2 days away

Graduation is in two days. My parents are coming in tomorrow, and then my aunt, uncle, and cousin are coming on friday. It should be fun!

Tomorrow is the day of my final, final. After my night class, I will only have the final draft hanging over my head. Nice!

Other than that, I am still looking for a job. In the next few days I will be in the process of packing things up to move. I have an interview of sorts on Tuesday. We have a christmas party/good bye party on Tuesday as well. After that, I assume most of my friends will be heading out of town for the holidays.

Hopefully by Jan things will settle down a little bit.


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2 responses to “2 days away

  1. Vicky

    will you be in P-town for Christmas?Congratulations on becoming a Master!!! I can’t wait to hear what adventure God leads you on next.Enjoy your time with your family!

  2. Deb

    Thanks! No 😦 No P-town for christmas. I thought I was going to be moving, plus its too expensive, and now I have too many things I need to be here for over the holiday.I am off to take my final and then hang out with my parents. good times.

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