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3.5 months and counting…

I am pretty sure that the NHL season starts in October.

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Next Year…

Two and a half months ago, Edmonton was not even in the playoffs. I believe that they got in by way of another team losing their last game.

What a treat! Who would have expected the run they had! The first ever 8th seat team to make it to the finals, the first ever successful penalty shot in the finals, the first ever over-time short handed goal in the finals.

In the end, they could not put together a strong enough 60 minutes. I am very disappointed in the results of tonight’s game 7. At the same time, I am glad for the entertaining last few months of Hockey.

When does next season start? I will at least be living in an NHL city, so maybe I can even catch an Oilers game. Next year, the cup will be ours.

Ok, so now what do I blog about? 🙂

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What I did/am doing today

I don’t have much to do today, so really I am just killing time before go to my parent’s house to watch Game 6. Go OILERS!!!!

I decided to try and watch a bit of the US World Cup game against Italy. I don’t understand how the tournament works, but I guess Ghana upset the Czech Republic two nil 🙂 today so they are saying the outcome of the US game is less important.

Surprisingly, I am finding the game a little exciting to watch, the US team is really playing better (or so the commentators tell me) than they did the previous game.

Unfortunately, about 20 minutes in, Italy scored anyway. It was at this point that I started to make my lunch and decided to blog a bit. As I sat waiting for the Internet to dial up, I heard the TV say the US gets a free kick, so I went out to watch it. GOOOOOOOOOOOAL!!!!!!! Sweet, 1-1.

Back I go to watch and finish making my lunch.

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Did you see that!?!?!?!

So Edmonton scores 16 seconds in to the game and I am think “Yeah! Maybe this won’t be that hard of a game to watch.” Yeah Right. Carolina ties it up and goes ahead one within minutes of the Oilers goal.

Fortunately, Edmonton scores again in the first to tie it up and then again with about 30 seconds left in the first period to go ahead 3-2.

Second period begins, part way through that, Carolina ties it 3-3. They go to the third, the tie stands. The entire game has been one of the most intense games I have ever seen.

Then, what any hockey fan hopes to see, sudden death overtime. Two minutes in, Edmonton gets a “suspect” penalty. Great, got to kill a 2-minute penalty. Then, the unbelievable, the incredible, the “I can’t believe that just happened” happened. SHORT HANDED GOAL!!!!!!! Edmonton wins to stay alive and force a game six back on Saturday in Edmonton.

And what did I do? I screamed at the top of my lungs! I think my neighbors might be a little concerned… Then I ran around the couch several times. This seems to be my traditional celebration: cheer, run around the couch at least 3 times, and then jump up and down like crazy. Go Oilers Go!!!!!


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Hope Springs Eternal

Bad outcome tonight. I guess the “never say die” attitude of Edmonton will be sorely tested on Wednesday.

My doctor appointments went ok. I actually find out more tomorrow after I have a chance to talk with the cardiologist. Tomorrow I go in to get my teeth fixed. Hey, I better charge up my ipod tonight.

Congrats to the CCBC Softball team on their first win of the season yesterday! It was a very fun game to watch.

Yesterday someone said that soccer & hockey are basically the same concept except that one is on ice. Although I beg to differ, I decided that it would be fun to pay a little attention to this thing called the “world cup.” Too bad my country did not make a game of it today. Perhaps against Italy.

Another thing that occurred to me today was that if I do plan to study in Europe eventually, a limited knowledge of football might come in handy.

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Go Oilers!

Wow, tough break! (losing Rolie) I still think they can win, but it will certainly be more difficult.

Lets see, anything new…I got a “fun” **said sarcastically** doctors appointment in a couple days. The annual “make sure the heart is still ticking” appointment. I hope that they are able to give me some references for Chicago.

My turn signal stopped working today. And one taillight has been out for a while. So now I have an appointment to get them replaced. The Jetta is built so that it impossible for an average car owner to change their own bulbs. The manual says “take it to the dealer.”

At least I can get two changed at once and maybe save a few bucks on the labor. It should cost less then $40. Yeah, kind of ridiculous I know. It is in moments like this when I wonder what I could get for tradein value on my car so that I would own something more practical. But then I always get back to I really like driving my Vr6 (I trust it to get up and go when I need it to). And thats being said by someone who doesn’t like to drive.

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Oilers Win!!!!

The Edmonton Oilers defeated the Anaheim Mighty Ducks tonight by a score of 2-1 to win the Western Conference Finals. This means that they will now play one final series to try and win the Stanley Cup.

The game was crazy. At one point, the Oilers had 2 men in the penalty box, so the Ducks had a 2-man advantage, plus, they had just pulled their goalie to give them an additional attacker. That meant the Oilers had to defend the net with a 6-3 Ducks advantage. What a scramble, I think I held my breath most of the 3rd Period.

Now the Oilers need to rest up to recuperate from the flu that has been running through the team. Hopefully, the down time before the next series will not hurt the Oilers momentum.

On my way home, I did some horn honking and shouting at the top of my lungs in my car. I also called a few friends from Edmonton. One friend was just heading out the door to go to Whyte Ave and join the city of Edmonton in celebration.

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Take 'em in Game 5

Well no sweep this time around. The Ducks just beat the Oilers 6-3. Rats. Guess they’ll have to beat them in Anaheim.


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Another hockey fan.

On my way home from work on Monday, I discovered that there are people in Washington who like hockey.

Currently, the back window of my car has a miniature Stanley cup made out of foil, a Go Oilers sign, and a Sign with the Oilers logo. (it now sports an Oilers flag as well, but I didn’t have that on the car on Monday)

I was waiting to get to an intersection at a four-way stop when I noticed the person in the car behind me was honking & waving their hand out the window. I turned down my music & rolled my window down. I assumed they were going to tell me my taillight was out, which I already know.

Instead they yell “GO DUCKS!” I grinned and yelled back, “No Way! Go Oilers!” Then I shouted “Are you from Anaheim?” The replied “Yes I am!” So I informed them that “I went to school in Edmonton.” They gave me the thumbs up. We were both smiling at this point. Though rooting for rival teams, for a moment in time, we found comfort in the fact that someone else in this hockey-forsaken land cared enough to shout out their car window to a complete stranger just for the sake of the game.

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Round Three!!! Bring on the Ducks!

I only watched the first period tonight. A few weeks ago, I planned to meet up with a friend from high school (you know who you are, but I don’t put people’s names on my blog unless I have their permission). Dinner was great. Very fun catching up, sharing future plans, and finding another friend who would also love to travel in Europe.

I got home and listened to a message from other friends who live here and are rooting for the Oilers as well. That’s how I learned they won. We now have a BBQ planned to watch Fridays game. Seriously, Ducks from California play ice hockey?

My high school friend commented that my “Go Oilers” sign on my car might make people think I work for an oil company, since no one here watches hockey. That cracked me up.

As a side note, I hear I have a few friends who got on the news in Edmonton for celebrating downtown with their trumpets! Way to go! Rock on Edmonton.

Also, the new copier at work is amazing! I think that will be the “legacy” I leave behind at my place of work. Researching for the new copier and now we have it and it is incredible.

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