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Not sure how I missed this video

With my favorite song playing in the background.

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Wedding Planning – in the rear view mirror

I have recently started reading Live Simply Love (check out the blog, it’s great!) and in one of the blog posts Merritt writes about the craziness of wedding planning and how you get sucked into the ‘wedding planning vortex‘.

I was thinking about this and thought I’d share my take here.

We had 3.5 months to plan and (in part) thanks to a fantastic spreadsheet ‘someone’ gave me – we were able to hone in on the important details and cut out what was not important.

Plus we used the short timeline to our advantage, saying “sorry – we can’t do that – not enough time” when some individuals tried to pressure us to do this or that – items unwanted or not in the budget.

And while looking back there is one particular item I would have probably done differently / shelled out money for – mostly, I’m glad we saved money.

At the end of time – that one item does not define my husband & I – Christ defines us. And a marriage honoring him is infinitely more important than one wedding day disappointment.  (Full disclosure – 7 months in, this the truth I keep reminding myself with.  I’m still trying to let go of a small disappointment and cling to truth)


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I’m working on a iMovie. My friend Lisa (who I asked you to pray for) was unable to attend our wedding. The day of, one of my house party members took about 30 minutes of film for Lisa of the event and different individuals saying hello. I now have copies of the video files and am attempting to put them all together and burn them to DVD.  We’ll see how that goes.

I might have to upload a few clips here.


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2 months

so… the posts become more spread out. 🙂

Today, on our second month anniversary, I can happily report that thank you notes have all been written. *phew!*

Also, not sure if how much I’ve mentioned this, but at the end of last year, I transitioned to a new position at work. I’m now a Web Developer. It’s been a challenge (and occasionally, easy), but also fun.

This last week I’ve been making huge progress forward in learning and working with PHP. We had a training class (where I got 100% on the worksheet) and a practice project. The practice project is not completely done, but it did give me an opportunity to use “Pennies for Debra” as my ‘client’. (The current count by the way is 9252.)

Other than that, I’m busy looking forward to the Mariner’s baseball season starting. Less than a month until Pitchers and catchers report.

Lastly, no, I haven’t finished War & Peace yet. I did however start reading book 13 in the Wheel of Time series.

OH. one more thing – don’t forget the Shamrock Shake. It’s almost that season again. Please contact McDonalds and help us get the Shake in Texas.

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We’re Married!

So i’ve been gone for a while… 🙂

The wedding was so fun! It was beautiful. It was a whirlwind.

The honeymoon was wonderful – A week in Hawaii.

Now were elbow deep in boxes and packing material, pulling everything out of boxes. Getting rid of old kitchen stuff. Cooking food with new appliances and gadgets.

And with such generous friends and family, we have a huge stack thank you notes to write. and really, it’s almost disheartening to think that our small little thank you notes will even come close to expressing how thankful we are for our incredible friends and family.


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10! Can you believe it?

10 days to go!

and today is 11/10

I have a dentist appointment today. 🙂 ‘perfectly timed’ even though I had no clue 6 months ago when I scheduled the appointment.

(oh yeah, and tomorrow, I turn 30)

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it is coming

17 Days!  still a lot of details to be done.

Like – uhm – apply for a marriage license… kind of important 🙂

and before even that, it’s only 8 days until my birthday. 30th birthday at that.

I also have a couple bridal showers and a bachlorette party coming up in the next 2 weeks. Those will be fun!

Did you vote yesterday? I didn’t – but what I did do was vote in early voting last week.

Thats all.  my brain is pretty cluttered, so not a lot of fancy words or writing falling out onto the blog right now.

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