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Cement Patch Please

I discovered a down side to my favorite reason for being up here. Once again, I was fortunate enough to notice the large chunk of missing cement with my eyes, not my chair wheel.

Wednesday was a bit calmer than Tuesday. It went by pretty quick and I don’t really remember it so it must have been ok. As to be expected, both Thursday and Friday were quiet.

I decided Friday was the perfect day to try using a scooter for the first time. Apparently, the task is more difficult than it appears. On my first attempt, I inadvertently started to do a wheelie, which resulted in a near crash. The next several tries resulted in either a shaky scooter (which is impossible to have good balance on) or going so fast I could not turn. Fortunately, I was confined to a small space so my idea of “fast” is extremely relative. Also in the fortunate category, I quickly learned how to jump off to stop. Sweet. Thus concludes the five minute long event which will hereby be referred to as the “Great Scooter Olympics of 8-8-8.”

Will I be acquiring a scooter of my own any time soon? No. I think it would look one part silly and another part ridiculous to wear a helmet and knee and elbow pads while working at a desk job all because of the interoffice transportation.

The rest of those two days were as follows:

And I answered the phone. And I learned how to listen to voice mail. And I proofed a few sends. And I went home at three (on Friday, five on Thursday).

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Stories from the Front lines

***Qualifyer: the following post, as well as the next two, are from my work blog. They chronicle my time filling in at the front desk. It has been slightly edited for content***

As most know, I am filling in at the front desk for the week (and a couple of days next week, but who’s counting?). The following is an account of my first two days in exile.

Each day, I enjoy having so many people come visit me, but I do see through the “Hello Debra” façade, to the true, “I really just want chocolate” reality. That is perfectly ok with me. (*edit, please don’t complain about lack of chocolate selections. It is what it is.)

Day one started out with a scanner that would not scan, and then proceeded to a printer that would not print. Moving past the fact that the operator of said printer tried to print a page two that did not actually exist, these two technical problems were quickly resolved.

The telephone gracefully gave me an entire three hours before it decided to ring. During this time of peace, I inadvertently locked myself out of a needed program due entering an incorrect password too many times. Fortunately after a two-hour waiting period, this problem remedied itself and no harm was done. While waiting to be allowed back into the program, I only fielded one prank call (you know who you are!) as well as a accidental hang-up on one person. Again, my on again-off again good luck pulled through and the person I hung up on was a Pursuant employee, not a client.

Then we all went home, so ends day one.

Day two was busy. With the help of my fulfillment friends cranking out work, a personal best was set in tasks completed. Day two also saw an improvement on how to use the telephone, with the exception of my ignorance in how to simply pick up the phone and call someone else in the building.

In the afternoon, the front door blew open on several occasions. At first I thought it was just someone exiting the building while I wasn’t looking, and then running away as fast as they could, which is why I didn’t see them outside when I looked up. My next idea was that someone was trying to escape by crawling out the door. It turns out that neither was the case and we were just being hit with a bit of wind. Thanks Edouardo.

So ends day two.

I must note that Kelly has an extremely difficult job, at which, she is fantastic.

To conclude, my favorite thing about sitting up here is the speed at which this chair slides across the cement floor. Carpet sure slows us down.

Until next time (should I survive to see more days), have a marvelous one.

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Doom is heavy

The weight of impending doom is a horrid thing to be burdened with. While the Mariners may have lost yesterday 2-1 and are currently in the top of the 9th down by one (one out 2 men on) there is no longer doom that just hovers in the air. I don’t assume the m’s are going to lose. Earlier this season, it wasn’t really a matter of “if” they would lose, but how. And at times they sure made the “how” to losing pretty incredible.

No, now they fight. There is hope. A small breath. A taste of life. Air. Not heavy, noxious doom poisoning all within reach. No longer do the ominous clouds stand overhead. It may still rain, perhaps an occasional deluge, but there is also a glimmer of sun. Light. I can sleep better at night knowing they are maybe going to have posted a win when I check in the morning.

Not tomorrow morning though, they just finished the last out in the 9th leaving the tying and winning run aboard. But still, its easier to watch a well fought loss than to see them give up.

