Movie Mania

And so it begins….

I have been waiting for today! Today is the start of the holiday movie season for me, with the release of two films I would really like to see. Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire and Walk the Line.

On Wed. the 23rd, Rent & Pride & Predjuce come out.

And then last but not least, on Dec. 9, its Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.

Looking forward to time at the movie theater.

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One response to “Movie Mania

  1. Crystal

    I want to see those too! Not really Harry Potter, never been a big fan. But LWW and P+P are definitely on my list of ‘must-see’ Did I tell you I finally saw National Treasure and my roomie owns Pirates of the Caribbean (I had to check the case 3 times for the spelling of that, I look and then by the time I got back to my computer I forgot, it’s late or I am getting old). Oh, I saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory too. My list of movies I must see is getting shorter on one end and longer on the other. Did you know that all those movies were recommends from you? Hmmm, I must value your movie judgment…keep me posted on what’s good. You are better than Ebert and Roeper 🙂

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