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Pretty in Pink (or at least I would have been)

A dear friend of mine was getting married in Portland. Because of the importance of this wedding, I invested time prior to the trip to find the most amazing outfit to wear. While looking for a sweater to spruce up an older dress, I came across the most amazing, cute, affordable, pretty dress I have ever seen. I don’t typically buy dresses, but this one was incredible.

And to top it off, I found the perfect pair of matching shoes.

We got ready for the wedding at my parents house, me wearing the dress, and set out for the three hour trip to Portland.

Two hours into our trip, we stopped at a rest stop to take a quick break and switch drivers. As I got back into the vehicle, I noticed that my slightly snug dress was less snug than it was a second ago. I did not hear it rip, but fear still gripped me as I turned around for my mom to look at it. The nylon zipper had pulled apart! Not just a little, and not just “slide the zipper down past the breakage point and it will fix itself.” NO the entire length of the back of the dress had split open along the zipper. After several minutes trying to fix it, and even fearing that we would have to rip the dress so I could get out of it, the zipper completely separated from one side of the dress. Here we were, 40 minutes to our destination with the wedding starting in jus t under 2 hours, and I no longer had anything to wear but some ratty old clothes I brought for the ride home.

It was all so surreal. Does this really happen to people in real life? I mean seriously, I can see it as a scene in a movie, but in real life??? Apparently, in my life, it does.

After several panicked phone calls to friends who had computer access, we located some outlet stores near our final destination. If there was ever a fashion emergency, this was it. We arrived at the stores and it was “go” time power-shopping like I had never done before! I went to 3 stores, tried on two shirts, one dress, one pair of pants, all within 30 minutes. Upon entering each store, we cut off the employee from their typical “what’s on sale” spiel to say, “look, I am an hour away from a wedding and my dress just broke, what do you have?”

I had people pulling things off the rack for me, creating possible outfit options, even telling me to check the store down the way because as much as they wanted my business, they all wanted me to find a perfect replacement outfit as fast as possible. I had one lady come track me down in a different store because after I left they found the “perfect dress.” I was heading into the changing room to so my mom ran interference for me and headed back to the old store to check out the dress. After going to Van Heusen, Liz Claiborne, Dress barn, I finally found what would work at the Gap.

I snagged a pair of dark blue jeans and turned around to find a lovely brown sweater. After putting them on in the fitting room, I made a decision that “this was it” knowing that in a west coast wedding, a decent pair of jeans would be acceptable. Because of our hurry, I walked quickly to the register, ripping off tags and size stickers as I went. We handed the tags over, paid, and I walked out of the store wearing the new outfit.

We made it to the wedding on time and at the end of the night, I was kind of thankful that I got to wear comfy jeans rather than a dress, even if the dress was amazing.


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So I am in Washington with very limited internet access, so I will make this quick. It has been a great trip so far. There have been some hilarious, even unbelievable “movie-esque” type stories which I will share at a future date.

A dear friend got married yesterday evening and it was a lovely occasion. I have seen tons of friends and had a chance to catch up with people I have not seen in years.

And to top of today, the clouds cleared just enough for me to be able to see Mount Rainier.

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33 hours until take off

I am taking a quick trip to the Pacific Northwest and my plane takes off in 33 hours. Between now and then, I will work one full day, get the keys to my new apartment, and start setting up my kitchen.

I have been packing like a maniac tonight. One suitcase for the trip, one small bag for the apartment, as well as boxes to be taken over tomorrow, and now I am sitting here waiting for the dyer to finish up so I can stick my one load in tonight. Its all the clothes for my trip. SO, I may be getting up early tomorrow to pack some more. I am fading now so I don’t think I will wait up until this load is also done drying.

after I get back, (really late sunday) I have a full work week and then I move everything else on saturday. It should be interesting. I hope I don’t get too run down and get sick. Yuck!

Just went to look for a spiral notebook so I can do some writing while I travel and I ran across my pro/con list for moving from January. I am glad the pro list for moving to Texas won (even though the other two options actually had more pros).

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Things I am looking forward to

If you are wondering if I fell off the face of the earth again, I have not. It has been an exhausting couple of weeks. Whatever it is about the 40 hr work week wears me out! With a commute that I wish was shorter, I get home at the end of the day, eat a fantastic dinner (much thanks to Katie) and then zone out or go to sleep or (in the case of the last few days) watch the Olympics. That being said, this should change in the next few weeks.

