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Proliferation of Information

So this is a “new phrase” I have really enjoyed using as of late. I use it to explain what is happening with the way the internet is affecting communication. It seems that others have made use of it as well, so at least I know from the beginning that it was not “Debra invented.” (Like the time I thought the term “biff it” was something I made up)

I also wanted to check in and see if any progress was being made on using “noon of the week.” I must admit, I have often forgotten to use it. ūüė¶

Yeah, this is what happens when one is a little bored in the afternoon and takes a nap as a result. It comes to the night time and said person is not sleepy. Thus she blogs about odd things.

People who are known for coining words or phrases are my heros.

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Yeah, M’s win (and even in extra innings)!

I watched the Mole tonight.  It was surprisingly pretty entertaining.  I was convinced I would not like it because Cooper Anderson is no longer the host. 

I realised that it really frustrates me when people do not understand me or what I am trying to say.  If the meaning of what I am trying to convey gets lost, it can be upsetting.  Whether in papers, in converstions, online, wherever its so frustrating!  Perhaps this is why when someone gets mad at me, or annoyed, or hurt, I want to clear it up right away.  I cannot stand for miscommunication or missunderstandings to go unaddressed.  

Which brings me to the problem of blogging.  Text looses so much. Between the time that the concepts and ideas form in my head and I push them into the constrains of language in order to type it out, something small in meaning is already lost. I form the words and sentences, share the ideas, but it all exists concretely in my mind, experienced in my time and space. For you, the reader to come in a different time, space, situation, culture, (whatever, just different from me) and read the text, more is lost, thus the meaning intended is not the exact meaning understood.  (I believe this are ideas brought up by Hans-Georg Gadamer in Truth and Method. You can correct me if I am wrong Tyler) The meaning of a text can never be completely understood by the reader (although you can get pretty close).

With spoken language loss of meaning happens. With text it is to an even greater degree. All written word is a derivative of a spoken word (except for the case of perhaps sign language, but even that in its original form is intended to be expressed). It is expressed. Which places great value on tone, voice, expression and presentation. Text looses most if not all of this. LOL and BEING EXCITED WITH CAPS do not provide adequate substitutes for someone actually laughing or shouting.

Therefore, there are bound to be misunderstandings as a result of text – specifically this blog. I had one just the last couple of days. I hope it concluded with a comment I received late this evening. I believe the poster did not understand what I was saying and their comment just made me sad. Rather than respond, misunderstanding begets more misunderstanding in a vicious cycle, I deleted it. Heres to hoping the we can keep misunderstandings at a minimum.

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I was thinking

I was thinking this week that blogging is an interesting thing. It allows the writer to give voice to a variety of topics. Serious and silly, important and trivial, and even true and false.

A blogger has the ability to create an imaginative world and ramble on about it as if it were fact. How do readers splice fact from fiction? Well…for an individual reader who does not know the blogger, there is no way to differentiate between truth and fiction with out finding actual contradictions. For readers who know the blogger, there is an assumption that the writer is continuing down an assumed path taking into account the writer’s personality, history, experiences, and typical thought process. This suggests to the reader that the current events are accurate and are presented as such. This trust is based on previous knowledge which gives way to a foundation of credibility.

Credibility….that is what stuck me as interesting this week. Because I think the actual concept of the blog can chip away at the writers credibility. Some bloggers where their hearts not on their sleeves, but within in the lines of their blogs. I have done this on occasion, although more often then not, I check my heart at the log in (so to speak). There are many important (serious, joyful, silly and sad) things which I purposely choose to not blog about. By intentionally disregarding these events, feelings, people and thoughts, does that mean I spew onto the page something that is less credible, less authentic? Perhaps.

Outside of blogging, we each deal with the same questions. Sometimes people call this “wearing a mask” or having “walls.” Once again, blogging is a virtual parallel to reality.

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It has begun

I can’t say too much at this point, but my book has begun. A few months ago, I started writing. It went ok, I got oh, I don’t know, about 30 hand written pages (which I realize is not much at all), but school and other things caused me to stop. The idea I was writing about was decent and I will keep what I have written for future reference, but this idea idea is something completely different.

Over the last week or so, an idea came to me. It has been bouncing around in my mind and I finally started to get it down tonight. I hope to keep going with it and while I may give progress updates, don’t expect plot details. I don’t know how long it will take me and I don’t even know what the ultimate outcome of the main character will be. Someday, I will let a few of you read it and give me feed back. Until then, I think and I write. Oh, and I blog about things completely unrelated to my story.

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It's in the air

The snow may be falling, but I hear whispers in the air. Rumors swirl around in the frigid wind.

It’s out there and it’s coming….Slowly it creeps towards us.

Somewhere in this favored land the sun is shinning bright.

With the sun comes the game and thus, somewhere hearts are light.

Yes my dear friends, it is now February. With February comes the hot stove, and just beyond that horizon, Spring.

To warm the heart, to make children smile, to hear the roar of the crowd and the crack of the bat. Cactus leauge is on its way. And in honor of the fact that the Mariners begin spring training in the next few weeks, I present my new blog template.

Perhaps it is not as peaceful as the previous template, but it is hopeful. Hopeful of impending spring. Hopeful of a fantastic season. Heres to a great year boys!

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Noon of the Week

Do you know what “Noon of the Week” is? Quite simply, its exactly halfway through the week, which is 12 pm on Wednesday. There are other phrases commonly used to point to the joy that is wednesday, but I like to go for the uncommon, the underdog of the English language so to speak. Anyway, its a pretty handy phrase so I thought I would pass along this new discovery of mine.

