I'm reading

Currently I am reading “Grapes of Wrath” by John Steinbeck. It’s a bit depressing (duh, its set in the ‘depression’) and it REALLY makes me hope this current recession does not turn into a depression.

After this, I think I am going to read “Ender’s Game.” I have been told I would like it. It guess its sci-fi. We’ll see.

I stopped by my old work on Friday. Turned in my aprons, got my last pay check and picked up my last tips. I am so encouraged that I love my new job. The people I work with are fantastic and I really hope that my small little contributions will be valuable and helpful. I finally have “it’s” vs. “its” down! I think I need to go back and re-read all of my past blog entries and find all the the grammatical errors. Just kidding! (I have been told I have Obsessive Compulsive tendencies and I can see why that comment would be made. To a very small degree, it worries me that I might become one of those people who go crazy when people use incorrect grammar. I hope not.)

Other than that. I have been keeping up with the Dark Knight ARG. To my totally sadness, I did not receive a Gotham Times in the mail. 😦 I thought that I would because I voted in the Gotham Election, but I guess I was wrong. Good news though, Harvey Dent won by a landslide! (Do you have comcast????? I hear that they are advertising for “Gotham Tonight.” If you have seen these commercials, that the ARG has come to you.)

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