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Busy Day!

Two interviews today. The morning interview was very interesting. Enjoyed the individuals I was able to chat with.

I’m currently working on making a tasty lunch and finishing up a client proposal before jetting off to my second interview.

It’s great to be able to get out there in the world – away from the computer, because lets face it if the computer is not an aid or tool to face to face interactions with people, one starts to think “whats the point?” Computers can also suck the life out of you if you let them. No thank you! 🙂

Other than that, I thought I was going to a movie screening tonight. oops, got the wrong date. So my evening is suddenly free. That is always a nice treat.

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I Learned

Today at work, I learned how to edit audio clips. I kind of already knew the basic idea because of a cd I made for my nieces, but now I know how to do it with the sound clips and the software I have on my work computer. Everyone kept telling me, “Oh, that’s easy!” and they were right, it is. But I still think it is fun to learn something new.

I watched the Fringe yesterday. I missed the first 10 minutes because I forgot about how central time works with tv shows. I practically missed the next 30 minutes because I was trying to get my antenna to pick up the signal and have a clearer picture. Over all, it seemed ok, but I did miss a good 40 minutes out of about 90. Maybe I will catch the encore on Sunday before I make up my mind.

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Love/Hate relationship

Somethings are fun. Somethings are not. Other things, are in between. Love and hate at the same time. That’s how I currently feel about Twitter. I am “this close” to saying “Meh. I’m out.”

I think it might rain. I look out the window and see some dark clouds. The sky most certainly does not have its typical sunny, 4:30 Texas afternoon glare. Bad for fireworks, good for grass. If it comes now and leaves by 9, in the end, it’s good for fireworks too. Fire prevention from the sky is helpful. Ooooo. I just heard thunder!

Which means I should unplug the computer.

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I'm back!

Sweet! I just drove down to fedex and picked up my computer. (I was not here this morning when they tried to deliver it and I really wanted it today).

SO, for the next while I have internet service.

Everyone in my house is spliting the internet with the tenats below us. They will move in a few months but until then, I have the world wide web at my finger tips!
(oh man, now I just have to remember to do my homework).

And to top it all off, I just got my copy of the office suite in the mail today.


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And one more thing

My computer has been shipped back to me so hopefully come monday, I will have it and it will work without randomly turning off.

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Sad Day

Well friends, my computer is sick. I just got off the phone with Apple (three cheers for calling them one minute before the phone lines open, hanging up and hitting redial…no time on hold). They are sending a box to pick it up.

For no reason at all it randomly decides to shut down. When it “sleeps” it won’t turn back on. When it is off and I try to turn it on, the thing starts up for a second and immediately shuts off. The only way to start the computer is to hold down the on button, which will get it running, but beep really loudly. And if it finally turns on, chances are the fan in the computer will run loudly for an extremely long time.

Sad day. It will probably be at least 10 days before I get it back.

Which means…limited internet access. SO, it may be a bit of time before I am back blogging.

Until then, I will work diligently on my studies.


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Computer Update

Ok, so honestly, I have to say that I feel just a small bit cooler now that I have a mac book. It just looks so rad!

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My computer is here!

That’s right folks, I now belong to the apple club. Mitchell, You will be pleased to know that I now own a mac book. And while I still will make use of my dell desktop, I am totally stoked to convert to mac. (John, thanks for the help picking a computer, Lance, thanks for the assistance ordering it)

With that said, I will now have much better access to the internet and can finally post some pictures from my cross country road trip. Stay tuned.

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Free coffee

Can a weekend be any odder than this?

I should start by saying this has been an all around stressful week. A computer at work was not working, we got a new one, old printers did not plug in to the new computer. Mass ridiculousness.

Then on Friday morning, on my way to work, I stopped to get a coffee. In the drive through line, I was getting really frustrated with the guy in front of me. He kept not pulling his truck up all the way. I just wanted to pull up, put my car in park and wait until the next car drove away. (I hate sitting with my foot on the brake). By the time I got to order I was so annoyed!!! Then turns out the guy in front of me likes to do these “random acts of kindness”. My coffee was paid for.

I felt like a jerk! I thanked the Lord, asked for forgiveness for my attitude and said, “today is going to be a great day.” That free coffee was the highlight of the day. Though my attitude was better, it all went down hill from there.

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Music & Color

Did you ever see Fantasia? I did, in the theater when it was re-released.

Often when I am listening to music, I close my eyes (not when I am driving) and picture “fantasia-esq” visual accompaniment to the music. It can be what I would imagine as the music video for that song, random color, or even cartoons that match the music.

As most of you probably know, when you listen to music on the computer, you can turn on the “visualizer” and it plays color on your screen matched to the music.

itunes has a pretty good one and I have just spent over 30 minutes listening and watching this. Very Relaxing! Try it some time. Its kind of like watching a campfire.

I would have to say I like watching the Jazz songs best because there is such an obvious result when the horns or drums burst onto the screen.

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