christmas for pennies

In the last few days, Pennies for Debra has made a few additions.

With a handful of pennies from my mom, my dad, and the three that PJ sent along with my folks (all the way from WA State) – the year is winding down with a count very close to 5300.

In addition to helping nearly 5300 once homeless, unloved, purposeless pennies find a new home, the end of 2009 brings two other new things.

A brand new glass jug for the pennies to sit in (thanks to Promiseland Chocolate milk and the entire Quart I drank) and a new domain name: For the time being, simply redirects to an archive of all “Life & Love & Why” posts that are labeled as such, but I’m hoping to eventually roll out something specifically dedicated to the finding of new homes for pennies sometime in 2010.

Here’s to a wonderful 2009 and an exciting start to 2010.  Pennies for Debra – Finding Purpose for Pennies.

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