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uhm. RAD!

So I just decided to click over to 630 ched to see if there was any new oilers news. clicked on “listen” because it said the sports show was on. Turns out they are playing a preseason game right now. So I clicked on the oilers website which brought me to a very surprising discover.

Live Oilers Game – streaming, online, for FREE! After some quick research, I guess it premiered earlier this year, but I never knew about it. So, here I am watching an oilers game. The NHL calls it Livewire and I believe any team can be watched. (you redwing fans, click here)

Also, again watched house and fringe tonight. Regarding Fringe, its not LOST, and its no ALIAS, but after three episodes, “I’m in.”


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Are we in a doughnut? (as any west wing fans know, this is code for the ‘r’ word – recession) wow…the stock market has been taking a beating.

Two things I heard recently that makes sense to me: In order to have a positive economy, it must be “growing,” percentages have to be up. Staying even is not an option, only upward growth counts. Kind of like the idea that track runners will continue to run faster and break records – this kind of economical growth (track time decrease) is not infinitely sustainable. Just as a track runner will never be able to run a at negative time, economy is going to stop increasing at some point…or at least I think this is the case. It cannot grow exponentially infinitely.

Second, I heard someone say, the stock market is like a game and in order to have winners you have to have losers. There is not a magic money making machine at the center of the market, if you make money, essentially, you are taking it out of someone else’s hands.

Anyway – I watched House and Fringe tonight. House – uhm, I am not as interested as I was in the past, but I am a little curious to see what happens with the friendship of Wilson and House.
Fringe – had to look away several times (same with House actually) as I am not one for blood and guts. This is a sci-fi show, which I appreciate and I think I am most looking forward to see how Dr. Bishop and his son’s relationship progresses.

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new phone

I just got a new cell phone because I have to give my old one back to work when I leave.

This new one is ridiculous!!!! It is so cool. It’s the new thin phone for sprint. I just viewed my blog on my cell phone! Technology blows me away.

Now I am off to watch House.


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3 bummers of various sizes

This evening I had three bummers.

The first and biggest was that on the way to my parent’s house, my nifty Jetta broke. Some belt completely shredded. It stunk really bad, I lost power steering, the battery light came on, and it started to overheat. Fortunately, I was fairly close to my parents house at that point, my cell phone worked and my parents called a mechanic friend who met us and toed the car to his shop which was really close by.

Hopefully the parts are not on back order and it is not too complicated. It sounds as if it might be a fairly “quick & cheep” fix all things considering. It had been starting a little rough lately and last week made some funny noises. I was even thinking to myself as I set off for my parent’s house “what would I do if this thing just broke all of a sudden.” Yeah, I will be looking in to an AAA membership especially as I will be moving to Chicago.

This made me late for the hockey game leading us to the second bummer, Calgary lost. No battle of Alberta.

The third bummer is that I was driving home (yeah for my parents loaning me a car!!!) and I thought House started at 9:00. Turns out tonight it was at 8:00 so I missed the entire episode.

All I can say is I hope tomorrow night is better.


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Go Calgary!

Just this once. If they beat Anaheim, it will be the Battle of Alberta.

Hmmm…I am thinking about making a small foil Stanley cup to set in my car with a fun “Go Oilers” sign.

Last night I did some more grilling. Steak & corn on the cob. The meat was average, but the Corn! Oh man was it tasty. So about 2 hours after dinner, I went outside got the still warm coals going and cooked another cob of corn just for a snack.

My roommate & I also watched “House” yesterday. We enjoy the program although occasionally, I have to look away as the medical stuff grosses me out. It is a two parter, they are airing the second half tonight. We really like that we don’t have to wait an entire week.

Well, Lunch is almost over so I better stop blogging.


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