Round Three!!! Bring on the Ducks!

I only watched the first period tonight. A few weeks ago, I planned to meet up with a friend from high school (you know who you are, but I don’t put people’s names on my blog unless I have their permission). Dinner was great. Very fun catching up, sharing future plans, and finding another friend who would also love to travel in Europe.

I got home and listened to a message from other friends who live here and are rooting for the Oilers as well. That’s how I learned they won. We now have a BBQ planned to watch Fridays game. Seriously, Ducks from California play ice hockey?

My high school friend commented that my “Go Oilers” sign on my car might make people think I work for an oil company, since no one here watches hockey. That cracked me up.

As a side note, I hear I have a few friends who got on the news in Edmonton for celebrating downtown with their trumpets! Way to go! Rock on Edmonton.

Also, the new copier at work is amazing! I think that will be the “legacy” I leave behind at my place of work. Researching for the new copier and now we have it and it is incredible.

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  1. Tim

    Oilers got heart. They get past the Ducks in seven and come close, but lose in six to the Hurricanes. You heard it here first.

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