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Ok, so I am still thinking about it. We had a meeting at church today. Its all pretty up in the air (to me) with the biggest obstacle being the cost.

One thing I did learn is that the most expensive part it the plane ticket. BUT, it is possible to get that via air miles even if it means individuals flying to Heathrow by themselves and then meeting up. For me, I only have about 13,000 miles earned and with an airline that does not specifically fly to Heathrow (although their partner companies do). One thing I have found out is that it is possible to gift airline miles to other people. So, my next questions is “Does anyone know someone who has a ridicules amount of airline miles earned up so that they will never use it all?” I know some people out there travel a ton for business and earn more miles than they know what to do with. If that’s you and you would be willing to possibly donate some miles for a missions trip, let me know in the next couple of days. I have to decided soon.

Again, email me (if you need my email click on “view my profile” and there will be a link to my email).

Comments, thoughts, ideas, prayers are all welcome as well.

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So it has been brought up…

I was talking with someone and it was pointed out that perhaps some would want to financially support the trip to the uk, but they wouldn’t know how to send it to me. Well, I can’t post my address on this blog, but you can now click (over on the right) to “view my profile.”

Once you do this, look on the right of the page. A few lines under my photo, there is a link to email me. If you want, email me and I can send you my address.

If you want to do it anonymously (so that I don’t know) then just send it to My older brother’s house or email him for more specific info of where to send it.

If you don’t know my brother and you can’t figure any other way how to send it (especially if you don’t want me to know) send it to First Baptist Church of McKinney.

Please forgive me if you are annoyed at this very practical, but perhaps slightly presumptuous, post but I could not figure out how to follow up my previous post without simply being straight forward.

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Castle Combe

When I went to England last May, we visited a small village called Castle Combe in Wiltshire. Other than hiking in the welsh mountains, Castle Combe was probably my favorite place. It is a small 14th century town.

The day was wonderful. First we visited Bath, home of Jane Austin (at one point in her life even though she did not really like Bath). Here’s Jane & I:

On the way back to our hotel, we stopped at Castle Combe. We had to walk down from the parking lot because cars were not allowed. It was so picturesque that I have 4 of my photos from Castle Combe blown up and framed. They now hang on my wall. I even gave some of the pictures away as gifts (which is why I have not, and will not post those particular pictures on here). In fact, Castle Combe was the inspiration for returning from England and giving family members pictures I took as gifts.

Here are a couple of photos that were not as good, but they give you a taste. The first is the main street of the village.

The second is the manor home.

The third I call “the party tree” some of you will understand. If not (as with most things in life) refer back to Tolkien.

Some day I am going back. I am going to stay in the Manor home that is down the way from the village. It has been turned into a hotel, with an incredible English garden.

Well all this to say that I watched “Stardust” last night. Its a fantasy movie and one of the towns is a place called “Wall” it only took a handful of seconds for the character to be walking through Wall and I thought, (then stated) “That looks like Castle Combe” Later I checked, sure enough, it was! Castle Combe was also used back in the day for the filming of the Original Dr. Dolittle

Some day I am going back. I am going to stay in the Manor home that has been turned into a hotel.


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Me, in Colorado

Here are some photos from the last couple of days…

One of the Reservoirs at Pikes Peak

Pikes Peak is 14,110 feet above sea level. On a good weather day, you can drive to the top. We had to stop at Glen Cove which is 11425 feet up.

These are pictures of “The Garden of the Gods”

When we drove through the Garden of the Gods, the sun had already set, but with the moon out, I thought it made for a couple of cool pictures.

And here is one of me at the Garden of the Gods

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up, Up, and AWAY!

I am off. (well, in 6.5 hours, I am getting picked up to head off) Tomorrow …I mean later today, I am flying to Colorado to visit some friends and check out the area. I also (super exciting!!!) have a job interview on Monday morning there, so if you think of it, I would appreciate your prayers. 10 am Mountain time. Its an “history” type job in a fantastic para-church organization. (If you remember, the one I mentioned briefly in a mid august post, when I initially applied for the job.) Perhaps I will share more later…

I am taking some study material for the plane ride (comps do not disappear even as I enjoy fall break).

