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Making progress

I’m making progress – slowly but surely.

Yesterday and today, I was able to very slowly do my own hair, which means use a blow dryer and a comb. I tipped my head over so as to not need to lift anything too high in the air.

I’m also able to wear larger t-shirts, so I’ve been able to set aside JJ’s button up shirts. This is very nice because I’m tired of switching between a bright orange shirt and a loud red, Hawaiian shirt. 🙂

And today, I was able to take an almost “normal” shower with just a little assistance.—> This one is huge because it finally feels good to stand in the warm water and let it loosen up my back muscles.


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Post Op

I had my post op appointment this morning and it went well.

Steri-Strips are off. Sutures are out. All of my blood work looked good. Chest x-Ray, also good.

And I was feeling well enough and strong enough that after my appointment, we went to one of my favorite burger joints.

Finally, as expected, Z was pretty impressed with the train display at the hospital.

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Figuring it out

We are still trying to figure out this one pain med, trying to find the balance between enough to help but not burn up my stomach lining. That’s probably why I’m awake right now – had to take the new adjusted dose. It’s been 12 and a half hours since the last and I just couldn’t push another hour trying to get the med back on a 6am/6pm timeframe.

So while I sit here waiting for the new dose to kick in (and hopefully go back to sleep), I was thinking,

God is so good. This recovery has highs and lows, but God is consistently, unchanging and Good. I like consistency. I don’t like change. I’m glad I can trust him.

Some examples of good he keeps sprinkling into this last few weeks:

*Z has been unexpectedly sweet and generally understanding that I’m fragile. His normal is “I squish you!” And then he jumps on me. Yesterday his play time consisted of playing “Dr” and setting a pillow and towel on my feet to keep the germs away.

*E has been sleeping through the night more than ever. Not always, but there is a vast improvement. He often does 10 hours. This started while I was at the hospital and it’s one of my recent prayer requests.

*My long legs and surprisingly stronger than expected abs have allowed me to conquer standing up out of chairs, beds, and couches much better and quicker than I thought it would be. This gives me a little independence and it also allows my husband to sleep though the night when I have to pee. 😝

Kinda small things when looked at by themselves out of context. Kinda huge things all put together in context.

God is good.

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A week +

I cannot believe heart surgery was a week ago yesterday!

I have to say – the people at Dallas Children’s are amazing. I could never be a nurse – but all of you nurses – hats off to you. I’ll probably miss a few names, miss spell and leave people out completely by accident (I was a *little* drugged… but here is my best attempt…

Tiffany, Taelor, and Caitlin…my ICU nurses. Amazing. Helped me when I couldn’t move, were compassionate and treated me with dignity. Thank you as well to the various techs and other nurses who occasionally popped in because a dead-weight, woozie Debra is a difficult thing to move.

On CH8 – Thank you to Lauren, Mary, Brooklyn, Sarah, and Anna. Again – so thankful for all of you ladies. I don’t know how you do it everyday, especially since most of your patients are crying, sick little babies. These nurses were also assisted by several techs. They helped with various tasks like wheeling me down to xrays and other, yuckier tasks. Thanks for making me smile and not feel dumb.

And I don’t want to leave out the floor PA’s Amy & Caitlin – thank you!

I’m obvious thankful for Dr. G (surgeon) and Dr. Turner (anesthesiologist) as well as their teams. They literally (which is often used to mean figuratively, but not in this case) had my life in their hands.

I was in and out of the hospital so fast, Z never had a chance to visit! I’m looking forward to going back on Friday for a post op visit and showing him around – to the important people. It’s hard to find the words to really say thank you. Thank you for keeping this momma alive and improving my heart heart health so that I can be there and keep up with Z & E as they grow.

And also – I’m excited to show Z the “train room”.

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Trying something new

After talking to my Doctor’s office, we are adjusting the timing of some of my medicine. The hope is that it will be better spaced and cover nighttime better.

Sweet dreams everyone!

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The boys are home

We picked up Z & E yesterday.

It’s both an extra challenge to have them home and a wonderful delight. Both of their giggles are fantastic.

I’m pretty sure E grew. 

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That was a rough night.

My migraines have been much better. Currently I seem to be dealing with a lot of nerve and muscle pain. 

I’ve probably never been so out of alinement in my life 😕

It’s really difficult to sleep when the most comfortable position is standing 😝

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Feeling better

My migraine has eased a little – hallelujah! I wasn’t sure if my scheduled pain medicine for my heart surgery would also assist the migraine. It appears it did.

For me migraines mean nausea, which stinks when one is trying to take medicine. Nothing worse than throwing up meds before they have a chance to help. Thankfully my Tylenol stayed down and my head as well as the rest of me seems to have pain under control. Thank you God.

I hope to be able to post a little more the next few days on my hospital experience. I have so much (and so many people) to be thankful for.

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One day home

I’ve been home about 24 hours – it’s going better than expected.

As long as I stick to my meds schedule I’m thinking this will be doable 😜

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Working on going home

Everyone has signed off on everything so at this point, we are waiting on the pharmacy. Once we get my medicines – we will head to the car and head home.

I believe this four day stay puts it at the same length as my second csection, and one day less than my first. Amazing!

Thanks for all of the continued prayers. I still have a long road to go.

I still have many weeks of restrictions on what I can do. And it will be a big adjustment, especially for the boys. Mommy is pretty fragile.

I am really looking forward to a few months from now when this really starts paying off – a more efficient heart means a less fatigued Debra.

This hospital stay has been one of my better hospital experiences, for which I am very thankful. 

As I’ve said many times before, no matter the situation or outcome, I know that in all things, God is Good.

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