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Proliferation of Information

So this is a “new phrase” I have really enjoyed using as of late. I use it to explain what is happening with the way the internet is affecting communication. It seems that others have made use of it as well, so at least I know from the beginning that it was not “Debra invented.” (Like the time I thought the term “biff it” was something I made up)

I also wanted to check in and see if any progress was being made on using “noon of the week.” I must admit, I have often forgotten to use it. 😦

Yeah, this is what happens when one is a little bored in the afternoon and takes a nap as a result. It comes to the night time and said person is not sleepy. Thus she blogs about odd things.

People who are known for coining words or phrases are my heros.

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Yeah, M’s win (and even in extra innings)!

I watched the Mole tonight.  It was surprisingly pretty entertaining.  I was convinced I would not like it because Cooper Anderson is no longer the host. 

I realised that it really frustrates me when people do not understand me or what I am trying to say.  If the meaning of what I am trying to convey gets lost, it can be upsetting.  Whether in papers, in converstions, online, wherever its so frustrating!  Perhaps this is why when someone gets mad at me, or annoyed, or hurt, I want to clear it up right away.  I cannot stand for miscommunication or missunderstandings to go unaddressed.  

Which brings me to the problem of blogging.  Text looses so much. Between the time that the concepts and ideas form in my head and I push them into the constrains of language in order to type it out, something small in meaning is already lost. I form the words and sentences, share the ideas, but it all exists concretely in my mind, experienced in my time and space. For you, the reader to come in a different time, space, situation, culture, (whatever, just different from me) and read the text, more is lost, thus the meaning intended is not the exact meaning understood.  (I believe this are ideas brought up by Hans-Georg Gadamer in Truth and Method. You can correct me if I am wrong Tyler) The meaning of a text can never be completely understood by the reader (although you can get pretty close).

With spoken language loss of meaning happens. With text it is to an even greater degree. All written word is a derivative of a spoken word (except for the case of perhaps sign language, but even that in its original form is intended to be expressed). It is expressed. Which places great value on tone, voice, expression and presentation. Text looses most if not all of this. LOL and BEING EXCITED WITH CAPS do not provide adequate substitutes for someone actually laughing or shouting.

Therefore, there are bound to be misunderstandings as a result of text – specifically this blog. I had one just the last couple of days. I hope it concluded with a comment I received late this evening. I believe the poster did not understand what I was saying and their comment just made me sad. Rather than respond, misunderstanding begets more misunderstanding in a vicious cycle, I deleted it. Heres to hoping the we can keep misunderstandings at a minimum.

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I was thinking

I was thinking this week that blogging is an interesting thing. It allows the writer to give voice to a variety of topics. Serious and silly, important and trivial, and even true and false.

A blogger has the ability to create an imaginative world and ramble on about it as if it were fact. How do readers splice fact from fiction? Well…for an individual reader who does not know the blogger, there is no way to differentiate between truth and fiction with out finding actual contradictions. For readers who know the blogger, there is an assumption that the writer is continuing down an assumed path taking into account the writer’s personality, history, experiences, and typical thought process. This suggests to the reader that the current events are accurate and are presented as such. This trust is based on previous knowledge which gives way to a foundation of credibility.

Credibility….that is what stuck me as interesting this week. Because I think the actual concept of the blog can chip away at the writers credibility. Some bloggers where their hearts not on their sleeves, but within in the lines of their blogs. I have done this on occasion, although more often then not, I check my heart at the log in (so to speak). There are many important (serious, joyful, silly and sad) things which I purposely choose to not blog about. By intentionally disregarding these events, feelings, people and thoughts, does that mean I spew onto the page something that is less credible, less authentic? Perhaps.

Outside of blogging, we each deal with the same questions. Sometimes people call this “wearing a mask” or having “walls.” Once again, blogging is a virtual parallel to reality.

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It has begun

I can’t say too much at this point, but my book has begun. A few months ago, I started writing. It went ok, I got oh, I don’t know, about 30 hand written pages (which I realize is not much at all), but school and other things caused me to stop. The idea I was writing about was decent and I will keep what I have written for future reference, but this idea idea is something completely different.

Over the last week or so, an idea came to me. It has been bouncing around in my mind and I finally started to get it down tonight. I hope to keep going with it and while I may give progress updates, don’t expect plot details. I don’t know how long it will take me and I don’t even know what the ultimate outcome of the main character will be. Someday, I will let a few of you read it and give me feed back. Until then, I think and I write. Oh, and I blog about things completely unrelated to my story.

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