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I dislike people being dumb

And destroying things that are not theirs. Or worse – hurting people.

Therefore, after the loss of game 7, it was sad to see what some (not All! I have some teriffic friends in BC) individuals were doing.

I appreciate what social media can do to both report a story happening live, and assist in indivudals being held accountable for their actions.

A blog has been set up to aggregate all of the images from last nights Vancouver Riot and assist the Vancouver PD in finding parties who participated in the violence and looting:

I’m blogging as I wait for the Mavs Championship Parade to start – So thankful these type of actions didn’t happen earlier this week in Dallas.

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Wonderful Trip

I haven’t blogged in a while. Partly, because we were out-of-town and I suddenly felt very self-conscious about telling the world our house was unoccupied.

We just got back from a 12 day trip to the Northwest. We had a great time with my parents, brother & sis-in-law, and had the joy of meeting up with several of my friends.

Here are some of the things we did:

*visited Mt. Rainier (69 degrees, sunshine and 20 feet of snow)

*Olympic National Park

*Point Refinance, Chambers Bay

*Seattle (Safeco, M’s game & underground tour)

*Ferry ride into Seattle at night

*played 2 games of Settlers (one game had 6 people, my brother came in last place with 8 points, four of us had 9, and the winner got to 10 first!)

*learned a new game “Dominion” which we really enjoyed and will probably be purchasing

*had a Memorial day BBQ

*Went to the Tacoma Glass Museum, Tacoma Art Museum, and WA State history museum

*ate at the new Ivars in Puyallup

It was a jam-packed trip – but we also had a couple of days to lay low, enjoy the cloudy, drizzly weather and sleep in.

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We’re Going to Washington

whoohoo!  We are almost at our 6 month anniversary, so I’m so excited that my friends back home in WA State will finally have a chance to meet my hubby.

Initially we were going to try and go in July so that the weather will be nice, but plane tickets cost to much.  We ended up bumping up the trip dates significantly. So while the weather might be a little cool – I don’t have to wait as long to go.

We already have a Mariners game on the schedule and are also planning on spending a day in Seattle (maybe even going on the underground tour).

Other than that, I have stuff at my parents we need to sort through and either get rid of or ship to DFW.

I’m also really looking forward to driving around and pointing out all the places of my childhood. (he’s going to get board 🙂 )

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Swept :(

I wasn’t able to make it to any of the Mariner Games the last three days.  We got beat in all three. 😦  Major bummer.

I did get to watch 2 of them on TV. That was pretty awesome as most games aren’t on here – and even listening the radio – they often start at 9 pm so I usually have to go to bed before they finish.

Hopefully, Opening Week at Safeco will be much better.

Go M’s!


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One not so Foolish April Day

Update on Lisa: She was admitted to the hospital middle of this week and is currently in stable, but critical condition in the ICU.  She is fighting pneumonia (with very high fever) and is on a ventilator.

Other than that we ended up eating out (Cane Rosso – delicious pizzeria!) and went to the Deep Ellum Art Festival. We happened to be on that side of town so it was a nice evening (85 degrees) to walk around and take it in.

Finally, I’m now listening to the first game of the Mariners Season. *sigh* so glad to have baseball back again.

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No, it’s not as cold as Fargo here – but it has been cloudy with drizzle for the past three days. Feels like home.  By Saturday, we are expecting 90s.

And just like home, our house is drafty. I don’t think we turn the heater on at all now that it is officially spring.

Hope it warms up for next week – I’m attempting to see the M’s play middle of next week, here in Texas.

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12 days until Summer arrives

That is “Summer” not defined by the calendar (I believe today is the first day of spring) , but by the start of a new baseball season.

Because we are headed into a new season (and I was up way to early this morning, reading old blog posts), this baseball themed post from the middle of July 2009 stood out to me.  My apologies to long-time, regular readers for this repost, but my team is coming off another high L column season. I wanted to remind myself, and other baseball faithfuls, why we continue to care:

Life, Love, (baseball), & Why

July 29, 2009

Baseball is a game of subtlety. A game of slow building drama. You can sit through a handful of innings – 3 up, 3 down, 3 up, 3 down. Only after the passing of time, the rhythm of the game builds, you hold your breath waiting for something magical to happen. . . High drama, one slow agonizing pitch at time.