Also, I got my “Moses 2.0” paper back. (that is “Jesus as the New Moses as presented in Matthew”) I was very pleased with the grade so, yeah, very encouraging.

Oh, and Yes, I did finish the 455 page book, wrote a summary/write up on it in time for the group study session. Comps…one week from today! Sweet!

alright, Later.


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Wedding time!

Ok, so I am now back in Chi-town. Sorry to those who I was not able to see! IT was a crazy busy which was fun, but sad that I could not hang out with everyone 😦

My cardiology appointments went well; I got new glasses; hung out a bit with my super cute nieces; participated in a fun wedding; wore the tallest shoes I have ever worn in my life; and got to sing on the worship team at church. Not to mention seeing an aunt & uncle, grandparents and a cousin that I have not seen in years.

Here are a couple of photos from the wedding day. My uncle took a few with my camera since I was busy all day being in the wedding, but I haven’t put those on my computer yet. SO, these are from a few my Sister-in-law took.

It was a bit rainey on the day of the wedding so we were fortunate that the matron of Honor purchased 5 pink umbrellas just in case. They ended up being great accessories.

The Wedding Party

My Family

Here is a fun one of my dad. They took a series of photos of him doing “singing in the rain” but this one reminds me of a Norman Rockwell painting.

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Internet? At my house? WOW!

So we have Internet access now…and oddly enough, cable. Although I still type this while at work, eating lunch.

I went to Holland MI this last weekend to attend a Taylor UC friend’s wedding. It was wonderful to see everyone and getting to celebrate their marriage.

The train ride was awesome. Picture this…Flying down the tracks, on a great American train ride, while listening to music from Driving Miss Daisy. I don’t know much, but I do know how to make some pretty stellar play lists. My “driving” (or in this case train riding) music selection is fantastic.

Now I am back at the normal schedule for a week and a half before I head back to P-town for the wedding. Counting down…only 6 days of work left. I can’t wait to see everyone. My schedule is pretty jam packed…two days of Dr. appts in Seattle, one eye doctor visit, one day spend for the wedding, one rehearsal and dinner, one family BBQ, one Sunday morning at church…I think this leaves me about 6 free minutes somewhere between the eye doctor visit and a family gathering 🙂 Anyway, lunch is almost over so see ya!

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Hopefully starting tomorrow, I will have internet at home! Although I am out of town for a few days. I am pretty excited because one of my Canadian friends is getting married, so I am taking a weekend trip out to the wedding. I can’t wait to see everyone. Should be a fun day and a half.

Other than that, Go M’s! Tuesday is the allstar game and I think we will have basic cable by then…maybe I can catch a few innings. At least I can listen to some of the festivities.

Have a great weekend.

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Yep, Its new

I finally changed the photo for my profile picture. The other one was about a year and a half old and I finally discovered a very simple way to change it. This particular photo is, like the last one, taken by me. It is on the top of a tower at Warwick Castle.

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Here are some more photos

Here are a couple of more photos from my UK trip. None of the photos on this post were taken by me. Our UK crew set up a site that we can share pictures with each other which is fantastic especially for group photos. You just can’t take a picture with 20 cameras each time.

This first picture makes me laugh so much. We were doing a “Smile big kids were in the dungeon” photo at Warwick castle. I have no idea what Paul is doing (tall man in the back).

In this one Aaron and Paul are pretending to preach at John Wesley’s church. Fortunately for us, we got several pictures of all the preachers-in-learning from our group posing as such prior to the little man running the place coming out and telling us we could not be at the pulpit.

This is the group of us who hiked on the first day in the Welsh mountains.

Here is a sign we saw on a church in Chester. We think it was on a door that was leading down to some type of cross or something.

This is our group at warwick castle. Unfortunately, Susan is not in the picture because she was taking the photo. Other than Susan, this picture has everyone one else from the trip.

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