Something New

I have been thinking that as of late, most posts are school related. Records of deadlines that quickly are caught up in the winds of time, floating on by with little more than a slight sigh of relief. Whispering and teasing me as they call me names, wage assaults on my mind and disappear before any retaliation can even be constructed.

As a result of such docket filled posts, I submit to you some words written some time ago on days less hurried but recently rediscovered.

“The Space Between us”

How far is the space?
Too far Distance yet to be overcome
Yet the Space between us is small
In thought, in Love, there is but a breath’s wisp of space
So small the actual Distance can be but a small hindrance
One heart, one mind, Distance yet to be overcome
For true, my Love, the space between us is none


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2 responses to “Something New

  1. Anonymous

    Hey Debra,Dee and I were just thinking of you (we were having a conversation about chex mix). We miss you and wanted to wish you a happy holiday season and a very Merry Christmas!!! Congrats on graduating! Love, Dee and Leah.

  2. Deb

    Thanks! I miss ya’ll as well. Chex mix, Yummy!

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