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Tornado Warning

I got to “hide in my safe room” – well make that “safe cabinet” yesterday evening as the Tornado sirens sounded. I decided that one of my cabinets makes for the safest place in the house. It’s a big cabinet. It was only a little scary.

I don’t think there were any tornado’s that touched down in our area, though the same storm is responsible for tornadoes and a few deaths up in Oklahoma.

Other than that, life has been decent. Work is still extremely busy (It’s a quarter to 7 right now and I am about to head home. I’m taking some work with me to do while watching LOST). We had a HUGE meeting today at work as well. Check out the cool things that are happening at Pursuant!

I am also learning all sorts of new things at work. I hope to learn enough HTML to be able to put together my own blog – as far as the design and lay out go – maybe I’ll even be able to move over to and lose “blogspot” all together. That won’t be any time soon though.

I also am excited about how church has been going. This last Sunday I finally got matched up for a small group, so that starts this week and I am looking forward to actually having friends or knowing people at my church. Well, that’s not quite right, I do know some people who I also work with, but the church is pretty large so I do not usually see them.

Oh yes, and I am busy reading. Book 8 of the “Wheel of Time” series. I also picked up “Tolkien: Author of the Century” from the library but I fear I need to renew it. Because of a show I watch (LOST) and because I have regreted never taking physics, I am on physics kick. I am reading a biography on Galileo and as well as working through “Physics for Dummies”.

All that and no internet, thus the infrequent blog posts and one Very long one. I’m Impressed, you made it to the end of this post!

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Counting down

Last night I got to go to a Stars game with a group of people from work. This is the first NHL game I have been to in about 5 years and it was SO FUN!

I was rooting for the Red Wings because It is more beneficial for my Oilers if the Wings take the points. Unfortunately, the Stars won. BUT the game was great besides that out come. It ended 5-4 in overtime.

I call this post “counting down” because here a few things I am looking forward to:

2 Days until my parents and one of my brothers visit
8 Days until the return of LOST
32 Days until Pitchers & Catchers report
(and I guess I’ll toss this one in as well just for kicks.)
35 Days until the digital switch that I am now ready for happens


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Good, Evil, and In between?

I was spending some time thinking about the types of stories and tales I like. If you have known me for any length of time (or don’t know me buy regularly read this blog) its pretty obvious. I like stories with epic history. Stories of fantasy. Stories of the unbelievable. Stories of mystery.

Here is a short list of the stories I have been into:

The Chronicles of Narnia
Harry Potter
Pirates of the Caribbean
Lord of the Rings

I have also been known to enjoy StarTrek (specifically TNG) and a little Stargate SG-9 (come on! It has “Macgyver”)

Anyway, I digress. Something I have been thinking about it how good and evil is portrayed in these stories. Some have very distinct Good and Evil. Characters are on one side or the other. The “moral compass” of the story is very defined and unmovable. Others lean towards clear definition, but make use of the gray. Others have characters running around making “in between” decisions based on what ever seems right in that moment. There is some type of vague moral compass, but it is extremely hard to define. And still others are almost purposely completely undefined (or perhaps upside down) with all characters moving to the center, none completely good or innocent, none completely evil.

Lord of the Rings and Chronicles of Narnia fall into the first category. Good/Evil exist and each character is on one side or the other.

I think Harry Potter falls into the second group. There is a clear defined evil, but the “clear defined good” is less evident. Good characters are allowed to make sketchy moral choices for the “greater good.”

I would put LOST and Alias in the third category. We want to believe that there is definite good and evil, but when good characters make evil choices or evil characters make choices to help others, it is hard to hold firm to the idea that there is definition. In the end, there may be good and evil in these stories, but both sides are making decisions that not in line with the side each character is “committed” to.

Finally, I would put Pirates of the Caribbean in the last category. The premise of the story (Pirates – come on PIRATES – are “good”?) wants us to believe that questionable characters are the heroes. Throughout the three movies good characters become bad, bad characters become good, and then they don’t stay there, they switch again. This is done so often, all characters have moved to the same grey moral center where there is no longer definition. Can Davy Jones even be “evil?” He is simply a heartbroken man…and the excuses roll on.

So yeah, Its interesting that the two mythic stories by Christian authors are the two in the above example where good and evil are clearly defined. And in addition to that, in myth, if there is clear good and clear evil, is it not typical that the good will prevail? Arguably, they are two opposites, but not equal in strength. Good verses Evil, but in stories Good wins. Good is stronger. Yet, as clearly seen in LotR & CoN humanity is NOT the source of Good.

Anyway, I was just thinking about the similarities and differences in the stories I like. I am greatly encouraged that of all the stories, it is the clearly defined good that defeats the clearly defined and weaker evil that I like the best.
Don’t we all?

