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Relevant Podcast

Do you listen to the Relent podcast? Did you hear them mention my tweet?

So for the last several years, I’ve subscribed to the Relevant podcast and/or the print magazine.

And a just about two weeks ago, my favorite podcast mentioned my tweet (indirectly). To hear the podcast, check it out here.

About 1.5 minutes in, you will hear them mention this tweet.

It made my day.

And everything after the first minute and a half is worth a listen as well.


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If you are looking for my online footprint, chances are it is quite small as debwa.  As friends and family know, I got married just short of 4 months ago, so as my last name changed, so did all of my online handles and addresses.

For a much more robust history, try googling “debauslaugh”

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wow. burnout?

It’s been a while. I don’t know if I have had a longer ‘no post’ time in the last 5 years…

Not too much happening here. Or rather, too much happening here.

Lets see. Here’s a list of what’s been going on:

*Search for the Shake ended for 2010. We’ll pick it up again in 2011

*I’ve been playing lots of games, Settlers, Speed Scrabble, Ticket to Ride, Puerto Rico, and just learned a new one today Carcassonne. Oh, and I purchased ‘Bang!’ (a mafia type card game) on ebay.

*Got two new tires for the front wheels of my car.

*Enjoying the final season of LOST.

*My roomie & I planted a garden. Tomatoes, Jalapenos, Snow Peas, Dill, Chives, & Basil. (also strawberries, but no luck with them yet).

*Went to two Dallas Stars Games.  One happened to be an Oilers game, and we were 12 rows up from the glass.

*Started up the grill. Corn, broccoli, chicken, salmon, steak, hot links, brats, potatoes, green beans, kabobs, peppers. Yummy!

*Started a one month trial of Netflix. 2 weeks, four movies watched.

*A friend from Wa State came for a visit. We took a road trip to San Antonio.

*Saw the Alamo. (3/6/1836 – & 10 years later Texas became a state.)

*Said Friend from Wa State, myself, and my roomie went to see the Mariners play on 4/11. They got beat pretty badly, but it was fun to see them play during opening week.

*Also on 4/11 we celebrated “Happy to be Alive” day – the 27th anniversary of my open heart surgery.

*Tried Nutella.

*Accidentally left the sun roof of my car open just a crack all night – while it rained. I was fortunate to not have any water in the car the next morning.

*Learned that people like to talk about PB & J on facebook & twitter

*Learned I’m a “terrible tour guide” which resulted in a driving tour of my neighborhood and surrounding area.

*Stayed up way too late past my bed time on numerous occasions (tonight being a prime example)

*I’m sure there is more but because of the item right above this… I can’t remember. 🙂

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Why hello Saturday. You look lovely today.

Wow… I feel like it’s been forever since I posted. Just 12 days.

Quick Updates: The Shamrock Shake Revolution has 48 fans on facebook and about 30 follower on Twitter.  Thanks for the support and keep spreading the word.

Pennies for Debra hasn’t been counted for a while. Pretty sure it’s close to 6000, but now that the pennies are in a glass jar, it’s harder to keep an exact count.

Also – this weekend is the Seattle Mariners FanFest. I’m missing it, but wearing my m’s hat to show support. Only 18 days until pitchers and catcher report.  If the M’s go to the world series… I WILL do everything possible in my power to at least be in WA state for the series.  I’d love to catch a game.. but that would be more up in the air.  I HAVE to be home to watch the games with others who also love the Mariners.

What else… well, I cleaned my room today. It looks good. I created a “Saturday Cleaning” playlist. It’s a pretty good play list and I am basically sitting here listening waiting for it to finish. It’s so good, I don’t want to skip any songs and it’s been so long since I just sat and listened to music. *sigh* That. is what makes for a great Saturday afternoon.

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twitter time

Last month, I got a new phone. And a new phone plan (unlimited texting)!  My new phone has a QWERTY slideout keyboard.  Why, when such things like that exist on phones these days, should I waste my time learning how to text with the number pad? I shouldn’t. So I got the new plan and the new phone.

I have been loving texting. And tonight, I finally hooked up twitter to my phone.  I have tweets from family, a few friends, and all things Mariners go right to my phone via text. I LOVE it!  Oh yes, and the WFAAweather tweets. My phone gets those too.

Now, I just need to try and get to the Mariners game tomorrow – and hope that it does not have too long of a rain delay & tweet from the ballpark.  So excited! Go M’s!

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I <3 @therealmariners

So, did you know I like the Mariners?

Not like a little, but a lot.

Yeah, if you know me that a hard fact to miss.

I’ve been interacting with the Mariners on twitter (@therealmariners). They had a “social media happy hour” event on the 11th of August.  Obviously, I don’t live in the Pacific Northwest, so I could not go. But because of the twitter interactions and because the mariners are rad, they sent me a shirt from the event anyway!25480238_flipped

Here is a photo of me wearing the shirt. (side fun note- on the original picture the writing was backwards because I took the photo in the mirror. One of my tweeps fixed it for me).

I really enjoy twitter. I really enjoy the mariners. So it two very cool things put together. I’ve been on twitter since June of 08, so I have had a chance to learn how to use the tool a long time ago. Today I got to send a word of advice to the M’s how they could tweet a bit of info more efficiently. That was pretty rad to actually have a part in helping “my” team tweet better. I like them. They like me. It’s all a ton of fun!

Also, the reason the shirt says “I follow @hyphen18” is because Ryan Rowland-Smith (number 18) is also on twitter.

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lost? arg follow up

Ok, so a little over a week ago, I posted quite a bit about a LOST ARG that may or may not have started on twitter. 

Well, there is an ARG taking place, and it did have a connection to LOST, but its “unofficial” as it is fan made.  I hear it is a pretty complex puzzle and many have had fun playing. I stepped away from this ARG mostly due to time.  I have a day job, so I can’t play in the middle of the day.  I can’t play in the middle of the night either because I have to sleep so that I can go to my day job. 

But, if you are still interested in playing along, just search #simeonhobbes on twitter and you should be able to find the game.  

It was really fun to be a part of the beginnings of this game and I have to say, while I saw what happened with aplusk on twitter and the growth of his followers – I never thought I could gain over 200 followers in two-three days.  All because of LOST.  While reality has stuck now and followers are slowly unfollowing since I am not refraining from tweeting about unLOST related things, it was  an interesting “social experiment” of sorts.

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