New Things

I’ve been learning and doing new things as of late.  Just to name a few:

Soccer – I have now been to Two FC Dallas games.  I think that I like it, although, I don’t understand the game very well. Once I understand the rules… I believe I will very much enjoy soccer.  A goofy thing that happened at both games I have attended: there were a plethora of yellow cards.  And in the second game there were even 3 red cards.  All given to the same team!  Apparently, this is very abnormal.

Sushi – For the last year or so, many of my friends have talked about how much they love sushi.  I wanted to try it, but just didn’t have a chance to (it’s not the cheapest food in the world).  Last week, I finally had a chance.  I got to try spicy tuna, eel, and shrimp tempura.  A-mazing!

Finally – Disc Golf.  (this one isn’t exactly “new” and I am not actually going until Saturday)  Yes, I’ve played Frisbee golf, but something tells me that this is a bit more “intense”.

Have you learned or done anything new lately?

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  1. I haven’t done anything new lately, sad. I do love all of the new things you are doing however.

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