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Are we in a doughnut? (as any west wing fans know, this is code for the ‘r’ word – recession) wow…the stock market has been taking a beating.

Two things I heard recently that makes sense to me: In order to have a positive economy, it must be “growing,” percentages have to be up. Staying even is not an option, only upward growth counts. Kind of like the idea that track runners will continue to run faster and break records – this kind of economical growth (track time decrease) is not infinitely sustainable. Just as a track runner will never be able to run a at negative time, economy is going to stop increasing at some point…or at least I think this is the case. It cannot grow exponentially infinitely.

Second, I heard someone say, the stock market is like a game and in order to have winners you have to have losers. There is not a magic money making machine at the center of the market, if you make money, essentially, you are taking it out of someone else’s hands.

Anyway – I watched House and Fringe tonight. House – uhm, I am not as interested as I was in the past, but I am a little curious to see what happens with the friendship of Wilson and House.
Fringe – had to look away several times (same with House actually) as I am not one for blood and guts. This is a sci-fi show, which I appreciate and I think I am most looking forward to see how Dr. Bishop and his son’s relationship progresses.

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Everyone's gone

Well, the holiday is almost here. Basically, almost everyone I know has left town. Which means….I get to park the car in the Garage!!!! Which is fantastic because we are supposed to get some yucky weather in the next few days. Today was quite warm, 48 degrees with fog, but tonight, the temperature is supposed to drop and some snow is on its way. Tomorrow, I will not have to scrape windows or brush off my car in order to get to church. YEAH!

Other than that, I have been packing. Most of my kitchen stuff is now packed (not counting food/pantry items). My desktop computer, most clothes, and all books are packed up. I don’t understand how I can have so many things packed (and even moved to my new place) but still have such a disorderly room.

I have also been watching a few movies. AND a wonderful thing happened today. Over the last several months (and by that I mean it must have been before May when I moved to this house because I remember this item missing then) I have been missing the first disc to my West Wing season 1. This means the first 8 episodes were “gone forever.” I looked everywhere I could think of. in fact, I even think at one point when I was home, I looked in all of my parents dvd cases and asked an old roommate if she had seen it.

Well, just yesterday someone asked if I was missing it because they found the first disc to ww, season 1 and did not know where it had come from. Because I own WW1, they asked me if it was mine. YEAH!!!!! So as of this morning, the disc is no longer missing.

You know what….I think I may just go watch it now.

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Game On

I am just about out the door to take comprehensive exams. Thanks for all of your prayers!

“Game On” is one of my favorite episodes of the West Wing. Its all about pressure, “go time” and being your absolute best when it counts.

In a wacky twisted view of the world, I would have to say I kind of live for moments like this (think SATs or if you have ever given a major speech). You walk onto the stage, the house lights dim. Your hands are a little clammy, heart beating a bit faster than normal. You fidget with your note cards. The spot light hits you. For a brief moment all knowledge escapes you. You breathe deep, open your mouth and Wow ’em.

That’s today. One part blood curling terror, One part “bring it.”

So with that pre-game analysis, Game On.

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What are you thinking about?



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Friday is here.

Well, I now have my housing figured out for Chicago! Signed the lease yesterday. It is such a relief for that to be taken care of. The final step is mailing in my deposit.

Also, just finished watch the Oilers beat the Sharks 3-6. Good game.

Yesterday was my half birthday. Now I am halfway to almost old.

I should get going. I have to clean my room…I should mop the bathroom floor as well. Last time I did that, I ended up slipping on the wet floor and hurting my knee really bad. It has been awhile, but I think I am scared to mop again.

Rats, the next Oilers game is at 7:00 my time on Sunday. I think I will have to miss the second period, as it is the Series Finale of the West Wing.

I am currently listening to 630 CHED Edmonton’s News/Oilers station. Sounds like the City is going crazy! Especially on Whyte Ave.

Ok, now I am going.

