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Frosty Cash is here to Stay!

I decided to name my new ipod “Frosty Cash” (my pirate name) Thought it was a good name as I purchased the ipod right in the same time period I celebrated my first Talk like a Pirate Day. I just hope it is not considered “egotistical” to name one’s ipod after one’s own pirate name.

I love it already!!!!!!

Currently I am listening to the “Stress Melter” playlist and the Benidictine monks are filling my ears with beautiful music. boy I really want to learn latin. I wonder if they teach that at Wheaton?


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iPod or Not

I am seriously considering purchasing an iPod. I have started to become annoyed with caring around all my cds. It takes so much time to figure out what I want to play. Or to put cds in my car, I have to put them in the trunk. Then I can’t change them while I am driving. Plus I look at my cds and I have so many good ones that I have not listened to in a long time. I am all about putting in a mixture of cds or a certain genre that matches my current mood and selecting: shuffle all, repeat.

I am guessing a 20 GB one will be just fine for me. They seem to be much cheaper on e-bay. Is there any advantage to buying a new one? Any suggestions on what I should do?

It would definitely be an investment, but so many advantages, it easy to rationalize. I haven’t even owned a portable player or radio since the days of the cassette walkman.

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