One Month

One month from today (Oct 26th) I have comprehensive exams for my Masters program. There are two main things that those in my program and I are doing to prepare. Seven of us are each reading one book off of the study guide reading list. After reading it, we are each supposed to do a write up on it and then make copies to share. We will all meet together in about 2 weeks and discuss our books.

The second thing the Religion in American Life people are doing is we are each creating our own timeline of Religion in American Life, listing what we think are the most significant people, events, or even ideas I suppose. Then we will meet and compare/discuss the timelines that we came up with.

These two things are above and beyond the papers and books I have to get done for class. Plus, there are other activities that are taking place in the next month that will be wonderful, but make life even a little more hectic. My mom is coming to visit and I will be visiting some friends in colorado. I look forward to the next month. It will be wonderful to see how it all gets done. I am fortunate that there are a couple of days at my Financial Aid job in which I will not be working. Plus, I currently have a class that meets Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons. This class will not meet after Oct. 5th.

This means that either, I will not be blogging very often because I have no time, or I will be blogging more because my brain needs a break.
Have a nice night.

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  1. Vicky

    So I shouldn’t expect any more LOTR interpretive videos dedicated to me? πŸ™‚ Or maybe should I expect an entire collection of “Debra and her Adventures through Middle Earth” because it will relieve the stress of studying? Either way, good luck with your studying! May the Force be with you… oh wait, wrong epic movie (speaking of which though, I also haven’t seen the newer Star Wars movies…).Good night!Vicky

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