"Lets go boys!" (as said with a Canadian accent)

Come on Edmonton!!!!! You KNEW they were going to score as the third period went along. They want it so bad!

Now they just need to carry the momentum & attack into the overtime.


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4 responses to “"Lets go boys!" (as said with a Canadian accent)

  1. Deb

    im so tired…I think I just held my breath for 20 minutes. go oilers. Take ’em early in the second o.t.

  2. Deb

    Ok, fine, if thats the way its gonna be. I do not want it to end too early in the third o.t. as San Jose has about 40 seconds of powerplay left over.I wanted to take a benadril tonight so that my head would not stuff up too much while I sleep and I could avoid a morning sinus headache, but now I believe the night will be too short. Lets Go Oilers. Short handed in the first 40 seconds would be fantastic!

  3. Deb

    WoW! what a game. Way to go Horcoff. Only at 2:24. Thanks for not making the game longer.And just like that, The Oilers are back in the series. (not that they were actually ever out of it yet.)

  4. Crystal

    Umm yeah, go Oilers….the funny thing is that I found out that the Oilers won their game last night by reading your blog. Good thing I have you or I would never know what was going on in Edmonton 🙂

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