I love the Olympics! We enjoyed watching a bit of gymnastics tonight as well as swimming. Men’s 4x100m freestyle Relay, WOW!

Also, Don’t forget Megan Jendrick is competing in the Women’s 100m Breaststroke. I know she was not part of the Women’s 4x100m freestyle relay, is she part of the 4×200? I don’t know. I get confused with the time change and trying to figure out when events are going to take places and when they will actually air on tv. Last I saw, Jendrick swam one heat, and the semifinals were coming up. I believe those are actually over now but at this point, who knows.

Ok, time to go to sleep. Tomorrow will be a busy day. I am filling in for the front desk gal at work (have I mentioned this already?) and Tomorrow and Tuesday are the last two days of this. I better be bright-eyed for the day, which means going to sleep now.


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2 responses to “Olympics

  1. Vicky

    I just watched the Men’s 4×100 freestyle relay. (West Coast… always the last to know) OH MY GOODNESS! That was incredible!

  2. Deb

    I agree. it was awesome! Sadly, I missed the women’s 100m breaststroke last night. Even more sad was the outcome for Megan Jendrick.

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