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still thinking

I know it needs to be done (just like I need to do other things: call apple, get my computer fixed, find an apartment, etc) but a new blog….so overwhelming.

I am filling in for the front desk gal at work this week. It’s ok. No longer my cup of tea, but hey, it’s all part of team work.

Do you know what twitter is? Apparently it’s “cutting edge.” I twitter. I didn’t realize it was cutting edge. Apparently my work and the people I spend so much time with (co-worker) are those cutting edge technology type people (aka early adopters). I don’t think I am in the early adopter’s group (seriously, I don’t actually have texting let alone a new iphone) but does blogging for what will be 3 years on the 18th of this month count for anything?

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Love/Hate relationship

Somethings are fun. Somethings are not. Other things, are in between. Love and hate at the same time. That’s how I currently feel about Twitter. I am “this close” to saying “Meh. I’m out.”

I think it might rain. I look out the window and see some dark clouds. The sky most certainly does not have its typical sunny, 4:30 Texas afternoon glare. Bad for fireworks, good for grass. If it comes now and leaves by 9, in the end, it’s good for fireworks too. Fire prevention from the sky is helpful. Ooooo. I just heard thunder!

Which means I should unplug the computer.

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