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I’m working on a iMovie. My friend Lisa (who I asked you to pray for) was unable to attend our wedding. The day of, one of my house party members took about 30 minutes of film for Lisa of the event and different individuals saying hello. I now have copies of the video files and am attempting to put them all together and burn them to DVD.  We’ll see how that goes.

I might have to upload a few clips here.



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This evening I played the role of Sherlock

For several months now, I have been loving my Macbook. The biggest drawback is that I do not have a printer for it. I do have a dell printer that works on my PC, but Dell does not create drivers for Mac OS X operating systems.

Tonight I decided to dedicate some time to figuring this out and I made some interesting discoveries. First, my Printer is a Dell 720, (so supposedly, I can only order ink from Dell). BUT I just found out that it is really a Lexmark Z600! Lexmark made it, sold it to Dell, then Dell sells it (or in my case gives it with a computer purchase) to unsuspecting customers.

I was able to get on Lexmark’s website and download what appeared to be a driver for my Z600 for Mac OS X. It downloaded and I clicked on it and installed something…but I am still not quite sure how to get my printer to work. When I go to add printer, it will not find the driver that I supposedly just downloaded. So Sherlock is in need of some help from Watson (or perhaps I am Watson and you out there in Internet land are Sherlock holding the final key to this printer driver mystery).

Any suggestions?

A step forward in my quest for a driver….Oh to be able to print directly from my mac without transfering documents via thumb drive to my desktop…Is that too small to ask.

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I'm back!

Sweet! I just drove down to fedex and picked up my computer. (I was not here this morning when they tried to deliver it and I really wanted it today).

SO, for the next while I have internet service.

Everyone in my house is spliting the internet with the tenats below us. They will move in a few months but until then, I have the world wide web at my finger tips!
(oh man, now I just have to remember to do my homework).

And to top it all off, I just got my copy of the office suite in the mail today.


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Sad Day

Well friends, my computer is sick. I just got off the phone with Apple (three cheers for calling them one minute before the phone lines open, hanging up and hitting redial…no time on hold). They are sending a box to pick it up.

For no reason at all it randomly decides to shut down. When it “sleeps” it won’t turn back on. When it is off and I try to turn it on, the thing starts up for a second and immediately shuts off. The only way to start the computer is to hold down the on button, which will get it running, but beep really loudly. And if it finally turns on, chances are the fan in the computer will run loudly for an extremely long time.

Sad day. It will probably be at least 10 days before I get it back.

Which means…limited internet access. SO, it may be a bit of time before I am back blogging.

Until then, I will work diligently on my studies.


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Computer Update

Ok, so honestly, I have to say that I feel just a small bit cooler now that I have a mac book. It just looks so rad!

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My computer is here!

That’s right folks, I now belong to the apple club. Mitchell, You will be pleased to know that I now own a mac book. And while I still will make use of my dell desktop, I am totally stoked to convert to mac. (John, thanks for the help picking a computer, Lance, thanks for the assistance ordering it)

With that said, I will now have much better access to the internet and can finally post some pictures from my cross country road trip. Stay tuned.

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