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8 months

Yesterday was a remarkable day. As of yesterday, I’m married to a 40 year old! I LOVE this because it is so surreal. I’ve been living in bonus time long enough to be married to a 40 year old!

Also, it marked 8 months since heart surgery.  I’m feeling fabulous.

As a matter of fact, on Sunday, the people sitting next to us at church complimented me on my singing, at which point I became pretty embarrassed. Our church music is loud so I always assume I can sing at the top of my lungs and no one can actually hear me. Ha! But I write not for compliments on my voice (if you know me, I’m a choir kid, not a soloist.)  I’m telling you because I was wonderful to be able to tell them – “Hey! It’s a God thing! I had heart surgery. And with my improved heart function, God returned my ability to sing like I used to.” All to his glory.

Living and singing in Bonus Time. (and Loving it!)

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We moved!

It’s why I haven’t posted in a while. (Packing stuff, moving stuff, painting, and unpacking stuff takes a lot of time.)

Sadly, it’s late so I don’t have time to write much now – just wanted to let you know we actually moved to our new house.

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A day to relax.

The last few days, weeks, months have been a whirlwind.

From surgery and my mom being here, us deciding to move, to my in-laws visiting and helping us fix up the house. From the last week finishing up cleaning and to making sure we were out of the house the last 4 days – wow. Today we are “relaxing”.

Well – now that I’m home from my trek to the grocery store. Our fridge was barren. Last week we ate all the leftovers so I’d didn’t have to keep cooking and get our kitchen dirty. And this weekend, we ate out.

It’s 11:30. The baby is napping and the three year old is in the other room playing. (He is making his matchbox cars talk. One car is telling the other there is a surprise and the other car is guessing. Sonic? Nope. Mark & Liz’s house? Nope… I’m really curious what his make believe surprise will be.)

So for the moment I’m going to kick back and rest. Maybe watch The olympics. 

Uh oh – Z needs help. That was a nice five minutes. 🙂

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Week from tomorrow

Our house will be listed to sell a week from tomorrow.

All of the major work is done! (Hooray!)

We still have one big cleaning project and a few smaller projects to do so we can finish taking pictures for the listing, but it feels like we are finally close to being ready.

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Almost pain free

I’ve entered a more frustrating part of healing.

I’ve now gone over 24 hours without any pain meds. Thank you Lord!

However, this also makes it more difficult to remember to stick to my restrictions. 

I’m only 35. I’d rather not do something dumb, mess up my healing chest bone and then regret it for the rest of my life.

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Normal sleep

Well, almost. After almost two weeks of sleeping on hospital beds, couches, recliners, surrounded and propped up by pillows, last night I was able to sleep in my own bed, lay flat with just a pillow under my head. And it was glorious.

This best night of sleep yet was also assisted by the stepping down of some of my meds. Medicine affects my head pretty bad so when it comes to sleep, I get unrestful, crazy, intense, often violent, dreams.

Here are a few examples of my dreams:

*I was framed for murder.

*Booth & Bones (from the show bones) turned into blue cat people trying to solve a murder before the three of us were attacked

*Some friends were fishing with guns (instead of fishing polls) and then showed me a huge knife collection from China

*Another friend was driving us around in her car. Except I was in the driver seat and she was 2 rows back with hand controls. It was raining and she wasn’t paying attention so I had a front row view to multiple car accidents we were almost in. Then we got to her house only to have a swat team arrive.

*A drug cartel was hunting me down in a library.

These are just a few. There were several others that involved knives, trying to get a task done while running out of time, an inability to see, but you probably get the point. 

It was also probably my body trying to sort out pain and stress.

Last night … I don’t remember what I dreamed. And that too, is glorious.

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Here in Texas, it’s in the low 90s with a heat index making it feel close to 100.

Normal, “healthy”, pre-op Debra wouldn’t go outside much on a day like this. 

I know PNW friends, it’s hotter there right now, but if you don’t have AC, outside in the shade and hopefully breeze would be the place to be. Here in TX the shade is still hot, there isn’t really a helpful breeze, and we do have AC, so I stay inside.
However! While not my first time outside since surgery, before lunch it was my first time to put on something other than pajama pants and walk out front down the side walk. I count it a win. Short but just a first step. 


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