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School Update

Remember that list of assignments I was working on? Especially the two with “pretend” due dates? Well items 1-4 have now been completed and turned in, BUT the two with pretend due dates did not get done before thanksgiving. (The procrastination monster got the best of me.) I got the research done for the large paper that I wrote on Saint Francis, yet I could not get myself to actually write the paper before I went to Dallas. In the end, it worked out ok. I wrote the paper this past Wednesday and it was due Thursday. So those who called me a “keener” [and you know who you are 😉 ] may need to rethink that label.

This morning I have the first page of my last essay due. I could not get myself to write it yesterday, too many other better things to do. One thing, I should note, is Watch the Seahawks WIN! So this morning I got up early and wrote the one page. Now I find myself with an hour where I could have been sleeping, but to fall back a sleep is probably impossible….oh well.

I did find out that one of my finals is canceled and that I got a good grade on my Luther paper. Both of those things were very encouraging.

Hey its only about 9 degrees out right now (-3 with windchill). I am loving the cold. Yes, it is a little annoying, but it is also very refreshing and invigorating. ok, off I go to figure out what to do with this extra hour in my day.



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Check another off the list

I got my Luther paper done and turned in. I think it turned out ok. It was a little too long.

Next I think I will work on reading Dante before I read the book by my Prof.

I also bought my tickets to fly to WA for Christmas today. Let me see…..I will have just shy of 20 days in Puyallup. What a nice long break. I am looking forward to it. Although…I wonder if I can get any of my text books for next semester to get a head start on reading assignments…Or maybe I’ll just read some “fun books.” I will have a couple of days after finals here so it will be nice to maybe hang out with people when we have our homework done. Perhaps I will finally get a chance to teach my roommates Settlers of Catan.

I hear there has been a lot of rain in the Pacific Northwest. Today we had a beautiful fall day. Sunshine and a high of about 65. Even had the sunroof down on the car for a while. Looks like it will be nice tomorrow as well, but then rainy Friday and cooling off for my b-day.


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I just learned that Martin Luther was born on November 10th, one day before me. That’s kind of cool.

This Friday, the 10th, a group of us are planning taking the train into downtown for dinner for my birthday. On Saturday, I will be celebrating my birthday by …..Doing Homework! YEAH! Why homework on my birthday? Because after my birthday there is only 12 days until I fly to Dallas for thanksgiving! YEAH!


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Luther is kind of hilarious

If you have not read any of Martin Luther’s sermons or treatises, I recommend them. Is he always correct? No. Is he humorous? YES!

He kind of goes on these tangents and rants and raves. In one particular treatise he is writing to the Christian Nobility of Germany. He is getting to the end but its like another thought pops in his head. He writes “The Universities, too, need a good, thorough reformation…..” Oh and by the way (Debra paraphrase) “The number of books on theology must be reduced and only the best ones published.” Who decides which are “the best ones?” Anyway, maybe you need to be reading it to enjoy it, but I find him funny.

In another section he makes some sarcastic comments and then refers to himself as the court jester.

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Next on the Docket

Ok, so now I am working on a paper about Martin Luther and his doctrine of 2 kingdoms and its eventual influence on political theory, specifically, the politics of Germany. So far it has been pretty interesting, but I still have a ridiculous amount of research to do. I can’t wait until Tuesday Night and this one is handed in. (that plus a one page paper for something another class due Monday).

We register for classes on Monday. I will be taking 2 additional credits for the first half of next semester, might be difficult to do, but in the long run, it will be worth it.

My classes will be:
World Christianity 19th Century
The Reformation—–REALLY looking forward to this class
Biblical Theology
Historiography (this is the 2 credit class – and it ends in March)


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Happy Reformation Day

(the anniversary of Martin Luther posting his 95 theses to the door at a church in Wittenberg in 1517)

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Ok, so I keep saying I have a lot of homework. Here is a little breakdown of my up coming papers:

1. Topic: John of Damascus
Length: Approximately 5 pages
Due: Tuesday 10-31-06
Presentation: Lead small discussion group
Status: Research done, just need to write it

2. Topic: Sermons of Martin Luther, as related to church & state/2 kingdoms
Length: Approximately 10 pages
Due: Tuesday 11-07-06
Presentation: 2-3 minutes
Status: Research started, need more sources

3. Topic: Book review, Book is 160 pages & written by my Professor/Program advisor
Length: Approximately 4 pages
Due: Tuesday 11-14-06—–“pretend due date” so that I don’t have homework on thanksgiving break-Actually Due 11/28
Presentation: none
Status: not started

4. Topic: Starting point Dante’s Paridiso, specific topic yet to be chosen
Length: Approximately 10 pages
Due: Tuesday 11-21-06—–“pretend due date” so that I don’t have homework on thanksgiving break-actually Due 11/30
Presentation: none
Status: not started

5. Topic: Starting point A book about Revivals in Canada/review of monograph
Length: Approximately 10 pages
Due: Monday 12-11-06
Presentation: none
Status: Have some sources

I also have a couple of 1 pages write ups due in the next month based on books I am reading/need to read
Definitely more academically challenging than undergrad.

OK, I need to get back to work. I hope it does not take me too long to write this John of Damascus paper…


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