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In a world of…

In a world of second bests, I am holding out for More
Forget the runners-up, there not what I am looking for
And when Its found, I’m diving in head first
“All in” – no turning back – the only way to be
A grand and solid team is the Best and me

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On a day that is not tepid

My precious car groans as she starts. The thermometer reads a generous 20 degrees, yet I question if it can truly be that warm. Her engine begins to show signs of life and it as if she has woken up after a long sleep, her aching bones requesting not to be moved. Like stepping out of bed onto the cold ground with joints creaking, so the car reluctantly moans. I know what she would like is that which any cold creature requests on a day such as today, warmth and movement. To be without such is to be on the edge of death. The individual who awakes into such a frigid world hobbles in search of a hot shower allowing the frozen blood to come alive. In the case of Precious, I allow her the same treat, a nice drive to loosen up her insides.

While I drive, my steaming coffee sputters over the lid and lands on the chrome interior. As it hits, I reach to wipe it away, yet I am too slow. It has already turned to ice. Moving further down the road, I notice a brave biker who, with face completely wrapped except for a small slit so they can see, travels in a fashion that I would never be able to do.

The world is covered in an icy blue haze. All is layered with a frosty glaze.

Though I must admit, this ice-laden world, on the last day of January, fills me with life. The cold brisk air cannot do anything but make one feel refreshed. Yes, the biting wind in ones eyes is troublesome, but without the cold day, the glorious sunset would be missed. The radiant display of oranges and pinks in a world that has a blue tint would not be as magnificent.


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Introducing Bebbington

I have a teddy bear that I have owned probably since 2002. Someone from church gave him to me and I tried to name him, but no name stuck. Well, since I have moved to Chicago, this bear has found a special place in my life and now lives on my bed.

I was talking to one of my roommates about him and his namelessness. She suggested that I pick some type of name that has to do with Grad school. I looked over at the bear, patted him on the head and jokingly said “Hello little Bebbington.” While laughing at this, my roommate and I looked at each other with surprise. The name fits! It sounds kind of close to Paddington Bear. So, introducing Bebbington.

Where did the name Bebbington come from? One of the world’s foremost scholars on Evangelicals is David Bebbington. He is credited with the generally recognized four-part definition of Evangelical. The Bebbington Quadrilateral (as it is referred to) is conversionism, activism, Biblicism, and crucicentrism. I first heard of D. Bebbington in my first year at NABC. This last few weeks, he has come up in several of my assigned readings, and over the last week, I even read one of his books Titled “Patterns in History: A Christian Perspective on Historical Thought.”

In addition to this, my program advisor had D. Bebbington as his PhD advisor so Dr. Larsen teaches in a manner that has been greatly impacted by D. Bebbington. And I LOVE the way Dr. Larsen combines the scholarly world with practical Christian application along with his obvious pastoral heart.

So there you go. The following is a picture of Bebbington holding a book written by his namesake.


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What do the Bible, Superglue & Dictionaries have in common?

I don’t know, but I have two slightly funny stories about my Bible.

A year or so ago, the maps in the back of my bible fell out, but I just left them stuffed in place. The other day they kept falling out, so I finally just pulled them out and left them on my desk. Of course, that same evening, I could have used the maps at bible study. So last week I bought some superglue and glued my maps back into the my bible.

Next story:
My roommate asked me how to spell “beginning” which is one of those words that I can never remember how to spell. I told her “just a second” and she replied “don’t worry about it, I will just put it in spell checker.” I told her “wait, I wanted to get something.” “A dictionary?” she asked. “no, better” I replied. I then proceeded to bust out my bible and look up Gen 1:1. It was kind of amusing, though you may have had to be there.


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is, am, are, was, were, be, being, been, look, appear….

My sincerest apologies for not writing about anything very exciting in recent posts. I believe that most of my energy flows out of my mind during times of homework and paper writing, thus leaving me exhausted and unable to create a post with any entertainment value.

This weekend I wrote a 7 page paper for a midterm due tomorrow morning for my History of Christianity in North America class. While I wrote the paper, I attempted to remove any passive verbs such as the ones in the above mentioned “tag.” Once upon a time someone told me these weak verbs need removal in order to produce stronger sentence structures and more intelligent writing. Sometimes, I give up for the practically impossible task takes a lot of time. Practically impossible, but not completely undo-able. In most cases, with much practice, I succeed in eliminating these verbs. Take this post as an example.


