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Please Pray for Lisa

A dear friend of mine is in desperate need of prayer. She has been fighting hard against a very aggressive tumor.  With surgery 2 years ago, it came back this summer.  We almost lost her on the operating table in September.

The Doctors fought hard for her, extending a surgery several hours longer than planned – getting a softball size tumor out, re-sectioning a portion of her aorta, it was a VERY difficult surgery.

Since that time, Lisa’s been living and fighting hard. She was to be part of my wedding, but due to a sudden emergency wasn’t able to make it. She’s been re-learning to walk and do everyday things.

Today we got word that the tumor is back, and I am a bit numb having to type such words, it will take a miraculous healing from the Lord.

Please join me in praying for Lisa.

Dear Jesus,

Healer of broken-bodies and hurting-hearts. Please comfort Lisa & her family during this time. Please free her from pain.

Lord we beg that you chose to show your miraculous healing power and cleanse this disease from Lisa’s body so that we might enjoy more time with her.  She is your beautiful daughter, full of life and encouragement, full of smiles and wise words. A person of strength.

Lord, ultimately we know your will is best, and to your will we submit.  We praise you in all things. We know that as much as I or anyone loves Lisa – You love her more.

I thank you Heavenly Father, for how you reign in all things.  And I thank you for how your glory is displayed in the life of Lisa and her family.



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I’m moving again. This time, I mean physically, not virtually.

Not sure where I am moving (though I am talking locally!) and I don’t know who I will be living with, but I turned in my written notice yesterday.

I need to be closer to work and to church. The commute (with its extended time and cost for gas) is killing me. While I have loved living by myself this last year and I found it very refreshing and renewing, I am coming to the conclusion that as many have said, it is not good to live alone. Humanity is created for community.

With roommates, I can save money – and move closer to my financial goals. With roommates, I can be pressed and challenged to be less consumed with ‘me’, to see the world in a different perspective from my own, and to seek Christ more whole heartily. With roommates, I trust God will grow my already expanding community, as well as give me more opportunities to build into the lives of those around me.

What a difference a week or two makes, from being adamant that I would sign a new lease here, to hearing several voices of wise counsel, reason, outside perspective, and love, I must admit to my being wrong. I often say “oh yes, I want what God wants, I am seeking his best in this situation.” Sometimes it’s tough to actually let go of my self-centered ideas to actual hear what he is in-fact telling me through other people. So in a quest and heart felt desire to seek God’s best- the adventure continues and as it goes, it changes course, sometimes quite unexpectedly.  Well, unexpectedly to me, that is.

Any prayers are greatly appreciated. And in two months, any helping hands – also much appreciated.

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I guess Hurricane Ike is on its way toward Texas. It is a Cat 4 and may even be a tropical storm still when it gets to DFW. I was thinking about Ike today. I was thinking about how people talk about prayer and storms in the same sentence. I understand praying for safety and not too much destruction, but can you pray for it not to hit? Isn’t that the same as praying for it to destroy somewhere else, hurt other people? It’s kind of like praying for you team to win; inherently, you are praying for the other team to lose. Praying for Ike not to hit your home town means praying that Ike hits the town down the way. I was just thinking about this today…


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thats just the way it goes

So we are now two weeks into the school semester. I finally had a chance to sit down and write all of my major assignment due dates on a calendar along with other major things going on in the next few months. It will be a tight squeeze, but I think doable.

On other things, if you happen to think of me, please be praying that I can get some insurance stuff straightened out regarding my summer appointments. As a student, medical insurance is limited and I have filled out some additional paperwork to cover costs, but I think the entire “pre-existing condition” thing might be a problem in this specific scenario. So, please be praying that the proper paperwork is completed and the insurance company picks up the bill. If that doesn’t happen, that the UofW & I can work something out to cover the bill.

I was able to have some previous charges, uhm…forgiven for lack of a better word, so perhaps I will need to go through that process again. I am not super worried as God is sovereign no matter what the outcome will be (and thats just the way it goes), but your prayers are appreciated.

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Thank you

For all those who read the previous post and prayed for me yesterday, Thank you! Moving went pretty well. We had enough helpers show up to help us move, especially all of our heavy furniture. There were very few snags (the big one being my wardrobe that in the fall, my parents & I built into my room. We could get it out of the room, but not down the stairs. I had to take it apart).

Though by the end I was completely exhausted, I was able to take about a 2.5 hour nap and we will continue in the cleaning the old house/setting up the new house today.

More importantly, the phone call went well. As tired as I was, I knew there was a small army of people praying. (I probably received about 15 emails related to people just wanting me to know they were praying and I know there were many more beyond that). Though the phone call was difficult, I really think both parties were honest and able to communicate clearly. I know on my end of the conversation, there were a couple of times when it was the Lord’s words were coming out of my mouth instead of anything I was trying to say. SO there ya have it. Again, THANK YOU and PRAISE the LORD!

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Please Pray

If you happen to be reading this today, your prayers would be greatly appreciated. It is 1:30 am and I am supposed to be fast asleep. Later today (I am planning on getting up at 5:45 am) my roommates and I are moving. In addition to that, I have a very important phone call happening in the evening. Probably not the best activity on a day that I will be very tired, but your prayers are requested.

Regarding moving, Please pray that we have enough helpers show up and that it goes quick and smoothly. And that after moving, my roomies and I have the energy to clean our current home.

Second, please pray that I will have strength and energy for the phone call. That the conversation would be pleasing to the Lord and that any confusion would be avoided. Clear communication is a necessity in this case.

Thanks, And now I am off to hopefully fall asleep. (the anticipation of the phone call is keeping me awake).

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West Wing Watcher Welcomes you.

It has been pretty busy the last few days at work. Typically when you leave town for a week, you know you are going to be gone and prepare for it in advance. This time around, I had no advance warning; so catching back up has been harder than normal.

After tomorrow, I only have 17 weeks left of work. Wow! Time is going fast.

Oh, and the other day, West Wing was not on Bravo as I expected so now I have missed the most recent 2 episodes. The finale is May 14, so there must only be about 6 left.

My parents & brother should now be on their way home from Edmonton. I have a theory that because I posted comments on the “pray for Tim” blog and signed in as myself, I may have more readers of my blog now. If you are a new reader, a Hardy Hello to you!

If you are a new reader because you were on the blog regarding my brother, an even Hardier Thank you for your prayers for him!


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Tim update

Hey, thanks for your continued prayers. There is now a blog that will be updating info on Tim.


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Please Pray For Tim

Most may already know this, but my younger brother Tim collapsed today in Edmonton. We don’t know much, but it appears that he has blood on his brain. He was able to answer a few of the doctors questions so we will see….

Right now my parents are flying to Edmonton. After we learn more, there is a chance my other brother & I will be flying up too.

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