February by the Numbers

2 months in. February was not nearly as good as January.

This month we paid off $100 extra– our very smallest medical bill.

Significantly less than the extra pay off last month.

In addition to this pay off (and part of the reason this month is small), we finally closed on our Re-finance. In order to finalize the closing, we had to bring $2,300 to Closing.  (And there you have it – the extra “supposed to be used for debt” money.)  Not even sure if this is pro or anti Financial Peace instructions.  It was either use the money toward current debt while rolling the same amount into a new home loan or doing what we did, keep the loan a little smaller, but delay on paying down debt this month. :-/

Some other numbers for the month:

$70 in Extra Income from Gifts

$197 in Cash Back for our Costco Card — Full disclosure, we used this to stock up on non perishable products that we will use all year-long – so this one didn’t turn around and go toward debt.

Totaling $267 extra dollars of income.

Finally – I have to admit our set backs as well. We went over on our food bill.  Between the Superbowl and Valentines day – we cut it too close right at the end.  This month will be better.

Total Debt paid in Feb: $586*

Since 1/1/2012 – Total Debt Paid off: $7,862*

*For the purpose of Baby step 2 we are not factoring in our home mortgage


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