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Just an update on 3 of my nephews.

The twins are (as expected) spending the first 80-100 days in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).  Prayers are much appreciated and you can follow their story here: eliandjack.blogspot.com

What was NOT expected, my other nephew born on Friday is also in the NICU (they were born at different hospitals, so NICU’s across town).  Prayers are also appreciated for Walker as he is fighting what the doctors believe is pneumonia.  You can follow his story here: lancebauslaugh.posterous.com


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Babies & Dancing

NO we are not expecting. 🙂  I feel as if I need to preface anything I say about babies with this statement.

However – My brothers (as I’ve mentioned before) have been busy – as has my husband’s sister.

One brother’s wife gave birth to a son in May.

Another brother’s wife had 2 little twin boys.  These two were born at 27 weeks. (CRAZY!) But thank the Lord, they are doing really well. They arrived just 2 weeks ago, with birth weights of 3 & 1.5 lbs, they will be in the NICU for a good long while, but so far, they are healthy and growing.

My oldest brother – his wife has been in the hospital all day – waiting for the arrival of their fourth child, first boy.

And last, but certainly not least, my sister-in-law is expecting a little girl, due in December.

5 new nephews and nieces in 2012. Wow! (hello Christmas Gift Fund!)

Other than that – we spent some of our recreation money on Dance Dance revolution.  I’ve been encouraged time & time again by my cardiologists that I need to exercise more.  So we decided that DDR was a fun way to get me up and moving.  It just arrived in the mail today, so 2 hours later, I am tired, sore, and quite pleased with myself.

This girl has rhythm!


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Growing Family

Ok, so – no big announcement here – it’s not my immediate family growing – it’s all THREE of my brothers’!

Up until this point only one brother had any kids (three girls) – now in 2012, there will be 4 new nephews! One brother’s son arrived in May, one brother found out they are having a boy in the fall, and just yesterday, my baby brother (can I still refer to him as that?) found out that their twins arriving late fall are both boys.

BOOM! Just like that the girl cousins are out numbered.

Growing up as the only girl with three brothers, I never did the math to realize they would grow up and produce a little army.  But I’m so excited for all of them. As one sister-in-law put it – they are growing an “army of FUN!”

It will be pretty sweet that there will be 4 boy cousins all the same age.  AND add 4 more mariner fans to the world. 😉

(and let me tell you – we are already working on upping the Gift budget)

Is it Christmas yet? Can all the nephews be born now – and I can go home to visit already?


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