 12 Days until the NHL season begins. GO OILERS!

Finally, Happy Hobbit Day! Yes today is Bilbo & Frodo Baggins’ birthdays.


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