I was just looking at a list of books that I will be reading over the summer in preparation for comprehensive exams.

Here are just a few…

*God’s Long Summer – Charles Marsh
*The Rise of Evangelicalism: The Age of Edwards, Whitefield, and the Wesleys (Rise of Evangelicalism) – Mark A. Noll
*Fundamentalism and American Culture (New Edition) – George M. Marsden
*America’s God: From Jonathan Edwards to Abraham Lincoln – Mark A. Noll
*The Civil War as a Theological Crisis (The Steven and Janice Brose Lectures in the Civil War Era) – Mark A. Noll
*Jonathan Edwards: A Life – George M. Marsden

(if anyone has copies of these that they want to give me for little-to-no expense…let me know…In a couple of weeks I will probably have to buy them online, so if I can save some money and help you clean out books off your shelf it would be a “win-win”)

And if I were smart, I would get a copy of *Scandal of the Evangelical Mind by Noll and re-read that as well. Plus I have read a couple of chapters of *Upon the Altar of the Nation: A Moral History of the Civil War by Harry S. Stout for a class this spring. Its really good…but we were only assigned a couple chapters…so perhaps I will attempt to read the entire thing.

I know this is a ton of reading, but I have 3 months before I will have homework again and I think that all of the topics are very interesting. I LOVE American history!

For those who did not know, I changed my program to an MA in History of Christianity, Concentration in Religion in American Life.

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  1. Tom

    You can borrow my copy of Jonathan Edwards if you like…I have Marsden and Iain Murray…I’d suggest Murray, he’s a lot shorter…and more concise…

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