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A prolonged Saturday?

Sometimes, it feels like we are living in the “Saturday.”

There was Friday (it was bitter, but good) and there was Sunday (we Know Christ is Risen) – but what do we do with right now?

He Lives. The Victory is won. But there is still pain; there is still sorrow in the World.

It feels like we know Friday happened, we know he promised to rise in three days. We know He fulfiled that promise and in fact did rise on that First Easter Morning. Now we are living in the “in-between” – in the light of his Promise to return again. A Saturday of sorts?

Waiting, with hope, for Sunday? He is coming back.

I don’t point out our current Saturday situation simply to reflect on the downtrodden and weary issues of the day. I say it  with a sense of wonder and hope; a sense of anticipation and excitement.

Easter reminds me how glorious it must have been to first discover the grave was empty.  And if the grave could not contain him – death has no power. In this Saturday, what do we have to fear?

With an empty grave and death losing its sting – I can’t help but hold a transfixed eye on the Savior who is Perfect Love.

There are no more powerful credentials he could present that that of keeping the first promise to rise.   One Marvelous day, we will once again see with our eyes, the Risen Lord.  His word is good. His promises hold strong.

It was Friday. It may be Saturday, but we Know – Sunday’s a Comin’.



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Joyful Weeping

Lisa’s memorial service was today. It was both very joyful & hopeful while also being sad.

I don’t think it’s sunk in yet for me. That there will be no more memories made with Lisa here on earth. It might not sink in that she is gone and just not moved geographically until it’s a few years out, when all of my friends and I grow older and my idea of Lisa is frozen in time.

The service was wonderful. Point blank asking what Lisa would ask of each of us. “What are you going to choose? In this moment of sadness, are you going to turn to God? Or are you going to turn from God?”

She was never shy about calling people out. Pointing out truth. In moments of sorrow, our hope is in turning to God.


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Northwestern Illinois University is less than 40 miles from here.

Another University shooting. It seems both surreal and expected at the same time. By expected, I mean that “random” shootings seem to occur at such an alarming rate that the volume of noise they create just becomes static to the listener. Each is equally as tragic, yet the volume of tragedy in the world is overwhelming.

The TV, the Radio, the noise…is there no rest? Is there no Peace? For a troubled humanity, peace can be found, but it is sought out it in lost places.

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” (john 1:5 – ESV)

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I think that I think, too much.

Everyone has a fatal flaw. Perhaps for this introspective introvert, the ultimate flaw is the ability to see it so clearly.

Still, I have confidence that even these mars and imperfections can be used for good. Redemption is promised.

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