Also, I have been doing some thinking and I came to the conclusion that I wish I had a new Mariner Jack.
A new Mariner Jack looks like this:

My Mariner Jack does not have such a glow about him anymore. I use mine to find my car quickly in a crowded parking lot, but he looks a little sad after a couple years in the rain and now a few in the cold. Do they have new Mariner Jacks every summer? I wish they did and I wish I could get one.

What else is happening….Well I am still waiting to hear about a possible job…Keep praying on that one please.

Oh, (I almost forgot) in my continual effort to complete a life goal of coining a new word or phrase that is released to the world at large and used so frequently, that it becomes common place and the inventor (me) is long forgotten, I am introducing the phrase “Noon of the Week” Please use it with love, respect, and regularity.

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Something New

I have been thinking that as of late, most posts are school related. Records of deadlines that quickly are caught up in the winds of time, floating on by with little more than a slight sigh of relief. Whispering and teasing me as they call me names, wage assaults on my mind and disappear before any retaliation can even be constructed.

As a result of such docket filled posts, I submit to you some words written some time ago on days less hurried but recently rediscovered.

“The Space Between us”

How far is the space?
Too far Distance yet to be overcome
Yet the Space between us is small
In thought, in Love, there is but a breath’s wisp of space
So small the actual Distance can be but a small hindrance
One heart, one mind, Distance yet to be overcome
For true, my Love, the space between us is none


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Writers Strike

I am absolutely fascinated by the writers’ strike taking place right now.


Well…people are starting to freak out because their favorite TV shows my not have new episodes for a while. Hollywood is scared of grinding to a halt. There are some potentially funny/comedic situations happening on the picket lines. Did you see the cartoon that has a bunch of individuals picketing but they are holding up blank signs?

But really, I am most captivated by the heart of the argument. Its all about “intellectual property rights.” Which is a huge rights issue. The writers believe that their intellectual creativity that produces scripts is then sold and (if super successful/long running/syndicated TV shows) continues to make money. It a very complicated issue.

At the same time, do you realize that people who write, can’t help it. If they are creative or passionate about writing, the words come to them and must be written down. So its not as if they are not writing at all. I bet some go home after time on the picket line and write about their experiences….Maybe we will see these events in future TV & movies. Life is the inspiration for written word.

Being 4 papers out of finishing my masters, I am glad we are not on a “writers strike.” It would prevent me from finishing up and finishing strong.

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I was just thinking

I was just thinking today on the way home from church that I think I know in part why I have such a hard time choosing what “career route” to take. While I am extremely logical, rational and “left brained” I also enjoy the artistic “right brain” side of life. I like to think about theology and how the world works, what makes people tick. I like to try and express some of these thoughts in both logical argument and artistic representation. (As a side note, in jr. high & High school and even into college, whenever I took those right brain/left brain tests I would usually be exactly the same scoring on either side)

What I need to do is find a way to use a balance of right and left brain activities. Perhaps writing is this outlet. With words, one can make precise logical argument, be persuasive, express ideas. Yet, at the same time, writing requires an element of creativity. To just type stuff is boring. To come up with something new or worth reading is difficult. No one wants to read about a wizard named Mandolf, who sends Brodo on a quest to Mount Boom in order to destroy an evil wing. We’ve been there, done that.

I have been asking around in recent months many different individuals some of the following questions:

“Do you ever want to write a book?”
“Do you think there are too many books out there?”
“Is there anything new to be said?”

More pointedly (and light heartedly) I question them If I wrote a book, would you buy it?” Often people glance at me with a bit of surprise. They answer anything between “Sure!” to “uhm…if its ‘good’.” How would they know if it was good or not unless they read it?

Anyway, to attempt to write is easy enough. To be intentional and become “a writer” is difficult, but to get from point “a” to point “b” may just be the killer. Being in between. We often feel the pressure of being in between. Beginnings are a struggle but only last for a short while. Ends are intense but take forever to get to. In Between. That is where we each spend most of our time. I am coming to an end of sorts, only a few months away. Then I need to find a place where I can survive the beginning, and thrive in the in between.

So yeah, I was just thinking.


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the constaints of language

I was trying to fall asleep and not able to. I had a headache this weekend, so I don’t know if my extra sleeping (while waiting for medicine to kick in) has thrown off my sleeping pattern. Probably, and I will regret it tomorrow morning.

Anyway, while I lay here awake, I was thinking about how language is actually a prison in which thoughts and ideas are bound and held captive. Many times we are left “speechless” because the ideas or thoughts contained in our heads are impossible to stuff into the simple words that we use to communicate. Music and art have an ability to communicate beyond what language can do. I wonder if societies that do not have written language are able to communicate better. Or at least communicate that which is abstract, better.

Or what about illiterate societies? I am thinking of in the Middle ages when peasants could not read. Their “bible” was the liturgy of the church, the stories on the stain glass windows, or the paintings on the cathedral walls. Maybe understanding God’s love in not at all a concrete idea, but an abstract experience and therefore understood and communicated perhaps better without the use of language.

If this is true with understanding God, and God created everything else that exists, all that we experience with our senses, all that we perceive and attempt to understand, then perhaps language is only a small tool in understanding and communicating. Reason and Logic are specific, concrete frameworks that fit within the realm of the usefulness of language. BUT could it not be argued that while creation contains a certain amount of logic, God is so much larger and more incredible than we can comprehend, therefore even in his creation, there is more that is incomprehensible then there is understandable. Which would then make me think that the scales of reality tip toward the concept that more things exist that are outside the realm of language. Does that make sense? Meaning that which exists in a neat and tidy, logical box and is able to be discussed with language, is less then the amount of that which exists and is unable to be capture in language.

At the same time, I cannot think of how I could discuss this very idea of language being restricting without using language.

Well, now that I have typed this out, I might be able to go to sleep.

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