A couple of pictures

I have not posted very many pictures recently, so here are a few.

This first one is a picture I took as we drove in downtown Chicago. I thought it looked kind of cool.

This is a photo of the sweet new grill, the Smokey Joe Platinum, that I bought this week. It was on sale, so it cost the same as the smaller version. I used to have a small one when I lived in WA and I have completely missed BBQing. Right Rach? Nothing beats it. I can taste that corn now…

Here is a photo of me hugging my new grill. I am so happy to own it! Broiling has just not been the same.


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6 responses to “A couple of pictures

  1. just Me

    So OK, you love the grill but hugging? really! OK, OK, make me a corn and I’ld love to come over.

  2. Lance

    Are you going to use it indoors???

  3. Deb

    no. on the roof of the house (our porch)

  4. Vicky

    Yeah, I had the same concern after seeing pictures of the grill in your living room. I’ll sleep much better tonight knowing you aren’t BBQing in the house. πŸ™‚

  5. Anonymous

    You’re right about that corn! I’ve thought about making some down here in Cali. Just haven’t done it yet….

  6. Mitchell Scott

    Who’s car is that? It’s not your Jetta.

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