Things I am looking forward to:
1. Moving closer to work and church. I am currently looking for an apartment.
2. Getting a new hair cut. I have an appointment set for early September
3. Getting new glasses. Only because mine broke on Monday and the temporary fix is driving me nuts. I have an apt tomorrow.
4. Going to Washington for the first time in over 14 months. I will be back for a very quick trip in early October.
5. Attending a dear friend’s wedding in Portland during my trip home.

I think that’s it.


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Reunion Review

I have mostly recovered (after sleeping about 23 hours) and wanted to follow up on the happenings at the Reunion.

First, the mouse which stared in the movies below, thankfully did not have any family members show up.

Also, we had a great time playing Putt Putt with one insane hole that included a huge jump with no one landing on the green several yards away. Brent got the ball in the hole in 4 (everyone else got the limit of 8 strokes) only because of a lucky chip in. Yes, we have photos of us using our putters on the grass, it was our only option.

We celebrated my Grandma’s birthday (I don’t think she is shy about her age, so I will just state it, 80). Unbeknownst to most in attendance of the surprise birthday party, there was an additional surprise in store. One of my Aunts did some hard work, some research, and some letter writing to come up with the best birthday gift ever. My grandma got her honorary high school diploma. Many years ago, she had to drop out after her mother died and there were younger sisters to take care of. Here is a photo of her Graduation Day.

Here is almost of the entire clan. We were missing 3 cousins and two cousin-in-laws.


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So Tired

We got back at 4:30 Sunday Morning (after driving 19 hours). I still have not yet recovered. I don’t know if it is the heat, the fact that I am so tired, the cold air of the A/C, congestion of sinuses due to a high pollen count, or a combination of all of the above, but I have not been feeling to great.

With a headache, stuffy nose, upset tummy, and achy hands and legs, I may be getting sick. I have tons of people I need to call and email and such, but it might be a day or two before I get back to y’all. (my deepest apologies.) I am about to go to bed (and its only 7:30). For so many reasons, its a bummer to be feeling lousy, but one additional reason is that the M’s are playing TX right now so the game is on TV. But I am going to miss it, since I am now done for the day.

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Family Reunion

Well, we are in Ohio at a family reunion. Surprisingly, here in the middle of Amish country, we have a wifi connection (there is someone out there who may be a click away from being banished).

So far some highlights are as follows:

Arriving to the reunion 8 hours too early and spending some of that extra time parked in a random parking lot so we can sleep.
Playing our new game “Amish, Not Amish” (similar to Grover and his “near, far” game)
Finding that our cabin is infested with mice.
An Amish Traffic Jam

Part 1

Part 2


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I am going on vacation. I have not been to a family vacation or family reunion since 2001. There have been a few that I missed just because I was a student and the summer was my only time to make money. There have been other times I missed (like christmas this year) when I just did not have enough money to go home. While I am not going home, I am excited to see some of my family that I haven’t seen in years. AND some of my immediate family that I have not seen since last July.

I will be heading to Amish country so probably no internet access. Most likely you won’t hear from me until I get back, but in the mean time, GO SEE THE DARK KNIGHT! It’s incredible.

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The Countdown(s)

12 days! Until The Dark Knight comes out!!!! (I saw a movie this weekend and they showed a trailer for TDK. I have seen it before, but it was fantastic on the big screen.)

13 days! Until I get to go to Ohio! (assuming we leave saturday morning and not friday night)

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Well, after much consideration, no London trip this time around for me. Thank you all for your prayers. Thanks to those that were willing to support me financially. Any gifts received will be return to the giver. I hope that I can do something like this in the relatively “near” future, but for now for so many reasons, it just didn’t seem to be best.

Other than that: Yep! The M’s won last night! Unfortunately for me, it seems only 1 of the 4 game series with Texas will be on any television channel that we are able to view. But at the same time as saying that, one is better than none.

Now that I have watched a couple of episodes from Season 2 of LOST, all I have to say is WHAT!?!?!!? This show (as I expected) is getting crazier. It is extremely entertaining and I like shows that keep me guessing or make me try and figure them out as it goes.

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