Still Pushing the Boulder Down Hill (AKA April by the Numbers)

As you know, our debt snowball is on pause. A status it has maintained since November. In the meantime, as we build up our crisis fund with extra money, we still pay our minimums. And just because I like round numbers, I’m actually paying 4 dollars more on something each month just because it makes it a nice number ending in a 5 instead of a 1.

Even with very slow momentum, this boulder of debt is still rolling down hill.  It makes the pushing feel just a little lighter each month.

We have around $14,500 left. Since December, that means we’ve chipped away another $1,000. EVEN in a time of slower income. It’s the little victories that keep us excited and motivated.

If we maintain this really small 4 dollars extra a month (which we won’t — we’ll dump in a lot at some point hopefully this year) but even that small amount, added to last year’s work, all of our debt would be gone, March 2019.

My student loan, when consolidated in 2008, was set for 20 years. So – even this would be 9 years early!  CRAZY. 

In the battle against debt, math can sometimes be very discouraging. But when you start pushing that boulder just a little harder, and the down hill momentum works in your favor, Math becomes your greatest friend and encourager.


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2 responses to “Still Pushing the Boulder Down Hill (AKA April by the Numbers)

  1. All the little victories count!! That’s how we get to the BIG victory – DEBT FREEDOM! I paid off my first credit card (the first victim of my war on debt 😉 this week and it felt great. It was tough slog even paying off that card but now its done it has given me motivation to keep going. And Im in a better position than when I started. And with $1000 down – so are you! Keep up the great work 🙂

    • Congrats on paying off your first credit card! One of the best feelings in the world – literally like a burden has just been lighted a little bit. Keep going – You can do it!

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