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Every week, I make a point of watching The West Wing. It seems that this causes each Sunday night to end on a sorrowful note. As the end draws nearer, I am sad that there are only a precious few episodes left. As the plot lines wind down, everything becomes neatly wrapped; characters prepare to “ride off into the sunset.” Their pretend futures are spoken of in small conversations.

A few of these characters will probably haunt me for the rest of my life.

Perhaps I am odd, but sometimes, characters from movies, television, and books stay with me. I always wonder, “What ever happened to them?” Maybe I am the only one who does that. Maybe not. Perhaps it is because they made me laugh, or cry, or think, or even possibly because I could not stand them. Whatever the reason, they remain in my head and somewhere down the road, something will remind me of them.

I envy the ability to create such characters. Maybe one day I too will finally pick up a pen and spill all of the characters I have thought up on to the page. Undoubtedly, my characters will have the remnants of some of my favorites, even maybe from The West Wing.

If you watched tonight, what an amazing reminder of the bittersweetness that life contains. Yes, I know it is just a TV show, but I love when media makes me think. A song, A movie, An invented character, though imagined, created, and brought to life, they often have a way of expressing reality better then we ourselves can even attempt.

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West Wing Watcher Welcomes you.

It has been pretty busy the last few days at work. Typically when you leave town for a week, you know you are going to be gone and prepare for it in advance. This time around, I had no advance warning; so catching back up has been harder than normal.

After tomorrow, I only have 17 weeks left of work. Wow! Time is going fast.

Oh, and the other day, West Wing was not on Bravo as I expected so now I have missed the most recent 2 episodes. The finale is May 14, so there must only be about 6 left.

My parents & brother should now be on their way home from Edmonton. I have a theory that because I posted comments on the “pray for Tim” blog and signed in as myself, I may have more readers of my blog now. If you are a new reader, a Hardy Hello to you!

If you are a new reader because you were on the blog regarding my brother, an even Hardier Thank you for your prayers for him!


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There must be more than 4 left

Ok, so I think that there must be more than 4 west wing episodes left. The Series Finale is on May 14. I read last night that yesterday’s episode was only number 13 and there are a total of 22 this season. Good!!! That means there are 9 left. It seemed too early in the TV season for there to only be 4 left.

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The West Wing

It is the beginning of the end. I will not give away any of the plot as I know some readers of this blog are currently watching old seasons, but I must make some comments.

First, after tonight’s episode, I am pleased that it looks like many plot lines and characters’ stories will be wrapped up by the end of the show. Some particular story lines have been since the first season, and I really think they will be ended in a way that will please the fans.

Also, I am looking forward to the many characters that will be returning before it is over. On this point, I will comment more when it actually happens. There is one particular character that was my favorite for 3 years and I know they are scheduled to make one finally stop. I cannot wait to see where the plot line leads.

Finally, I was saddened watching tonight, because I believe it was the last episode completed while John Spencer was still alive. I felt the sad, irony as the characters do not know they are about to lose Leo, and the actors are unaware that John will soon be gone.

It is with much anticipation and excitement that I await the final 4 episodes, yet, it is also bittersweet. I will miss this weekly pretend glimpse into the West Wing and even more so, the lives of characters I have come to love.

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West Wing

I only started watching The West Wing a few summers ago. The first episode I saw was a season finale and a suspenseful one at that. I thought it was a good show, but I had a lot of catching up to do.

That summer, I watched probably 2 old episodes a day on Bravo, so when fall came again, I knew the characters and loved the show.

In December, John Spencer (Leo McGarry on the show) passed away. Tonight was the first of about 5 episodes that had already been taped. It was sad to watch an episode that featured Leo. It is strikingly odd that in the world of TV land, characters are carefully planned. If someone “dies off” it is scripted.

In real life, it is not so carefully planned. Spencer’s unexpected death causes the world of TV to take a lesson from reality. This carefully written show must now try to fill a deeply felt void. ironic

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