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An Interesting New Project

This is not a Budget related post – it more of an ARG post.  Though – it’s not quite that either.

Some friends of mine are working on a new project, which has encouraged us to have an ’emergency budget meeting’ and back our first kickstarter project.

Ok – I guess it IS a budget related post. 🙂

Anyway, in the past I’ve blogged about friends who made a feature film (Between Notes). These same friends are launching another new project – and the Kickstarter runs for another 12 days.  If you like Stories, Technology, Creativity, Storytelling, Real-life interaction, and trying to push the boundaries on how we use media to tell narratives, I’d recommend you check it out.

It’s setting is London – on the closing day of the Opening Olympics. It’s told through an App & serialized content (first of which drops on Aug 12 – the literal last day of the Olympics).  It follows the life of 7 characters.  Title: Seven Poets and the Assassin’s Secret.

Find out more here.


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Relevant Podcast

Do you listen to the Relent podcast? Did you hear them mention my tweet?

So for the last several years, I’ve subscribed to the Relevant podcast and/or the print magazine.

And a just about two weeks ago, my favorite podcast mentioned my tweet (indirectly). To hear the podcast, check it out here.

About 1.5 minutes in, you will hear them mention this tweet.

It made my day.

And everything after the first minute and a half is worth a listen as well.


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Texas Data Security Breach – Updated URL

***LINK UPDATE*** Just discovered typos in both of the links which made them incorrect, 😦   This is a repeat of yesterday’s post, with updated URLs.  Very sorry about that!

If you have applied for Unemployment Benefits in Texas, looked for work at, are/were a teacher in Texas, you may be among the individuals whose personal info was exposed.

Call 855.474.2065 to check if this affects you.

There is also more info at

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Texas Data Security Breach

Today the Texas Comptroller’s office released news that 3.5 million individual’s personal information (including SSN) was on a public server.

If you have applied for Unemployment Benefits in Texas, looked for work at, are/were a teacher in Texas, you may be among the individuals whose personal info was exposed.

Call 855.474.2065 to check if this affects you.

There is also more info at

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Angry Birds…

I probably should not admit this – but like millions of others, I LOVE angry birds.

This week, I finished off the original game, getting 3 stars on all levels.

I had some itunes money, so I just purchased Angry Birds Rio this week as well. It’s fun and I think the graphics are better.

Also, my take on Angry Birds Seasons — It’s so much harder! Than the original or Rio.  I’m a bit stuck on some Christmas levels.

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Try 2 – iMovie

It didn’t work. But I’m trying again, and this time I figured out how to add titles screens.

And hopefully my computer won’t automatically turn off again. 😦

In other things, it’s still super cold. My house is cold and my hands are freezing. It makes working on the computer harder.

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I’m working on a iMovie. My friend Lisa (who I asked you to pray for) was unable to attend our wedding. The day of, one of my house party members took about 30 minutes of film for Lisa of the event and different individuals saying hello. I now have copies of the video files and am attempting to put them all together and burn them to DVD.  We’ll see how that goes.

I might have to upload a few clips here.


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Busy Day!

Two interviews today. The morning interview was very interesting. Enjoyed the individuals I was able to chat with.

I’m currently working on making a tasty lunch and finishing up a client proposal before jetting off to my second interview.

It’s great to be able to get out there in the world – away from the computer, because lets face it if the computer is not an aid or tool to face to face interactions with people, one starts to think “whats the point?” Computers can also suck the life out of you if you let them. No thank you! 🙂

Other than that, I thought I was going to a movie screening tonight. oops, got the wrong date. So my evening is suddenly free. That is always a nice treat.

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New Glasses!

I picked up my new glasses yesterday!

It’s always a bit tricky with glasses. You have to find an angle where the lenses don’t have a major glare. (Thus, I’m not looking at the camera.)

It’s so funny. I tried to post this picture earlier today and I got everything set, clicked “insert to post” and nothing happened!

I kept getting a WordPress error.  Turns out, WordPress had a major issue with their back-end code or server or something and they had to put all sites in “read-only mode”.  So one minute I was able to click away and the next minute, nothing. It made me feel like I broke WordPress for everyone.

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If you are looking for my online footprint, chances are it is quite small as debwa.  As friends and family know, I got married just short of 4 months ago, so as my last name changed, so did all of my online handles and addresses.

For a much more robust history, try googling “debauslaugh”

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