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Too much fun

So now I have to wait with everyone else until next January. So, did you watch? If so, did you catch it? Thanks to some live tv rewinding I did 🙂

It was the oddity of placement. That and a particular shape made me think …wait a minute… Octagon Global Recruiting Ah Yeah. If you don’t know what I am talking about, thats ok. I am guessing if you don’t – you don’t watch LOST. Its like a big mystery game.

“”. Its sponsored by the Dharma Initiative and rumor has it that the dates listed are the same time Comic-Con is in San Diego.

***Update. It turns out, if you post something about a VERY popular tv show right after the finale airs, you get a much higher hit count on your web site. In the last hour, my blog received more traffic than it typically does and the majority of the visits were from eastern and central time zones. Mountain & Pacific are still watching. Anyway, I just found it interesting.


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There is 30 minutes left in the LOST season 4 finale and all I can say is This is UNBELIEVABLE. (but I Love it!)

I did some reading the last few days and I guess the island was influenced by the computer game Myst. I was actually given Myst many years ago for my birthday and I can definitely see the influence.

Ok, back to the show. This is off the charts!

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*Sheepish Grin*

So, I did finish all of LOST season 4 in time for the season finale later tonight. I think there were only 12 episodes.

Now (due to too much coke while watching Caspian) it is 3:15 in the morning and I cannot fall asleep. Plus, I have a bit of a headache. bummer.

Regarding LOST: (SPOILER!!!) I have some ideas, some guesses as to what will happen (or did happen or may have happened already somewhere in the space time continuum and perhaps not yet else where on the continuum). I have running lists in my head, those who live & return (6), those who die, those how live and stay (5) and those who I just cant nail down yet.

The island, not defined by the land, but rather by the item at the Orchid, thus moving an island is different than it first appears.

Others – they don’t seem to age, ie. richard (again – time manipulation).

Dharma Initative – Created by Widmore?

Things I have no idea about:

I am extremely curious about: the numbers, the polar bears, and the contents of the log book from the Black Rock.

Things I think I am supposed to be curious about but am not: the “monster,” the Orchid, and Jacob.


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season 3

I just finished season 3 of LOST (yes, I still really like it!) So many questions!?!?! And one of my favorite character’s died on this episode. I knew it was coming (it was the one scene I saw this January when LOST came back on tv). Even though I knew, I still cried.

Now I am ready to move on to season 4. I believe season 4 started in January of ’08 so I am almost caught up to the rest of the LOST world. The season 4 finale is this Thursday, but I am not going to be able to watch it. I still have 13 episodes to go before I am ready for Thursdays episode. With all of them online, no need to rush it. Plus after I finish these 13, and then the finale, I will have to wait for the fall. What a bummer that will be! I am already dreading the season 4 finale with some type of major unanswered question with no next episode button to click.

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Not much to say

Other than I am very sad at the latest losing streak by my Mariners.

I have been to the pool a total of three times so far. (It is hot here.  I think close to 100 today.)
Work is going ok.  Learning new things is very overwhelming.  Today was the first day that our store was open (I trained at a different store).
I am now more than halfway through season 3 of LOST.
I finished Curtain.  Turns out, I read it along time ago.  I am now reading Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck.
I discovered that if I eat skittles at the same time as SweetTarts, it tastes like I am eating Chewy Spree.
This weekend is Memorial Day weekend, but I worked today and work the next 4 afternoons (well I think it might be the morning on Monday) so I am planning on making myself a little barbecue dinner Monday evening.
Today was my first payday at my new job, but I forgot to pick up my check.
And last but most definitely not least, a very dear friend of mine from Edmonton got engaged this week. YEAH!
I guess I did have something to say.

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We had weather in the 90’s today.  It was quite lovely and made for a nice afternoon at the pool.

There was also the fantastic news about the Mariners winning two games in a row.
I also finished season 2 and started season 3 of LOST this weekend.  “Down the Rabbit-Hole” the characters fall and all I can say is “curiouser and curiouser.”

I am also in the beginning pages of a Hercule Poirot adventure.  Actually, his last adventure, Curtain.

One of these days I am going to get my hands on more Dorothy Sayers’ Lord Peter Wimsey books.
What’s everyone else reading?

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watching LOST

I am watching LOST again.  Because of a combination of late work nights and bad weather (I have to unplug the computer when there are t-storms – which is often), I have not had a chance to watch LOST for the last handful of days.  Each episode gets more odd and makes me more curious.  I love it!  I am about 2/3 of the way through season 2.  I have been told that the end of season 2 is insane, so I can’t wait!

AHHH!  they just found a new Dharma facility…the others are coming RUN!  🙂
And one more thing, I vote to just stop pushing the button! (I hope that is the case at the end of 2)

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