You win seven out of ten games on the road, you come home with playoff hopes and lose four in a row by gut wrenching scores.

You load the bases with no outs. You commit three outs without scoring. You are down by two in the ninth, get two men on, and with two outs, your pinch hitter comes to the plate and blasts one out of the park.

Baseball is never being absolutely sure of the outcome. Baseball is requiring your heart to endure. You endure the highs with large portion of elation and a side helping of realism. You endure the lows when a few games turn the course of the season, from playoff hopes to fire sale at the trading deadline. You endure the absolutely miserable 101 loss season because you can still taste the 116 wins of the past.

You think back to times that have broken your heart, and sigh. You look forward where hope springs eternal, and dream.

When your “prodigal son” returns home to play; when your disenchanted star finds a fresh start; you live in the moment with joy.

Baseball’s ebb and flow is not appreciated by all. It is an acquired taste. Such as a Russian novel or watching a slow sinking sun; the time, the effort, the moments of unknowns and wonder – all worth it.

That is, all worth it, IF you go all in.


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2 months

so… the posts become more spread out. 🙂

Today, on our second month anniversary, I can happily report that thank you notes have all been written. *phew!*

Also, not sure if how much I’ve mentioned this, but at the end of last year, I transitioned to a new position at work. I’m now a Web Developer. It’s been a challenge (and occasionally, easy), but also fun.

This last week I’ve been making huge progress forward in learning and working with PHP. We had a training class (where I got 100% on the worksheet) and a practice project. The practice project is not completely done, but it did give me an opportunity to use “Pennies for Debra” as my ‘client’. (The current count by the way is 9252.)

Other than that, I’m busy looking forward to the Mariner’s baseball season starting. Less than a month until Pitchers and catchers report.

Lastly, no, I haven’t finished War & Peace yet. I did however start reading book 13 in the Wheel of Time series.

OH. one more thing – don’t forget the Shamrock Shake. It’s almost that season again. Please contact McDonalds and help us get the Shake in Texas.

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The summer has lost its voice.

From 1995 on, I was a baseball fan. No. I was a Mariners fan.

My high school summers were spent playing solitare, drinking ice tea, munching on sunflower seeds, all while listening to Dave Niehaus call Mariner games on 710 Kiro.

Radio is how the game should be enjoyed.  For Mariner games, it just won’t be the same.

My Oh My

It Will Fly Away

Get out the rye bread and the mustard, Grandma, it is grand salami time

It just continues.

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ouch… it’s been a while

So. the streak of life being busy, blogging being non-existent continues.

I needed to check in to say “Pennies for Debra” is still going strong. The current count is 7450. So yep, nearly $75 of ‘free money.’

What else is going on beside that… The Mariners are playing horrible. I’m utterly disappointed. Before the year began I really thought that with their pitching they would be winning more games. I’m sad Cliff Lee had to be traded, and to the Rangers of all teams!?!?!

It’s hot here. My car said 111 degrees yesterday.

I’m currently reading a new Dorothy L. Sayers book. (a Lord Peter Wimsey mystery of course)

I’ve been eating a lot of BBQ. though I haven’t been grilling as much as I wish I were. I did make more beef jerky in the dehydrator (oh yeah! and tomatoes.)

I’ve just finished my annual cardiology check up. All good results. Little to no change over the last three years. So my ‘future heart surgery’ (which is expected, just not on the calendar) is still probably years and years away. All very encouraging news from the doctor.

I’ve been spending more time with people, friends, those important to me. Thus the drop off in blogging.

I’ve been to San Antonio twice since May. Went to Sea World both times. In fact, on the 3rd of July, that’s where we watched fireworks. The wind was blowing in our direction, so at first it was the smoke, then bits of cardboard, then bits of gritty sand/gun powder residue. We held our own for a time, while all of the families with little kids made a mass exodus of our area. Then we too, moved on.

I think those are the things to share from the last two months. It’s been a really great couple of months and as far as I can tell, it will be this way (only growing better) for the next many more. Thanks for stopping by!

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