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Words are quite odd. Sometimes you learn new ones and then they seem to show up everywhere. (or as was pointed out to me the other day, its just that you now notice it. It had been used all along, it just escaped your attention)

Sometimes there are words that are used quite often in a certain setting with a certain group of people and as you become aware of the use of the word, it too shows up everywhere.

Such is the case with “problematic.” One of my roommates likes this word and uses it on occasion. As a result, I have started using it more often. And now I am noticing it EVERYWHERE. Just today, I ran across it in both my research and on Homestarrunner. If it is used too often, I think that it will begin to be problematic.

Here is a list of some of my favorite words:


And finally, a word I love to use that should be in the English Language:
Imaginate (combo of imagination and create)…Underconstumble?


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Something new for me

I am sitting in a coffee shop in Naperville. Reading a famous speak by Jonathan Edwards “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God”

I am required to write a page reaction to this sermon taking into account the historical context, biographical information of Edwards, and the context of the Sermons collection that I read from.

Upon writing this reflection, I am struck with something completely new to me. Up until a few years ago, I would insist that I do not like to write. That I am terrible at writing. And while my ability to write well (or is it good?) is debatable, I find myself completely enjoying the process of putting words together to express my thoughts. Who knew I would like to write papers. Perhaps this one will be a-typical because I do not need to do a ton of research so the background work is considerately less than future papers, but regardless, I am enjoying the process.

Here I sit, music (switchfoot, Audio A, dc talk, U2, coldplay, FFH, Relient K, Chris Tomlin) rushing my ears with sound, drowning out my surroundings. I close my eyes and type – fingers flying, uncontrollably slamming individual letters – thoughts pouring out and thus a paper of reflection is created. The best part is, its my reflection, wrong answers are impossible to derive.

Back to the work I must go. As I labor on this “labor day” our time of work is almost over. We did not go down town as planned due to weather, but later we will take a break and watch a movie. Until then…I must immerse myself in my studies.

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Something I did not expect

Today a couple of us went to Panera Bread to get some studying done. As is customary & expected, we each bought some type of beverage so that we were actually paying customers. As I waited for my iced mango drink to be made, I noticed that they sell Jones sodas. I looked at the different flavors, (none of which were my favorite – peach).

Then I started looking at where the pictures on the labels were from.

For those who don’t know, Jones soda is bottled in Seattle and the labels to there sodas feature pictures that people (from all over the US & Canada) send in. They also list the contributor’s name and home town. While I was looking at this, to my complete surprise, I came across a photo of an owl that was sent in by some one in Puyallup, WA. I thought that was cool. Although, admittedly, not as cool as the Jones Soda that once featured two of my Canadian friends in the photo. That would be almost impossible to top. But a picture from Puyallup was pretty rad.

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Writing and reading (no rithmatic)

Today one of my roommates & I had a great conversation with one of our neighbors. He is taking improve classes at Second City. (which I just learned is a comedy school/center) He is a writer of funny things. It was extremely interesting to hear him talk about the writers who succeed are not necessarily the “great” ones. The successful are the persistent ones. Always writing & improving. Always sending in articles. Typically the “great” writers tend to be a bit lazy therefor, they may write great masterpieces, yet never submit them anywhere.

As far as reading goes, I have a ton of it. I intended to read at the coffee shop, but instead we had the above mentioned conversation. As a result, I must go read now. Have a great day!

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Temporary sorrow bargaining for future hopes
Is it too high a price?
To give up, move on, walk away, all for what?

Words are without grasp; flittering away, empty
The deepest meanings and intents go unspoken
Friendship too painful to endure, too heartbreaking to not begin
Which to choose?
To experience life without community is hollow

No choice exists.
To stay is to become stagnate, to crawl forward is life
To not reach out is to implode with the grief of what could have been
To Settle with the mundane is purely ridiculous

Future joy purchased with current sadness
Not a first choice, but ultimately, the Truest choice
All in
For to do other wise is foolishness

Drowning in tears at the thought of reality
Peace sweet child,
Even the darkest night has a moon


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