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Pi Day


Today is a day to eat pie and celebrate math.

I went to the grocery store and bought some pie for dinner. But then I swung through the drive through to grab a quick lunch.

And what did I see?!?

It’s also Shamrock Shake season.

Many, many years ago I started a social media campaign to bring the shamrock shake to north Texas.

Success tastes delicious.


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oops! Penny pinching…

So… we are one month in – and 5 days into February (for the Superbowl) I messed up our food budget.

I bought what I thought was going to be cheaper pizza since I had a coupon.  It wasn’t. In part because I bought an extra medium due to wanting a little more variety than just meat pizzas, we ended up with WAY too much pizza at way too high a price.

So now we are stuck eating a lot of cold pizza – that is no longer yummy, and penny pinching for the rest of the month.  I think If we have a low grocery bill for the upcoming week, we might be back on track, and I’m still going to do everything I can to get us there, but it’s going to be tight.

You see – at the beginning of the month, I have to project out and plan around events in the month (family in town two different weekends and Valentines Day). Don’t get me wrong, we aren’t going to go hungry due to a Superbowl party slip-up, and we still have a little space for our ‘semi-fast food Valentines Day dinner’ plans, but we do have a lot less wiggle room.

So let this be a lesson to myself, I’m not a budget expert yet. 🙂  And moral of the story – just because there is a coupon or sale does not mean I should buy it – nor does it mean that gives me the freedom to buy more of the sale item.

But I am learning.  I am saying “no” to myself – I did not go out this week to McDonald’s to get a Shamrock Shake. That took a lot of will power.

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