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August by the Numbers (part 2)

Just a quick update.  The medical numbers did finish coming in and my previous post was correct.  We were able to use the crisis fund we’ve built up since November to pay all 5,714.40. This amount covers both Z & my deductibles and copays.

And then beyond that, we were able to make a lump sum extra payment toward debt of $2,591.

Which means… my student loan is So Close to being under 10K. I thought it would be years before I saw that.

Thank you Lord for providing the funds to do this as well as helping us be disciplined and focus to follow through and be good stewards of what you provide.


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Double Whamie to Debt!

We just paid off 2 small student loans. Hi-ya! (picture me karate chopping a debt monster)

In doing so (and not paying just the minimum) we just saved $6,000.

Plus (as you know) those minimum payments are now set to snowball into our next debt.

Hey HVAC – we are staring you down.  Your days are numbered.

Just 5 more to go!  One HVAC system, three medical items, and the Debt Beast – My Master Degree student loan.


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