Paper chain count down

This weekend, we made a paper chain for a friend who is counting down to graduation. As I got home today, I thought about making a paper chain counting down to when I no longer have a “crazy” neighbor.

Not counting today – that’s 5 days to go.

If you think of it – please pray for me. I’ve been sick, so I’m a bit worn out and I still have so much to do / pack before moving. Plus moving itself, is a bit of a beatdown. I have a handful of people lined up already (and hopefully a few more will say yes too) along with some possible truck options. So, yeah, super thankful for that. But prayers for the next few days and Saturday especially, would be appreciated. (even if I were healthy things like moving tend to use up every drop of reserved energy.)

And thanks for the suggestions DL. I’m transitioning to paper plates tonight!


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One response to “Paper chain count down

  1. mom

    Debra, please pace yourself. I know it feels like who else will do it but sometimes it just can’t get done quite like you want it too….Love you!

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